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Chapter 28

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EP.28 Just smile

The president, who entered the bathroom inside the tourist information center, did not leave until about five minutes later.

“Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“No, I was looking at some plans around Asakusa.”

As I said so, when I pointed to a large map of the bulletin board in front of the information center, the president peeked with a curious look.

The road we walked around Senso-ji, a landmark of Asakusa, was abbreviated on the map.

“Come to think of it, I heard there is a famous walking trail around here.”

“Let’s go once we’re done picking presents.”

“Sounds good. It’s time for the lanterns to bloom.”

Cherry blossoms often come to mind when looking at flowers in Japan, but the lantern flowers blooming around April to May were also beautiful.

It was because the appearance of those flowers along the road was quite spectacular.

We talked and headed to our last destination, a Kimono shop in Asakusa.


The kimono shop was located inside the arcade shopping district, located a little away from Senso-ji, the center of Asakusa.

The appearance of various colors of cloth hanging outside the store like a forum gave off the feeling of a traditional cloth store.


“Excuse me.”

When we opened the sliding door and entered the old store, the middle-aged shop owner, who was looking at the counter, welcomed us.

“Gosh, students, what are you buying?”

Then the president slapped the fan on her palm and said,

“I’d like to see some kimonos and yukata. I don’t care about the price range, so please take out the best one in this store.”

Upon hearing that, the shopkeeper flinched and stood up with a big smile.

“If that’s all, wait a minute.”

As the shopkeeper began to rummage through the drawer behind the counter, the president asked me, standing behind me.

“What color do you think suits foreigners well?”

I said, stroking my chin.

“It’s different for each person. I think a normal color would be the best. Black, white, or blue?”

“Well, then let’s take a look at the real thing and sort out some of the best ones.”

Soon after, the owner of the kimono shop took out five boxes made of bamboo from the drawer.

The store owner who put it down on the table told us what the contents were.

“These three are kimonos, and these two are yukata. The prices of clothes vary widely, but if you don’t order them, about 500,000 yen is the best kimono among ready-made items in our store. Yukatas are a bit cheaper than that.”

When I opened the lid of the first box while she explained so, what was inside was a black kimono with colorful flower patterns.

It was definitely a luxury that was different from the half-priced kimono.

On the other hand, the president, who was picky in her own way, pointed to the next box with a fan, perhaps a little dissatisfied.

“Can I see the next one?”

“As you want.”

What came out of the second box was a beautiful kimono with plum blossoms embroidered with gold thread on a white background.

Unlike the black kimono I saw earlier, I sensed a restrained beauty.

I didn’t know if the president liked it this time, but her hard expression was slightly softened.

However, the president asked me to open the next one without delay, to decide after seeing everything.

Like that, one by one.

After checking all five types of kimonos and yukata, the president finally chose two.

The white kimono that I liked from the beginning and the yukata with morning glory on a slightly plain but blue background.

In fact, both looked pretty to me, but the president looked very worried.

When the president’s worries seemed to be prolonged, the store owner who was watching from the side came up with a clever idea.

“Student, why don’t you try it on yourself if you’re so concerned?”

“What? Me?”

“Even if it’s a gift, it’s not bad to try it on yourself when you’re worried about what to buy.”

The president hesitated a little and asked me if it was a good suggestion.

“What do you think, Kim Yoo-sung?”

I didn’t expect the arrow to come back to me all of a sudden, but it didn’t sound like a bad suggestion to me either.

“Wouldn’t it be better to try it on?”

Then, the president nodded with a subtle smile.

“Ohoh, that’s good. Let me try it on.”

“Then come this way. There’s an empty room inside.”

The president followed the shopkeeper’s guidance and entered an empty room inside the shop.

It was going to take quite a while to wear a kimono, so I played a cell phone game for a while.


“Please come in, miss.”

“Oh, my!”

Kumiko Saionji, who followed the store owner into an empty room, was surprised to see Minami, who had already been waiting for a long time.

“Mi, Minami how did you get here?”

“While you were dragging your feet, I personally rented the store for an hour. It was possible because the owner was willing to allow it.”

“Ohoh, it’s my first time acting and it’s quite fun.”

“You’re doing well, so keep doing it as you do now.”

