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Chapter 6

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Volume 1 | Chapter 2: April – Part 5

The student council room really was just a small classroom.

There was a desk for the president by the window. Otherwise, there were other desks for the other members in the middle of the classroom. On the wall were aluminum shelves, which apparently could be locked.

If there was anything special to mention, then it would be that the president’s desk looked splendid. It was made out of fine wood, the same material as the door. It looked quite solid and had a good design. To put it simply, the desk looked expensive.

There was a divider in the room to create something like a reception space with a black leather sofa. It looked high-class too. In front of the sofa was a low table made out of glass.

Sitting at the smaller desks was one female student. She wore glasses and looked quite serious. Now that I think about it, I don’t know any other student council members besides the president.

As we examined the room restlessly, the student president guided us to the sofa.

“It is nice to meet you. I am the student council president, Tsukishima,” he said introducing himself.

“Oh, no, we just came to submit an application, so……”

“We were actually in the middle of our break. This sofa may look fancy, but we can only offer low-grade tea,” the president said with a mischievous tone.

He put a green tea bag into a pot of hot water and served us tea from it. When he’s gone this far for us, it was hard to excuse ourselves now. Yumi-chan and I took a seat on the sofa. We were warmly welcomed while we drank our cups of green tea.

“Please let me reintroduce myself. I’m Niimi, a first year student. I am also the vice class representative of Class B.”

“Ah, err… umm…. I’m Sasaki, in the same class. I-It is nice to meet you…!” Yumi-chan was like a rock as she bowed.

“This here is our general affairs manager, Tanaka. It’s nice to meet you too.”

General Affairs Manager Tanaka-senpai bowed her head to us as she remained seated.

“I’ll be happy if you didn’t get so nervous. This chair and the desk were merely donated to us. It’ll be a waste, so we put it to use. But the student council isn’t a special group or anything.”

I slipped my green tea and nodded lightly.

“And what is this application?” The president asked.

“Yes, here it is.”

It felt like I took a long detour to get here, but I was finally able to hand in the application for Neo Candle to borrow the music room to the president.

Neo Candle, formed by our guy classmates, planned on holding a concert in the Cultural Festival. As such, every one of them was practicing individually. The news that they formed a band had already spread through Class B. There were those who cheered them on, those who made fun of them, and so on.

The days they requested were two days every week after school. From what we learned, the wind instrument club was using the music room for three days a week, so they applied for the leftover dates. If the band couldn’t get permission, they would have to rent some outside establishment with money. However, for poor students such as us, it’s a hard challenge.

“The music room, huh…… A number of applications involving the Cultural Festival have already came in. How was this day of the week again?” The president said, scanning over the document. He apologized to Tanaka-senpai before taking a file out from the shelves.

The file looked like it was sold anywhere; it had two opened holes to bind papers together.

“Let’s see……. Giving permission for the first music room will be difficult. The wind instrument club has already applied for it as their spare room, you see. They will also be participating in a tournament too, so we prioritize clubs. That being said, we have to lend you a room with soundproofing to some extent……” The president muttered before he glanced out the window. “……What is the group’s plan on the instruments?”

“A-Ah, yes. They will be bringing their own bass and guitar. They plan on renting a keyboard on the day of the live and practice on the piano in the meantime. As for the drum, they would like to borrow one of the school’s until the day of the festival,” I explained to him.

“Hmm……” The president wasn’t giving me a good reaction. We don’t have enough instruments in our academy to lend out to students easily. Actually, I thought it’s amazing the school even has a drum set.

“Please let us consider the matter of lending instruments for the time being. I can’t give an immediate answer because we have to mindful of other groups as well. As for the dates, if it’s this day of the week, the second music room is available. …Also, I don’t recommend practising on a piano in exchange for a keyboard. The weight of the keys will be different; the way you play and the sound quality will differ as well. If they’re going to practice on the piano, it’s better if they play the piano during their live.”

“Is that so…….”

“By the way, do you know how to use the second music room?”

“Ah, yes. We need to borrow the key from the music teacher and return it after we finish……”

“It’s exactly as you said. It’s fine to start borrowing it starting next week,” the president told me before he pressed the student council’s seal on the document and returned it to me.

“Thank you very much.” I bowed my head low. Yumi-chan also bowed her head like she was following after my actions.

When we finished drinking our tea, we turned to excuse ourselves from the student council room.



