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Chapter 87: The Aesthetics of Classical Violence  

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Alan was about to say something to Moss when the drums echoed throughout the stadium. Then an announcement in the waiting area sounded, “Please prepare to enter the arena. The competition will resume in ten minutes. The guide will usher the contestants into the arena one at a time. Those who do not have a match can also enter the arena and spectate the competition.”

When Davis finished speaking, sixteen spherical drones with propellers appeared, and the screens turned on at the arena entrance. Each screen displayed the contestants’ names who were about to compete in the arena.

The spherical drones gave out crisp mechanical notifications, “Moss and Stan, please follow me to Arena 9.”

“Arena 10…”

Earth-shaking drums and Davis’s attractive voice sounded in unison as the contestants entered their respective arenas.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the individual Player Kill competition’s afternoon matches begin!”

Spectating contestants then filled the sixteen arenas as the sixteen pairs of contestants in the arena’s center began their matches.

The audience erupted in thunderous applause and cheers, pushing the lively atmosphere in the stadium to newer heights.

Moss’s heart became increasingly calmer when he stepped into the arena and looked at the chanting audience. He was ready to start his match, but he discovered that there was no one on the other side of the arena.

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‘Did the Heavens see my painstaking preparations? Am I getting a free win?’

Moss couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of this.

Moss felt that he would win his match in less than five minutes when he looked at the countdown clock beside the arena.

Time passed, minute by minute. Moss was about to exit the arena when he heard a banging sound, followed by heavy armor clanging. Then he heard a bell-like voice.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Moss!”

Two to three seconds later, a two-meter-tall person wearing heavy armor appeared before Moss.

Moss looked at the simple and honest-looking person before him and held back his laughter. He waved his hand, indicating that it was all right that Stan was late.

The big guy felt embarrassed and shouted at Moss, “I-I overate and overslept. I almost missed the match. Thank you for your patience!”

Then he scratched his head and said, “Even though I’m late, I will show no mercy! Do not underestimate me!”

Moss immediately recalled watching the battle between the big guy and the Beast Exorcist. He felt that Stan looked completely different from when he battled in the morning.

Moss reminded himself to be careful and replied, “All right, Big Guy, let’s do this!”

Stan nodded, tidied up his equipment, took out a giant fang-like claymore, and ran toward Moss.

‘Wow, this guy is as impatient as ever,’ Moss muttered in his heart and drew his Frost Knight Holy Sword to meet Stan’s claymore.

“Wow, he’s still so impatient.”

The spectators sitting in Arena 9 couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “Ah!”

“Why is Moss facing a Berserker head-on?” Alan shouted anxiously. He was shocked by Moss’s decision.

Moore, standing beside Alan, was also shocked. His eyes were wide open as he said in disbelief, “What is Moss trying to do? He’s so unpredictable!”

Moore had witnessed Moss’s skills and how he relied on the two-star Frost Knight Holy Sword’s attributes in the team Mystic Realm competition. He also saw Moss swing and slash his sword against the Magical Beasts. He knew that his simple method of attacking was scarce.

Moss’s sword and Stan’s claymore were getting closer and closer. The spectators in the arena felt that Stan’s claymore would send Moss flying, but something spectacular happened.

A clanging sound echoed as the claymore and sword collided. Moss and Stan were in a deadlock, refusing to give in.

“Wow!” A spectator shouted, immediately attracting more and more gazes.

“The Knight is so strong!”

“What an exciting battle. Their attack patterns and movements are fierce. I’m enjoying this battle!”

“It is exciting indeed. It has been a long time since I’ve seen someone fight like this!”

“What is so exciting about this battle? I think it’s too barbaric and all over the place. There’s no technicality involved at all.”

“You’re just being a little brat. What do you know about battles? This is what a battle should look like.”

Some spectators thought that the battle between the Knight and Berserker was satisfying, while others felt it was too frantic. But no matter what the others thought, the two participants in the arena were satisfied with their performance, especially Stan, the Berserker.

It had been a long time since he encountered such an opponent. Stan was so excited that he even removed his helmet and shouted, “Yes, that’s it! I want more action! This is fun!”

Moss also found his battle quite entertaining. He had never fought someone like Stan before and knew that the big guy must be powerful. Moss longed to fight such an opponent and discover what effects his Thunderstrike would have.

Moss only used five times his strength in his first exchange of attack with Stan. From Miss Aisha’s information, he had learned that a level eight to nine Berserker could exert 1,500 to 2,000 kilograms of power.

Moss thought he could force the big guy back when they exchanged blows. However, he didn’t expect the big guy’s strength to be tremendous and achieve 2,500 kilograms of power. Stan could exert such power even before entering Rampage Mode.

That was the reason why Moss was excited. Thus, the exhilarating battle between the two continued.

Stan became even more competitive when he saw a Knight holding his own against him. He then activated his Rampage Mode.

Stan removed his heavy armor, revealing his bare upper body. He panted heavily as he crazily swung his claymore at Moss. He roared frantically, resembling a barbarian.

Moss decided to go all out when he saw the big guy’s ferocious behavior.


Moss jumped and slashed the two-star Frost Knight Holy Sword with a shout, drawing a crescent moon toward his opponent’s claymore.

The two weapons clashed as sparks flew in all directions, and another wave of exclamations sounded from the spectators.

The spectators saw Stan, still holding his claymore high up in the air, facing Moss, who slashed toward him. However, Stan was kneeling on one knee as the arena’s ground shattered, creating a half-meter-deep crater under Stan’s knee.

The sudden change in scenery attracted countless spectators’ attention. It was a rare sight throughout the stadium. For the first time, the audience cheered and chanted for a Knight.

There was an abnormally intense discussion among the spectators.

“This is truly unbelievable. The Knight possesses such terrifying power.”

“This battle is simple yet brutal! I love it!”

“Now, this is what a classic battle looks like!”

The spectators expressed their shock when they witnessed such a scene. However, Stan was the most shocked out of everyone in the stadium. His entire body was numb, and he could no longer fight.


Stan’s fang-like claymore fell to the ground. He stopped resisting and calmly said, “I-I lost.”

Moss put away his Frost Knight Holy Sword and said excitedly, “It was a pleasure fighting you, Big Guy. I hope we meet again in the future.” Then he turned around and exited the arena.

Stan fell into deep thought as he stared at Moss’s back.

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