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Chapter 313: 313

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Chapter 313: Foodie

When Zeus’s angry voice came from the Mountain of Gods, the entire Mountain of Gods trembled.

When the gods outside the Mountain of Gods heard this voice, they couldn’t help but turn around. They originally planned to report the situation to Zeus, but upon hearing his shout, they looked at each other and changed their minds.

At that moment, they were well aware that if they went in now, their fate would be even worse than that of Hestia.

Although Zeus’s strength was inferior to Andrew’s, he had his own merits to be able to reach the position of the Lord on the Mountain of Gods.

After the other Andrew left the Mountain of Gods, the corner of his mouth could not help but reveal a cold smile. In a short while, he flew to the sky above the Martial Arts Bureau. After staring at the building, he slowly descended.

He saw Clayton standing at the entrance of the Martial Arts Bureau.

When Clayton saw his figure, he turned around and walked towards him respectfully.

Before Andrew could open his mouth, Clayton spoke to Andrew with a serious expression.

“While you were gone, the government sent people over, but this time, their attitude was clearly much more relaxed. However, since you weren’t there, I didn’t know what to say, so I rejected them.”

Andrew’s face darkened, and he said to Clayton in a cold voice.

“In the future, when you meet those people, let them wait at the door. You don’t have to meet them. Right now, I don’t have a good impression of them at all. Also, if they have any more ideas about the Crimson Flame Stone mine, I’ll personally change the dynasty of this place.”

Clayton was stunned. But then, he nodded at Andrew with a solemn expression.

Andrew just raised his hand and patted Clayton’s shoulder gently. Then, he walked into the Martial Arts Bureau.

Without thinking, Andrew quickened his pace and walked toward Howard.

In a short while, he arrived in front of Howard. At this time, Howard’s expression had recovered a lot, but he was still sitting in the wheelchair.

When Howard saw him, his eyes could not help but show a look of joy. He forcefully supported his body and wanted to stand up, but no matter how hard he tried, he could only continue to struggle in the wheelchair.

Andrew was shocked. Then, he said to Howard.

“Don’t be so restrained. I know that your injuries haven’t recovered yet. This time, I brought back an item for you from the Mountain of Gods. It’s a top-grade immortal item.”

Howard’s face revealed a trace of shock. However, Andrew didn’t give him any time to react. He took out the pair of wings from his interspatial ring.

Andrew handed them over to Howard.

Howard didn’t know what to do. He was stunned on the spot.

Andrew smiled faintly and stuffed the wings into his arms.

“I found this for you in the first place. Use your cultivation to absorb the wings and get used to them. You can move freely even if you can’t stand up. You are no different than a normal person. Moreover, I have already checked. There is an additional skill on the wings, Whirlwind. If you make good use of it, with your current cultivation, you will definitely be able to rise to a higher level.”

After hearing this, Howard’s face revealed a trace of joy. He nodded and thanked Andrew.

Seeing Howard accept the pair of wings, Andrew slowly let out a sigh of relief. Then, he placed his gaze on his interspatial ring.

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This time, after returning from the Mountain of Gods, his interspatial ring had already been filled with many things. Moreover, he was now quite curious about the use of those gemstones.

When he walked to a spacious area in the Martial Arts Bureau, he poured out all the things in his interspatial ring with a flip of his hand. He could not help but widen his eyes, and a trace of shock appeared on his face.

He clearly remembered that he had obtained more things in the mystic realm than the ones now. How could there only be this little bit left, especially those various gemstones?

Andrew revealed a trace of doubt. He once again removed his ring and shook it with great effort. In an instant, the small-sized red flame beast that he had obtained from the red flame stone dropped out.

When he saw that figure, Andrew’s face revealed a trace of shock.

It hadn’t been long since he subdued Crimson Flame, but Crimson Flame’s figure was twice as big as before.

He originally thought that it was only because his species grew faster, but when he saw Crimson Flame with a blue gemstone hanging from his mouth, he understood.

He stared at him with a cold expression. After sizing him up, he said, “I was wondering why half of my gemstones were missing. Tell me honestly, did you swallow them?”

Crimson Flame froze. He swallowed the gemstone in his mouth. A faint smile hung on the corner of his mouth as he nodded at him.

Seeing that Crimson Flame had already admitted it, Andrew sighed helplessly and spoke to him again.

“Do you know what this is? Just eat it. If you eat anything, I’ll see how you deal with it.”

However, what Andrew didn’t expect was that before he could finish his words, Crimson Flame had already placed his eyes on the gemstones that he had just taken out. He rushed over.

Andrew was stunned. He pulled him over.

“You little thing, can you listen carefully? Let me finish my words.”

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