We said our goodbyes to the president in front of the door. However, we came out at the same time as a noisy group of students began climbing up the staircase. In the middle was a single male student. Around him was a number of girls surrounding him, making it a very showy group. I’m sure they were the same ones who were noisy in the stairway earlier.

The male student was somewhat tall and had red hair, cut in a natural style and was maintained properly. His flashy face captured my eyes. The smile he had was brimming with self-confidence and composure.

The girls that surrounded him were all beautiful. They had light, fluffy hair dancing behind them. Although they were merely high school students, they had heavy makeup on with good figures.

But even if I was describing them this way, all the girls had similar atmospheres. I couldn’t tell them apart from one another at all. Basically, they were like a big accessory to decorate the guy in the middle.

“If it isn’t Mizusaki-kun. What’s wrong?” The president was the one who called out to them.

The male student stopped halfway on the staircase with the president’s calm voice. “Hmph!” He snorted.

Mizusaki. ……Then would this make him the number one celebrity in our academy, Mizusaki-senpai?

“I heard how you turned down my application for special leave. I came to hear your reason why. Rejoice,” Mizusaki-senpai said.

“I see. I did write that I will explain if you had any complaints. Our reasoning is simple. Absences will be treated as normal absences outside of attending weddings and funerals. We will not approve taking a leave to go on an extended vacation as a special leave. But we have no problem with you being absent, be it due to illness or skipping. You just won’t receive credits for the amount of classes you miss. Do be careful because you’ll be held back if you don’t attend the minimum amount of classes required in a year,” the president explained.

“Don’t joke with me. Who the hell will be held back?”

“Mizusaki-kun, trips are nice but you also have to properly put effort in your schoolwork. This is a high school after all. The number of days you attended class during your first year were on the edge, weren’t they?”

“Do you know exactly who I am……?”

“My junior. I know you are smart and I’ve heard you’re from a high-class family. But the academy has its own rules. It’s written in the academy’s regulations that students who are absent for more than the specified number of dates will be held back a year.” 

It looks like the celebrity, Mizusaki-senpai, can’t win against the president. Tsukishima-senpai, you’re so cool!

However, it seems the girls hanging around Mizusaki-senpai didn’t think the same.

“How dare you say something like that to Mizusaki-sama when you are just a student president!”

“If Mizusaki-sama says he would like a special leave, then obediently press your seal, you plain, boring man!”

“You are being cruel because Mizusaki-sama is popular, aren’t you!”

“In the first place, there’s no way we’ll accept something uncool like Mizusaki-sama being held back a year!”

The girls backed up Mizusaki-senpai one after another. I’m sorry. I really can’t tell you girls apart. It’ll help if different types of beautiful girls were grouped up together.

The president, too, was dumbfounded by the girls.

“Mizusaki-sama said he will bring us together with him. Why can’t you be more considerate!”

“Yes, yes, exactly as she said!!”

It felt like this would go on forever, so I watched the show without meaning to. It was when someone tugged my sleeve that I turned around. Yumi-chan looked really uncomfortable.

Yeah, I can see why she would. There’s no point in watching this anyways. Let’s hurry and head back.

I nodded to her before heading to the staircase. Yumi-chan followed after me. However, we were too hasty to take action. Another person appeared from down the stairs. 

“Homare, have you finished talking?” The person who showed up was another good-looking guy. He had bluish hair, tied up in a ponytail behind him, and had a slender figure. Unlike Mizusaki-senpai, he wore his school uniform properly. He smiled kindly, but he also looked too perfect, making it seem hard to approach him.

“Not yet. Say something to him too, Atsushi. To this way-too-stiff student president, that is,” Mizusaki-senpai told the new person.

“That’s not a very good attitude, Homare. He is only following the rules of the academy after all.”

“Kyaa!” The girls jumped with excitement. I’m guessing they are having fun seeing beautiful men line up like this.

 The ones who were troubled were me and Yumi-chan. We planned on avoiding Mizusaki-senpai and the girls by heading down the staircase. Yet, due to the appearance of the new male student, we couldn’t go down anymore. Without any other choice, we came to a stop in front of the stairs.

Frankly, could you not stand side-by-side in this stairway when it’s not even that big? You guys are really in the way. 

