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Chapter 993: Episode 992: The Next Generation of Believers

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When Zink and his party were conquering the Gamel Labyrinth in a way other than the standard, the situation was reflected on all levels of monitors at the Kigajima Labyrinth.

By showing people close to you who cannot help but be aware that you are at a much higher level of TUEE than you are.....

The lonely leveling that lasted for so long unwittingly began to blow up the challenger in the labyrinth.

Cutting out only good-looking characters, "They're moving so fast," and putting the time timer in the upper right-hand corner, the digest video exaggerating the incredible...

If modern Japanese see it, it will be a shocking video that appeals to emotions for people in this world who can't resist the smell of Usan, but are not resistant to marketing.

This policy was implemented by Niki Quotel, a labyrinth administrator appointed by Gilbert and Ian.

He was a senior scholar and a class student in the same grade as Esther, and he was expected to become a major cadre in the future. He was awarded the rank of associate baronet by Gilbert.

"OK. I don't think we noticed, but we can see it and move better." With this amount, I can clear the quota imposed on Senpai Ian. "

Although Niki is in a position that everyone envies and is highly popular with female students, he himself does not want to maintain the status quo for a millimeter.

The Jink Group is constantly joined by younger juniors, and if you lose your mind, your position will be turned upside down in an instant.

Perfect metamen like Gilberto Ian reigned as the boss, and Esther Nina Marina, the same generation that specializes in craftsmanship, was folding around Zink.....

As an executive candidate, he was aware that he was a high school student with a career that was "not strange to be cut off at any time".

"Hmm. Did Alto and Elsa-senpai apply for a [Hierarchy Swap Match]?" When combined, the opponents of both sides are likely to grow in strength..... "

Still, Niki has never envied rivals or tried to pull their legs to the ground.

While wishing for a brighter future for himself, the more he wished for the prosperity of his group, the more he was intoxicated with the "Zink who saved himself from hell."

The same goes for the members of the team other than Niki, who was entrusted with the management.

While they want a "firm position of their own", they are raw Zinc believers who hope that the group will flourish more than that and that Zink will be happy.

The "brainwashing of zinc worship", which the black executives printed over time without relying on their skills, had a tremendous effect on the potential members of the future executives.

"Niki ~. The transition to guide the Stampede monsters into the labyrinth is over!" Maybe it's only 20% of the total, but it's better than zero. "

"Thank you, Senpai Rudolph! I'll send you a reward silver coin, so make sure you count it correctly before you give it to me.”

"OK! Yeah. As promised, it's got 326 tickets in it." The scout Enisha was injured in the middle of the mission, so the claim for "injuries allowance" rose later.

"I understand." If you send it to Kochira, I'll take care of it when I have time. ”


The five people entrusted with the management of the Inogashima Labyrinth are only "those who are strong in numbers and outstanding as civil servants", and like Tatano and his family, they do not have "the ability to solve problems with all their strength".

Being aware of this, they send out a request to the adventurers belonging to the group to "take care of the participants" and make up for the deficit in the Kigajima Labyrinth at a low cost.

It wasn't ordered by Ian or Gilbert, but their greatest desire was to “please Zink with more than 100% results.”

That's why I don't mind working 23 hours a day, 24 hours a day, because the fanatics are serious about it.....

After cutting off the monitor call with Rudolph, Niki also returned to his job without taking a break.

~ Zink side ~

I finished my shift, and as I was wobbly inside Marimo's body... I could hear a giggling laugh.

What? Gil, what are you looking at with that look on your face?

"Eh? Hmm. I'm using a portable mini TV that Tatano-san rewarded me with reaching the Kigashima Labyrinth and 99th floor."

Ah... the Rare Magic Props kept by the great powers as "national treasures" are perfectly upwardly compatible.

If you use it in public, it will be a big case. In this world where there is no "video to watch", it is meaningless junk, but I can also see that Gil-kun is attracted to interest.

No matter how much he looks at the center of the government, he rarely gets a chance to see it up close, so he should be intellectually curious if he has the sole at hand.

"Hey, show it to me too!" Let's take a look at it together. "

"Ehhhhhh... I'm♪a secret Zink." (Besides, you're shy because you're the party in the picture, aren't you? It may be banned, so it's no good) "

Well, that's what bothers me.

Wow, the erotic system prepared by Tatano-kun... or "something with a sense of vision"... but when it's hidden, it gets itchy and I want to know the answer.

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