Whether there was something between the two, they exchanged conversations calmly.

After seeing that, Kumiko said, covering her mouth with a fan.

“Then, I’ll get a kimono since you recommended to try it on!”

“I induced it. I don’t think the lady noticed.”

“Ah! I didn’t notice you said it.”

As Kumiko clenched her fist and made a look of disintegration, the shopkeeper next to her grabbed her shoulder and said,

“OK, OK, there’s no time. Your boyfriend is probably waiting outside.”

“W, wh, what! We don’t have that kind of relationship yet!”

“Not yet. Ohoh. So cute.”

When the store owner, who was acting naturally outside, covered her mouth with her sleeve and laughed, Kumiko dyed her face red like a tomato.

When Minami stood in front of the mirror, attracted by the owner’s touch, Minami lowered her head slightly and touched her body.

“Then, miss. Excuse me.”

“I’ll make it as pretty as possible.”

“Kya! That place!”

Slip! Slip!



I finally lifted my eyes off the cell phone screen at the sound of the door opening.

And I stopped breathing without realizing it.

“W, what do you think?”

The president asked, looking slightly away, sweeping her hair behind her ears.

But I couldn’t answer the question straight away.

Because it was better than when I imagined the president wearing a kimono.

Gold plum blossoms embroidered along the white line of the sleeves

The obi, which is worn around the waist to prevent the kimono from loosening, looked more beautiful with a red color added to the white kimono.

And it was the president’s meticulous features that made the finishing touch of the flower dragon.

The long black hair cut neatly like a princess of the old days were beautifully scattered on the white kimono.

Perhaps it was rouge around her mouth, but the president’s lips were redder than usual, which made it more attractive in contrast to her original white skin.

“…It’s beautiful.”

It was a word that I uttered after a long thought.

In fact, I couldn’t think of any better word in my head.

When I thought it would be nice to wear it like this on a normal basis,

“Is that so?”

The president, who nodded with a red face while saying so, immediately opened her black fan and made her usual laugh.

“Ohohohoh, it’s because I usually hide my strength, but if I’m sincere, this is it!”

It felt like she was back as the president I knew, so I applauded and responded.

“You’re amazing, president.”

“Great! Then I’ll change into the yukata, so please wait a moment!”

The president said so and pointed at me with the fan and hurried back into the room.

I smiled bitterly at the familiar back, and began to concentrate on the cell phone game, waiting for her to change again.


Kumiko Saionji thought.

If you show yourself wearing a kimono, Kim Yoo-sung will definitely fall in love with you.

Because she was so confident in her beauty, she opened the paper sliding door without any hesitation and stepped out in front of him, waiting outside.

But the moment she made eye contact with him, her mind went blank.

Obviously, right before she came out, she had thought of all kinds of work comments, but when she said it herself, nothing came to mind.

She felt like her brain had gone blank.

She barely uttered a word, avoiding Kim Yoo-sung’s gaze.

“How is it?”

But even if her voice was too small or she needed time to think, Kim Yoo-sung gave no answer.

Is it not good? Am I the only one who thought I looked pretty? What if he says it doesn’t suit me?

It was a moment when all kinds of negative thoughts passed through Kumiko’s head.

“…It’s beautiful.”

With one word that Kim Yoo-sung barely uttered, such worries disappeared like snow melting.

“Is that so?”

Her face was burning.

She didn’t do anything, but her whole body felt hot as if she had turned on the heat all over the store.

It was like that day,

Like the day when she reunited with Kim Yoo-sung in the name of scouting the student council, the feelings of affection that could not be hidden were trying to emerge on her face.

“Oh, my! It’s because I usually hide my strength, but if I’m sincere, this is what it looks like!”

Therefore, she covered her face with a fan.

Because she was no longer confident to face him.

“You’re amazing, president.”

“Great! Then I’ll change into a yukata, so please wait a moment!”



Avoiding his gaze, Kumiko, who quickly hid behind the Jangjimun Gate, muttered, cooling her red cheeks with both hands.

“What should I do….”

Kumiko Saionji, one of the direct descendants of the Great Saionji family and the student president of the Ichijo Academy, was now-

There was a fever named love.

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