“Student president, he didn’t propose his special leave without putting any consideration in this matter,” the ponytail male student said. “He has already explained to the teachers he will prove he hasn’t fallen behind by taking a test after the holiday for the lessons he misses. Also, the reason for this trip is to visit and reassure his parents living overseas, and not for vacation’s sake. For the sake of filial piety, could you please press your seal?”

“Right, it’s exactly as he said! Do you plan on getting in the way when Mizusaki-senpai feels for his parents this much?”

“This person isn’t human! He’s unjust!”

Hey, could you listen to the president properly? Aren’t you guys trying to turn the real problem into something else? The president didn’t say “don’t skip school”. The problem here isn’t falling behind in your studies for the classes you will miss. 

If you are going to skip school, then please obey the regulations. If you don’t attend the minimum amount of classes for the year, you will be held back.

The president warned Mizusaki-senpai as such. Normally, someone wouldn’t be held back just because they rested three extra days in GW. In other words, Mizusaki-senpai had already skipped a number of days on a normal basis already.

I don’t know how they are trying to make this a special case and make the president accept their application, but isn’t it Mizusaki-senpai who’s asking for the impossible?

Due to the appearance of the new good-looking guy, the girls became even more bold. They drew near to the president to show their dissatisfaction.

The president tried to pacify the barking girls; however, the girls didn’t bother to listen to him at all. In front of my and Yumi-chan’s eyes, the girls were getting more and more vehement.

Oh, but I think we can go down the stairs now. Let’s get out of here already.

“Anyways, regarding this matter…”

“You blockhead! All you have to do is to stamp the papers! Hey, you’re in the way!” The girls tried to push their way into the student council office.

And me who tried to sneak past them was brushed aside with force.


The staircase here was, more or less, in front of our eyes. Even if it’s with the strength of another girl, I was pushed away with all their force.

I tried to regain my balance by stepping…. Stepping… I couldn’t step on anything.

The world tilted over.

I wasn’t able to cling on the railings somehow and lost my footing just like that.


“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Shiori-chan!!” Yumi-chan screamed.

I hit my butt with full force. Also hit my back. And scraped my legs when I slipped.

It hurts! It hurts way too much! Gaaaaaaaahhh!! Are you serious!? Ahhhhh, I can’t even scream out loud!! I think I hit my head too. While my vision was white and blurred, a goddess bathed in light held out her hand to me.

“What happened, Niimi-san!?”

No, wait, when I looked carefully, it wasn’t a goddess but Maria-jou. Why was she here?

“You girls! What are you thinking!?” Maria-jou shouted at them. “Pushing a girl down the stairs…! If she hit somewhere wrong, she could have died, you know!?”

That’s right, it’s exactly as you say. Tell them more, is how I wanted to cheer Maria-jou on. However, before that, could you please help me up?

She held her hand out to me, but Maria-jou only did that and had her eyes up to the front. It looks like she had already forgotten how I was lying on the floor.

I endured the pain and somehow managed to sit up on my own.

Oooooooooooahhhhh! My back! My back! Never mind my butt. My back hurts! If I look properly, my legs not covered by my skirt were covered in scratches. I wasn’t bleeding much, so I didn’t make a bloodbath. Still, this was horrible…….

“Who are you? This has nothing to do with you,” Mizusaki-senpai said as he stepped down the stairs, commanding the girls aside. The other hot guy stood beside him; the way the ponytail senior accompanied Mizusaki-senpai was like a picture.

I could also spot Yumi-chan climbing down the stairs. She was desperately trying to see how I was. But maybe because she was also interested in the drama happening in front of her eyes that they darted left and right.

“This does have something to do with me. She’s my classmate. More importantly, shouldn’t you apologize to her at least once?”

This was the first time I’ve seen Maria-jou act so firm. I’m not the only one who was surprised. Mizusaki-senpai who heard her words also opened his eyes wide.

“Hm~? You’re saying I should say sorry? What a cheeky woman.”

“You have a problem with that?” Maria-jou shot back.

“What’s your name?”

“Why do I have to tell you my name?”

Mizusaki-senpai looked more and more interested now. He slowly came down the staircase and stopped at the last stair. He looked down at Maria-jou like he was peering into her face. He then placed his finger under her chin and lifted her up to face him. He brought their faces close together, as if they were about to kiss.

Mizusaki-senpai smiled. “So you’re saying you don’t know who I am?”

