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Chapter 992: Episode 991 Park Min-hyun, I'm TUEEE!

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Fifteen minutes after Tatano-kun told me to "fly to 32 levels"... the six of us stood in the jungle wearing adventurer clothes for the < tropical floor >.

The Gamel Labyrinth is a "labyrinth that I wanted to break through", so I'm glad I got a chance to personally, but I didn't expect to come to Koko while I was training as a hero.

"Fufu. I'm so glad we can venture together again ~"

"Gill-san is a" lonely person ", isn't he?" I understand how it feels to be able to spend time with oniisama. ”

Likewise! When you eat dinner, it's more fun to chat with everyone.♪

Gil, Esther Marina, I'm glad you're here!

I'd be thrilled if I could venture with you.

"Coso (Hey, Ian. Isn't it a way to spend the night crawling against your mistress so that others won't notice? If there are any useful snacks, I will buy them with a small amount of money)"

"Koso (Calm down, Nina. If you want to do it, go back to the Zink Mansion where you have a private room! Our actions are monitored by Mr. Tatano, so if we do it now, it will be a catastrophe!)"

"Gosh! Umm... I don't have such a hobby, so I give up." But, in the Mansion, there's a high chance that someone will be in your husband's room, so it's difficult to crawl at night) "

"(That's right. There are always 5-10 maids monitoring for enemies with their detection skills. Nina's love is going to be difficult.)"

”Shit! Ian, you're not laughing!”

By the way, what have you two been talking about?

It's nice to get along... but you can't just look at each other's faces because if you lose your mind, you'll get caught in the mud and feel more uncomfortable.

"(Hmm? I was just paying attention, so why are you sighing and pointing at me? Did I say something that would make Ian and Nina angry?)"

Gil-kun... I'm a little annoyed, so please stop slapping your shoulders silently with your "eyes to see the bad boy"!!

I don't know what to say, but when I was chatting at 32 levels, Tatano-kun who was watching said, "I told you to clear at super speed!"? "I'm getting angry.....

I refocused my mind and decided to gather the five of them and make my way to the Gamel Labyrinth.

I've now decided on three shifts between the "airlift of six people" and the "defense", and I've maintained my ability to move around 24 hours a day.

~ Split Team ~

Gilbert (Dragon Summoning) Nina

Marina (Summon, Wind Magic), Zink

Ian (Wind Magic) Esther (Wind Magic)

Due to the division of the team... Ian and Esther were the only two "Carriers" and "Defenders"...

They are highly capable fighters, so even the "one and two" in the lower echelons will do perfectly.

"" "" "" "" "" "Gogaaaaaaaaa!!!" "" "" "" "

"Hmm? Oh, five Weyburns." If the timing of defeat is wrong, the quality of the steak will deteriorate, so please act so that you can't escape, while processing one by one.... "

"" "" "Niuuuuuuuu" ""

"Yes, you guys are important meat." So stop showing your butt and running away or pretending to be dead, and be a normal drop item. ”

(Including me) Koko is only a fierce cultivator who passed through a hellish labyrinth, so it can only be seen as a material such as monsters in the surrounding area.

Of course, the value and quality of the meat when exchanged for cash depends on "how good the drop items are", so I will never lick them.

For three days we've been bursting into a labyrinth like this... and we've crossed the "where Canon captured Herbert"...

A wide variety of poisons have descended into the 53 levels of the Poison Area, protecting it from human invasion.

We are proceeding stress-free thanks to Marimo... but the adventurer who asked for the antidote falls off here and becomes a venomous mushroom seedbed with tremendous vitality.

Onii-sama, it's true that beyond the Poison Area , the Poison Area is spreading, isn't it?

"If the testimony of the guy who went to the 60th hierarchy 14 years ago is correct." However... the labyrinth where Dammus is located may have been remodeled, as the interior may have changed. ”

Thinking calmly, Herbert, a muscular Dharma with no Summoning abilities, can't get past this much...

Why did he choose this reckless route when he decided to “flee to the Kingdom of Yamato”?

I don't care what you say to the dead, but I wanted you to tell me where to think and what to conclude before you die.

"I wonder how many floors there are ~?" Onii-sama, if we go down to the lower level, will there be SS rank monsters like us struggling? "

No, that's right, Esther... I don't think the SS rank will come out because the level of the monster daughter who manages this place is the same.

It's an ancient labyrinth, and there must be a lot of hierarchy, but at most, a few monsters at the top of the S rank will attack us.

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