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Chapter 16.2

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This chaotic day, the girls are already weary in spirit and exhausted in strength. With this matter coming to a conclusion, Rulan then slept in her birth mother’s arms, Hualan was supported by the wet-nurse to go take a rest. Minglan was also extremely tired. When she was carried out by Sheng Hong and separated by her father’s shoulders, she did not forget to instruct Xiaotao who was waiting outside to pack her little book basket and bring it along.

Sheng Hong cannot help but laughed “Obviously did not hit you hard enough, still have the energy to be concerned about other things.”


Minglan kneeled for half the day and was also beaten and still copied an entire afternoon. This moment with the cold wind blowing, her mind is not very clear. While rubbing her little hands, she foolishly said “I have already copied most of that《Examples of Women》and I will be done after copying a little more later. Naturally I must bring it along, if not how can I go and see Governess Kong tomorrow.”

Sheng Hong looked at his little daughter from the lantern up ahead and saw that her features are vaguely similar to Concubine Wei. Seeing that her nose bridge is elegant, faintly like when he was a child. Recalling the time when she was just born, he has carried her before, kissed her before and loved her. After that Concubine Wei tragically died and so many things happened, he felt ashamed and pitied this daughter and then did not love her dearly anymore. He only remembered to take care of her everyday life and never loving her like that of Hualan and Molan.

This time, he had another doting heart and then kindly smiled “Governess Kong beat you, you are not angry with her? Still hurriedly looking for punishment?”

Minglan let out a small small sigh “Older sisters have all taken a beating, how can I alone be innocent. One daughter errs, all daughters are implicated and punished. But this is also good, next time older sisters would not dare to quarrel anymore. Ai—”

Sheng Hong was very happy and blew on Minglan’s small nose “Little Girl, a mouthful of nonsense, still sighing like a little adult! Do you know what is being implicated and punished.” Having said that, he extended a hand to hold on to Minglan’s left hand and when he touched, it was a little warm and swollen. Sheng Hong took pity on this little daughter who suffered and warmly said “Painful?”

Minglan inhaled and in a crying voice said “Painful.” Pausing for a while, she felt wronged and unknowingly the tears started falling. She said in a sobbing tone “Very painful.”

Sheng Hong with love embraced the little daughter in his arms tighter and coaxed “Next time when your older sisters are quarrelling, you just come to tell father secretly. If father is not at home, just hide far away or find the Old Madame. Our Minglan is a good child, ignore them, okay?”

Minglan buried her small face into her father’s neck. The night wind is cold but resting on his upper body is warm, the sniff of a father’s smell. This made Minglan think of when Father Yao often piggyback her when she was still little. She used her short and tiny arm to surround Sheng Hong’s neck and with strength nodded her head “En!”

In no time, both father and daughter reached Shou’an Hall. Once they entered the main door, Sheng Hong said to Danju who was waiting at the door “Go and find Steward Laifu and ask him to go to the study to look for that ‘Zijin Huayu Ointment’, quickly bring it here.”

Danju was so scared and hurriedly replied and went. Sheng Hong carried Minglan into the main hall and saw that the Old Madame was waiting on the couch, he then place Minglan on the couch. The Old Madame then took Minglan into her arms and with a touch, felt that the girl is freezing cold and hurriedly wrap her in the black and gold with eight auspicious circled soft fabric that was on her body. Waiting for Sheng Hong to greet her first, she then said “Just now Governess Kong has already sent someone to clearly explain the cause and effects. Today Master has been put to a lot of trouble. After working and still unable to rest, hurry go back and rest.”

Sheng Hong looked a little ashamed and said “Not that tired but has caused Mother to be worried. Afraid that you still had not have your dinner yet.”

Old Madame Sheng embraced the drowsy Minglan, saw her exhausted little face and turned to speak to Sheng Hong “Governess Kong is the one that control the rules in the palace, her words inevitably a little crude. Master must not take offence.”

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Sheng Hong hurriedly said “There is no such things. No matter how muddle-headed this son is, also would not be unable to distinguish the good from bad. Governess Kong’s health is not good and originally to return to her hometown. We relied on Mother’s face to invite her, there is not enough time for me to respect and admire Governess Kong’s conduct, how to have other thoughts? Talking about it, it is all because this son is useless, did not teach the daughters well.”

Old Madame Sheng saw that he looked sincere and did not appear to be fake. She was very satisfied. She has mothered Sheng Hong for ten over years, more or less understands his character and knows that he was his words was sincere. When she saw that he personally carried Minglan back, her heart became a little more agreeable.

Both mother and son conversed, Sheng Hong then returned.

After a while, Mama Fang then ordered the maids to carry a few food boxes in, taking out the warm dinner from the basket and arrange it one by one on the couch. Old Madame Sheng shook Minglan to wake her up “Take your meal first, it is not too late to sleep again.”

Minglan was tired and carelessly said “I am not hungry, not eating.” How can the Old Madame comply and drag Minglan up. Mama Fang wrung a hot handkerchief to wipe Minglan’s face, then she sobered up. The Old Madame personally took an ice handkerchief and applied it on the injured hand. Mama Fang saw the Minglan’s tiny hand red and swollen and carefully applied the ointment fetched by Danju. She said in a displeased tone “This Governess Kong is really something, our young lady is not at fault in the first place. Punishing them altogether is already wronging her, still did not hit her lighter!” She lightly blew onto Minglan’s palms while speaking.

Old Madame Sheng’s heart actually ached but she still seriously said “What together and not together. It is normal for the governess to punish children who do not follow the rules. Even when I was little, do not tell me I did not suffer governess’ scoldings.”

Minglan was confused and tilted her head, simply staring at grandmother for a while. She suddenly realised “So it is because we did not keep the rules that we are being beaten. Oh, then we ought to be beaten.” —just like this, the sisters’ quarrel gradually disappeared.

Mama Fang immediately smiled, the Old Madame also secretly thought that it was funny after listening to it. She knows that this child understood everything and was mentally consoled. She lightly rubbed her granddaughter’s hair and said “Good child, the days ahead would be smooth.”

So sweet to see this relationship between Old Madame Sheng and Minglan. Old Madame really cares for our little protagonist. Next up, the other girls back to their mommies!

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