“I don’t know you.” Maria-jou narrowed her upturned eyes to glare. She was still beautiful though.

Mizusaki-senpai smirked like a wild beast who found their prey.

“Homare, please cut it out already. Before you ask for a lady’s name, you should introduce yourself first.”

Eh…… Oi, the other hot guy. Are you sure that’s what you should be criticizing him about?

“Mizusaki Homare. Second year,” Mizusaki-senpai told Maria-jou.

“…….Aikawa Maria. First year.”

“Hmm~ I took a liking to you. You’re the first woman who glared at me out of all people.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What I’m saying is we’ll back off today for you,” Mizusaki-senpai said. “Oi, let’s go. We’ll argue with the student president another time.” He called out to the girls.

They looked displeased but it doesn’t seem like they plan on disobeying Mizusaki-senpai’s orders. They went and followed after him down the stairs.

As for the girl who pushed me down, she seemed slightly shocked. However, when Mizusaki-senpai casually placed his hand on her shoulder, she calmed down.

“Jeez……” The last person left was the ponytail good-looking guy. He looked troubled before turning to gaze at Maria-jou. “My name is Kaneshiro Atsushi. I’m deeply sorry Homare has caused you trouble today.” He lightly bowed and then chased after Mizusaki-senpai’s back.

Maria-jou looked angry as she saw our seniors off. Eventually, it seems she remembered me again.

“They were so rude. Are you okay, Niimi-san?”

By then, I was somehow on my feet with Yumi-chan’s help (who fearfully came down the stairs).

“Err, well……. I’m fine.”

“Then, I’m glad. I’ll see you later. I have to go, so take care.” Just like her words, Maria-jou went and ran down the stairs.

Yumi-chan and I were the last people here. We turned to look at each other.

“What was that just now…?”

“Aikawa-san, why was she here…….?”

It was like a storm of events. 

It was the student president who called out to us with worry as we stood dumbfounded. “You two should hurry to the infirmary.”

That’s right. My back hurts to the point I can’t stand by myself without Yumi-chan’s help.



I met Iinchou halfway being carried to the infirmary. He was surprised when he saw me. After that, he took the place of our busy student president to help Yumi-chan support me.

It was then when I heard from him that the ponytail good-looking guy was Kaneshiro-senpai, a second year. He was always calm, gentle, and spoke politely. His marks were amazing too. Apparently, he and Mizusaki-senpai will fight for number one and two in their year. Mizusaki-senpai was surprisingly smart, huh.

They were best friends and generally did everything together. According to Yumi-chan, it was Kaneshiro-senpai who told us where the student council room was.

Mizusaki-senpai had ‘water’ in his name. Kaneshiro-senpai had ‘gold’ in his name. They were the Wednesday and Friday capture targets. There’s no mistaking it. The red-haired and bluish-haired senpai Maria-jou were searching for in the west building were these two as well.

That’s what I thought as I was treated in the infirmary.

It looks like this was their first meeting event with Maria-jou. And I was mixed up in it. Or perhaps, it was an event that wouldn’t happen unless one of her female classmates were there. Damn it! But I’m glad it wasn’t Yumi-chan who fell down the stairs.

The chime went off, signalling the end of lunch. I had Iinchou return to class. As for Yumi-chan, she was going to get my bag. I couldn’t help but feel bad about that.

I was going to leave school early and see a doctor to check if there were any problems with my spine just in case.

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When I obediently waited in the infirmary, Yumi-chan and Kazu-nii came. Kazu-nii’s face was pale as he came by my bed.

“Hibiya-sensei, I warned you a number of times to be cautious, didn’t I?” Suzuki-obaachan sensei said, blaming Kazu-nii for some reason. I don’t think he did anything wrong. “She was pushed down the stairs by an upperclassman. It seems to be an accident, but Aikawa-san was there on the scene.”


“Children like her are what you call trouble attractors. There’s one or two once in a while. Well, it might just be because she has bad luck…” Suzuki-obaachan sensei sighed loudly. “Miraculously, Niimi-san wasn’t injured badly. However, she hit her back hard, so I think it’s best if she checks to see if there are any problems with her spine at the hospital. It’s GW starting tomorrow, so have it done today.”

“Y-Yes,” Kazu-nii agreed.

“For the time being, I have treated her grazes and bruises.”

