Infinite Game, 10x Rewards

Infinite Game, 10x Rewards
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There were many peculiar phenomena in the universe. The most mysterious of them all was the God Space.

The God Space could not be detected, but it would actively draw souls from different worlds into it.

After one was pulled into the God Space, they would have to complete a mission in a game world. If they failed the mission, they would die.

They would be granted all kinds of rewards after they succeeded. After a period of rest, they would then enter a new game world for the next mission.

This mode was called the Infinite Looping Space. People risked their lives to gain the chance to evolve into extraordinary beings.

After being transmigrated onto a deserted island that would serve as the battleground for all players,Li Mu discovered that he had become a roguelike player.

On top of that, he activated the 10x Reward Talent, allowing him to receive 10 times the rewards others got.

Ding! A new player pack has been issued. Congratulations for obtaining entry-level armory skills, a 10-compartment backpack space with 9 duplicate item compartments.

Ding! 10x Reward Talent is activated. Your entry-level armory skills are upgraded to an advanced level. Your backpack space is upgraded to 100 compartments with 90 duplicate item compartments.

Li Mu made his first kill in the game.

Ding! Congratulations on killing a player. You obtained 100 points. 10x Reward Talent is activated. Congratulations on obtaining 1000 points.

Ding! You obtained 1/5 of the players’ belongings. Congratulations on obtaining 20 points. 10x Reward Talent is activated. Congratulations on obtaining 200 points.

Any rewards he got from the Infinite Space were multiplied by 10.


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