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Chapter 2811: Chapter 2811

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2811 2811 god-destroying emperor occupied the center of the imperial court

“Look, that’s… That’s the Dragon Palace. It’s the people from the Dragon Palace and countless abyss seeds. Hiss!”

“Why did the abyss seeds come out from the abyss? What are they trying to do?”

“Oh my God, this… this…”

As Wang Xian and the rest were getting closer to the center of the imperial court, there were more and more life planets around them.

When the people on the planets saw Wang Xian and his team, their faces were filled with shock and fear.


“The abyssal seeds have flown out from the abyss. They are flying toward the center of the imperial court under the leadership of the Dragon Palace!”

“It’s too terrifying. There are countless abyssal seeds and terrifying gigantic beasts. That Aura is suffocating.”

“Hiss, when that terrifying army arrived at the side of our planet, all the people below God lord fainted. Their power is too terrifying.”

The AI was the fastest place to spread information. When the people of the imperial court discovered that the army of abyssal seeds and the Army of the Dragon Palace were flying toward the center of the imperial court, they immediately sent the information to the AI.

This news made everyone boil.

The Abyss species and the Dragon Palace were directly attacking!

They were attacking!

At this speed, it would not be long before they reached the center of the imperial court.

How could the imperial court, which was already defeated, withstand the attack of the dragon palace and the abyss species?

What would the imperial court do next?

In half a month, the imperial court said that they would destroy the dragon palace and the Abyss species in half a month.


Everyone was a little embarrassed but also a little panicked.

Now that the Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed were attacking, how could the imperial court defend against them?

“Great Guardian, this is bad. The Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed are attacking us. They are attacking us!”

In the vast palace of the imperial court, a terrified voice sounded.

A middle-aged man ran in and reported to the great guardian of the imperial court.


The Great Guardian who was dealing with everything immediately stood up with a shocked expression on his face.

The middle-aged man took out the artificial intelligence and presented it in front of the Great Guardian.

Looking at the information on the artificial intelligence, the Great Guardian’s expression kept changing and finally completely sank.

“Huff Huff Huff!”

His breathing was a little hurried as he clenched his fists.

“Great Protector, Great Protector!”

At this moment, the imperial court’s protectors and elders flew over one by one, their expressions extremely ugly.

“Let’s go and report to great ancestor!”

The imperial court’s Great Protector looked at everyone with an ugly expression as he said.

Everyone was slightly silent as they followed behind and flew towards the vast divine hall in the center.

Ten minutes later, the three celestial emperors of the imperial court and the Guardian elders of the imperial court sat in the hall with gloomy expressions.

The atmosphere was a little heavy. The Emperor in the center closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair.

The Dragon Palace and countless abyssal creatures had attacked. What could the imperial court do now?

“Order all the disciples to retreat!”

After a full twenty minutes of silence, the Emperor in the center opened his eyes and said.



Everyone trembled slightly and widened their eyes.

“We can only retreat. We’ll come back in half a month!”

The god Emperor on the left sighed and said.

With their current strength, they could not resist the attacks of the Dragon Palace and the abyss seed.

If they resisted, everyone else might die except for the emperor.


The Great Protector of the imperial court gritted his teeth and said with a pale face.


The imperial court had been standing in the imperial star field for 600 million years. Now, they were forced to leave by the Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed.

They were forced to become homeless dogs!

This was something that no one had imagined before.

But if they didn’t retreat, what awaited them was destruction.

“Phew, we’ll go organize immediately!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court took a deep breath and flew out.

A group of imperial court protectors and disciples followed behind.

“All the disciples of the imperial court, Bring Your Treasures and your divine kingdom. Prepare to evacuate!”

In less than ten minutes, a message was sent to all the disciples.

When the disciples of the imperial court received the news, they were all shocked.

“Retreat? We’re actually going to retreat from here?”

“Retreat from here? Where Are We Going?”

“The Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed are about to attack us. We’re no match for them, so we can only retreat!”

“Retreat? We’ve actually become homeless dogs.”

Some disciples were in a daze, their faces full of disbelief.

Some disciples sighed slightly in their hearts. When they learned that the dragon palace and the abyssal seed were attacking them, they had a bad premonition.

The imperial court was no match for the Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed, so they could only flee.

They had left the place where they had stood for more than 600 million years.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be back in less than half a month.”

Some guardians and elders of the imperial court said firmly.

“We’re just trying to avoid them. We’ll be back in less than half a month.”

“All disciples, get ready quickly.”

Voices rang out one after another.

What was the concept of moving the entire center of the Imperial Court?

Just the disciples and their relatives numbered in the hundreds of billions.

Their divine kingdom had to be taken away, otherwise, it would be destroyed if the Dragon Palace and Abyss seed found out.

“Great Guardian, it’s unrealistic for the entire imperial court to move. The ordinary people can’t leave. If there are too many people, the Dragon Palace and Abyss seed can easily catch up.”

Not long after, an elder asked the great guardian a question.

“The ordinary people all give up. The core and elite disciples of the imperial court will leave with us.”

The Great Guardian said directly.


The elder’s expression paused. He hesitated for a moment and nodded.

There was no other way but to do this.

“Tell them not to panic. The Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed will not harm the ordinary people. At most, half a month, we will come back and destroy the imperial court and the abyssal seed.”

The Great Guardian said expressionlessly.


The elder nodded and walked out with a worried expression in his heart.

Was this statement useful?

It was useless!

It might be possible to count on the Dragon Palace not to harm ordinary people, but was it possible to count on the abyssal seed not to harm ordinary people?

The abyssal seed was bloodthirsty. Human flesh was their favorite. How could they not kill the humans of the imperial court?

After this notice was sent out, the hearts of all the ordinary people in the imperial court would probably turn cold.

Leaving them here was no different from sending themselves to their deaths.

However, at this time, they could no longer care about the lives of ordinary people.

As long as the core disciples and elite disciples were still around, the imperial court’s foundation was still there.

The imperial court’s orders were given, and soon, an incident that shook the entire imperial star field erupted.

“The imperial court has decided to retreat immediately and escape!”

“This time, after escaping, the imperial court will lead hundreds of billions of core and elite disciples in the direction of the Heaven Magus region.”

“The imperial court has stated that this time, they will not bring any ordinary people with them. In at most half a month, they will return and take control of the imperial court!”

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