“Thank you very much,” Kazu-nii bowed his head lowly. “Niimi, I’ll drive you to the hospital. You’re leaving school early today, okay?”


“That’s for the best. Hibiya-sensei commutes to school by car anyways. So go with him, okay?” When Yumi-chan says this much, I can’t really say no anymore.

I looked at Suzuki-obaachan sensei troubled, and she nodded like it was only natural. It looks like I asked the wrong person for their opinion.

“Then I’ll be in your care…….” I reluctantly nodded. 

Kazu-nii, Yumi-chan, and I headed off to the parking lot. It seems Yumi-chan plans to watch me over until I sit in the car. She hasn’t given me my bag either.

Yumi-chan was quite surprised when we reached the parking lot.

“F-Ferrari…….” She mumbled.

“It’s second-hand, so it’s not that amazing,” Kazu-nii told her as he helped me sit in his car. That’s right, I’ve been supported by Kazu-nii since we got out from the infirmary. My back hurts to the point I can’t walk without help, but it’s embarrassing to say the least…

“N-No, no, it’s just… when Sensei rides it, it looks too cool…”

Yumi-chan, you’re not hiding your excitement at all. What the heck are you imagining? Your face is red.

“Sasaki, you should head back to class soon. I’ll come back after I drive Niimi to the hospital. If the other teachers ask about Niimi, tell them she’s leaving early to go to the hospital.”

“Yes!” Yumi-chan replied.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be causing you a lot of trouble,” I endured my back pain to bow my head towards Yumi-chan.

“No, it’s fine. More importantly, call me later to tell me how your injuries are.”

“Yeah, I promise.”

Yumi-chan is such a good girl…….

We left the parking lot in Kazu-nii’s Ferrari. That was also when he gave me a strict order. “You’re not allowed to go out during GW. Understand?”

“…….Yes sir~…….”

Starting tomorrow was GW and it’s been decided that I will spend it recuperating.

Damn you, Mizusaki-senpai’s accessory girls!


     □ ■ □


For the first two days in the first half of GW, Yumi-chan called me at nighttime. As such, I wasn’t too lonely. Still, when I think about how I planned on going out in the spring’s sunlight, this was too disappointing.

There wasn’t anything abnormal with my spine. My wounds came to scratches and bruises all over my body. Bandages will be in the way for a while, but, well, I’m young so I’ll be healed up in no time, I thought.

However, on the last day of the three-day holiday, Kazu-nii called out to me after lunch.

“Shiori, I’m sure you feel stuffy being at home all day. If you want, how about coming together with me?”

I was bewildered. Every year on GW, Kazu-nii will secretly go out. Everyone knew where he went, but no one voiced it out on purpose.

“But you were the one who said I’m not allowed out during GW,” I told him.

“It’s alright since you’ll mostly be in my car.”

He answered me casually, the same as he always did. 

I tried to make my words vague before I questioned him. “……Don’t you want to go alone?”

Kazu-nii looked surprised at my question before smiling wryly. “No wonder why Aunt and the others don’t say anything. I made you guys considerate of me. I’m sorry.”

In middle school, he and his family went on a trip and had a car accident. A truck crashed into them and both of his parents passed away. Kazu-nii wandered between life and death but, because he sat at the back and wore his seat belt properly, he survived.

The oldest memory I had of Kazu-nii was during that time.

“Once in a while is fine, don’t you think? I only go there to offer flowers anyways.”

Since he said that to me, I decided to accompany him.

The flowers he offers were always carnations. His reasoning was because Mother’s Day was around the corner, it seemed. However, I couldn’t help but feel sad with how the carnations were always white in colour. Since there was no space in Kazu-nii’s car to put the bouquet, I held it with my hands in my seat.

The place we went to was quite far away from home — you could see the sea from here. Kazu-nii’s parents’ grave was actually in a different place. Kazu-nii wasn’t able to attend their funeral because he was hospitalized, so he came here where the accident happened instead.

Kazu-nii parked the car at the side of the road. He walked to my side of the car to open the door. As he did so, he offered his hand like how a knight would when they escort a lady.

“My injuries aren’t that severe, you know?”

“Obediently accept people’s help when you’re injured.”

It’s true I couldn’t walk without borrowing someone’s shoulder three days ago. I ended up taking Kazu-nii’s hand and slowly stepped out of the car. I’m kind of like a young lady of a rich family right now. Okay, maybe I’m going too far.

