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Chapter 310: 310

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Chapter 310: Instant Kill

After dodging the attack of the monster, Andrew’s face fell. He used the Infinite Limitless Skill in his body. Like an arrow, he flashed past an afterimage and charged towards the monster.

When the Dustless Sword inflicted deep wounds on the monster’s body, but the result was the same this time. Those wounds began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This made him a little angry. He waved the Dustless Sword back and forth.

In a short while, Andrew was also panting from exhaustion, but the monster was still unharmed.

However, the monster would not give him a chance to breathe. Although the wounds on his body could heal quickly, the pain made the monster furious to the extreme.

Looking at the panting Andrew, the corners of its mouth revealed a terrifying sneer. It waved its sharp claws and slapped at Andrew.

Andrew was shocked. Then, he took two steps back.

He had been on Earth for so long, but he had never been in such a sorry state. No matter how strong the demonic beast was, it would only take one or two moves to finish it off.

But he had never thought that this thing was actually so powerful.

Andrew’s face darkened. He once again waved the Dustless Sword, releasing streams of sword Qi, and attacked the monster.

The result of his attack this time was also imaginable. He did not hurt the monster at all.

He had already attacked so many times, but the demonic beast was still unharmed. This made him a little angry.

He stared at the demonic beast with a cold expression and released all the immortal Qi in his body. In his other hand, his Kunwu Blade also appeared.

However, the moment he released his cultivation, he suddenly felt a few pairs of eyes staring at him.

“I advise you to get lost. I’m not in the mood to waste time with you.”

When he felt that there was someone behind him, Andrew was not polite either. He shouted at the people behind him in a cold voice.

After saying this, he thought that the other party would definitely be afraid.

However, those guys released their cultivations.

Andrew changed his target at once. He stared at his back with a cold expression. He took a big step forward and rushed forward.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the monster. Besides, he hadn’t found the weakness of the monster yet. It was better to deal with the annoying flies behind him first.

Andrew soon saw four or five figures appear not far from him.

His face darkened. After sizing them up, Andrew said in a cold voice, “Since you want to court death, then don’t blame me for being rude. I’ll send you to Hell now.”

The few gods were stunned when they heard this. Before they could react, they felt a chill behind them.

The path that had just appeared in front of them disappeared without a trace. When they hurriedly turned around, they found that Andrew had appeared behind them without them knowing.

Andrew gripped the Dustless Sword tightly and looked at the few gods.

Some of the gods were closer to Andrew. They didn’t even have the time to release their own cultivation. They were killed by Andrew’s sword.

When the rest saw how quickly Andrew attacked, they were scared, taking a few steps back.

They took out the jade tokens that Zeus had given them from their interspatial rings.

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They did not hesitate at all and crushed the jade tokens with all their strength.

At this moment, they only had one thought: leave this land of troubles as soon as possible.

Not to mention killing Andrew, they might not even be able to keep their lives.

A trace of doubt appeared on Andrew’s face. He snatched over a god who was slow.

After holding the jade token, Andrew placed the Dustless Sword on the god’s neck and asked him in a cold voice, “Tell me what it is and I will spare your life.”

The god’s face turned ugly. However, before he could speak, one of the gods with a higher cultivation base released his cultivation base.

He did not give Andrew the chance to react and sent his immortal Qi towards the god that Andrew was threatening.

Andrew’s face revealed a trace of doubt. Before he could do anything, the god under his sword had already fallen to the ground and took his last breath.

The person who had just attacked revealed a cold smile and retreated.

“Today, I will let you see what true strength is.”

As he spoke, he released all the immortal Qi in his body.

Andrew’s lips curled up slightly, and he disappeared from his spot.

Seeing him suddenly disappear, the god could not help but reveal a trace of doubt on his face.

But in the next second, the god felt a chill on his neck.

Before he could lower his head, he saw blood spurting out of his neck.

He felt as if all his strength had been sucked out.

The god’s figure slowly descended from the sky.

When the god fell to the ground, he twitched for a moment before he took his last breath.

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