“You can see the sea from here,” I commented. Kazu-nii softened his eyes before he drew me closer. You don’t have to go this far. I can stand by myself.

I planned on sticking out my hand to gently refuse him. Unfortunately, Kazu-nii didn’t plan on letting me go at all.

“Weren’t you going to offer flowers?” I asked him. 

He finally came back to his senses. Kazu-nii checked to make sure cars weren’t coming by before offering flowers under the guardrail. I wonder if these brand new carnations were different from flowers offered back then during the accident.

“It happened here?”

“According to the records,” he told me. “I don’t remember. What I do remember was the windshield and truck. ……The doctor said my memories from the accident flew away due to the collision shock. After all, when I regained consciousness, the funeral had already ended. All the preparations for me to move were mostly wrapped up too.”

I couldn’t say anything back.

Kazu-nii smiled. “Aunt really took care of me. After I was discharged, Grandpa took me in and I had to change schools…… A lot of things happened. But Aunt looked after me. All I had to do was nod my head. It was pretty easy.”


“Well, Shiori, you were still so small then. ……You were really cute when you were little. You would squeeze my finger with your tiny hand.”

“……When did this actually happen?”

It’s times like this when relatives were a pain. They’ll dig up old stories of the past where I’m too young to even remember. Well, on the other hand, I remember quite well how naughty Kazu-nii was in high school.

Also, in my mind, our first meeting was when Kazu-nii moved next door to my house. My first impression of him was that he looked like the idols I saw on TV.

“The only memento I have of my parents is this,” Kazu-nii mumbled before he took out the pendant he wore around his neck. When I realized it was that gem, I widened my eyes.

“You wore that even then?”

“Well, yeah. I said I had this gem since I was born, didn’t I?” Kazu-nii replied, like it was only natural. “I think it was elementary school when my parents turned it into a pendant for me. They were worried that other children might bully me if they saw me with a gem, like when I change for PE. I also had this during the accident. It was in my pocket. If it hadn’t, I might have lost it during the moving mess.”

He looked into the distance.

“When I think back, it was after the accident when I started to feel déjà vus. Maybe the accident affected me in some way.”

“Isn’t that pretty scary?” I asked.

“It really is. And I was in middle school back then. The adults around me thought it was the usual puberty delusions and didn’t take me seriously at all. That was the hardest part…”

“……Want to buy pudding on the way home?” I offered him.

Kazu-nii laughed. “Are you trying to console me?”

“……Well, yeah…”

Kazu-nii won’t say he’s sad or lonely at all. I don’t know just how much emotions he hid and covered away.

“Then, I want your pudding. I think green tea pudding is the best during this season.”

“I think Kazu-nii should try remembering other desserts a bit more.”

Well, fine with me. Are there still ingredients to make green tea pudding at home though?

“It’s fine cause I like pudding,” Kazu-nii told me, not sounding cool one bit.

Like he was trying to hide something, he patted my hair.


     □ ■ □


On the rooftop, there was a single female student who opened up an old notebook. Her silky long hair was played with by the wind. She held it down with her hand like it was an annoyance as she checked certain lines in her notebook.

“Ah, jeez~ It took the whole April to trigger all the first meeting events.”

Her voice was filled with dissatisfaction, but it held a cute tone to it.

“But if I barely manage my schedule during GW then I wonder if I’ll trigger the band training camp scenario or if Mizusaki-senpai will invite me on his trip. Personally, the training camp is more fun. It’s a heart-throbbing training camp with Hibiya-sensei and the boys after all. But if I go on the trip, I get the chance to raise Mizusaki-senpai and Kaneshiro-senpai’s affection rates at the same time…… Ah, I better apply for my passport. Ufufu. Either way, I’m looking forward to it~”

She then turned the page that said April, revealing the next page which said Golden Week.

In the notebook, there were several points itemized including one like: [Saturday: Swimming Training Camp / Event Trigger: Go to school during GW and leave through the back entrance]

“Ahh~ Why is this world a reality? If I can have multiple playthroughs like a game then I can enjoy all sorts of events. It’s hard to have to choose events like this.”

The female student closed her notebook and returned it into the inner pocket of her bag. In the very end, she locked it. This bag was special; made for the sake of hiding her secrets.

Just like that, she ran down the stairs in a hurry without noticing there was someone watching her with an astonished expression on their face.

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