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Chapter 16.3

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Chapter 16 Part 3


In the Lin Pavilion, the lights were dimmed and only one room was brightly lit. Molan half sprawled on the couch and was still crying. A thick dull green medicine cloth wrapped around her hands as the faint scent of the medicine hung in the air. Concubine Lin embraced her daughter and softly cooed “It’s all because mother is useless, blindly wanting you to be ambitious and forgetting to teach you to lie low and avoid crashing into a sharp wave.”


Molan’s small face was dead white and said worriedly “Everyone says that Father loves me. Yet this time he would rather plead for Ming’er than say half a word for my sake. He must be really angry with me.”

A fair young lady stood at the side, she was wearing a deep purple dress embroidered with apricot yellow Ruyi. She smiled and said “Young Lady must not be anxious. Master just now was only giving Governess Kong face. Punishing Young Lady, Master’s heart is also in pain. As a matter of fact, he sent over ointment for Young Lady.”

When Molan heard the words, her heart slightly calmed down. Concubine Lin coldly laughed twice “If it were before, Master would have already come. Shockingly he scolded me today as well. Humph, Humph! What a fearsome Governess Kong, what a fearsome Old Madame. Xue niang1 don’t tell me you didn’t realise?”

Xue niang said in shock “Young Miss, can you please explain? Could it be there is another interpretation.”

Concubine Lin brushed the hairs from her temples and the corner of her mouth pursed “This time it was me who ran into the wall, only focusing on telling Molan strive to perform and forgot the fearsomeness of that one at Shou’an Hall. Today Governess Kong reprimanded each of the four young ladies, on the surface, it sounds fair and just but if you listen carefully it is far from it. Rulan and Minglan, these two small ones were still okay, merely going through the motions. The words that she said to Little Girl Hua seem to be strict but are actually words of praise and teaches her how to handle manners and conduct herself better. But the words she said to Mo’er? Criticising with every sentence, only short of actually saying that Mo’er is selfish and does not care for her sisters! Humph, what ‘everyone has their own destiny’. She is trying to say that my family’s Mo’er is concubine-born and should not have wishful thoughts of wanting to climb the ranks through a good marriage like that Little Girl Hua!”

Xue niang thought of this and said “Young Miss meaning is that, this is all arranged by the Old Madame?”

Concubine Lin humphed “You didn’t hit the mark but it is not far off. Governess Kong said what was not convenient for the Old Madame to say, did what was not appropriate for her to do.

Molan turned pale in fright “If it’s really so, then what should I do? Father will detest me.”

Concubine Lin smiled gently “Silly child, what are you afraid of? If enemies come, a general should stop them, if the flood comes, the earth should stem it.2 We only need to hold onto your father and we do not have to fear for anything, nothing will be able to penetrate through.”

Meanwhile in the Weiru Pavilion, Wang shi embraced the sleeping Rulan while Hualan was still copying《Examples of Women》. Wang shi’s heart ached for her daughter and said “Have you not already finish copying fifty times already? Why don’t you rest, you still have not applied the ointment Master sent over.”

Hualan straighten her neck and said in a dignified tone “I am the eldest in the family. If there is any mistake, then I am the greatest culprit. Younger sisters are all punished to copy fifty times, I ought to be punished more.”

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Wang shi attitude was usually seventy percent love and thirty proud towards this eldest daughter. She naturally beamed “My Hua’er has grown up and actually understands this principle. When Governess Kong sees your kind intentions tomorrow, she will naturally like it.”

With the mention of Governess Kong, Hualan suddenly became spiritual “Mother, what I have seen today can truly be considered to be fearsome without showing your intentions! Take a look at Governess Kong, usually she does not even raise her voice and she is friendly and kind, but when it comes to punishing, she is clear and logical, the ones who are scolded have nothing to say but be convinced in their hearts by her words. Now take a look at her conduct, she knows that we have wronged but did not hastily ask difficult questions. She simmered the fire down and then slowly brought us under control. So capable! Not even a word said and she has already prepared praying mats for us to kneel. After caning us, even ice cloths has been prepared. She should be praised for calculating her scheme perfectly! From tomorrow onwards, I want to learn doubly hard from Governess Kong to further increase my knowledge!”

Radiating with delight as she spoke, suddenly she turned to her mother, sighing “Mother, if you have half the ability of Governess Kong then that Lin would not even have the chance to be insolent.”

“This mouth of yours ah, ought to be controlled. I’m just afraid that you would still be like this when you go over to the in-laws.” Wang shi was instead worried.

Hualan smiled lovably “This is all the result of Mother’s cultivation.”

Wang shi became more worried “I am most afraid of this temper of yours, fearing nothing under the heavens or on earth. If you talk about it positively, it is competent but the negatively it is sharp and unkind. When I married your father, it could be considered marrying beneath but you are marrying above. Which mother-in-law would be like your Grandmother, pleasant to talk to and not meddle in things? Adding concubines into the house, showing favour to another daughter-in-law, deducting your monthly silver… all kind of things you will have to suffer when the time comes.”

Hualan raised her head conceitedly “I am not afraid. In the future, no matter within or outside the household, do not think that anyone can put themselves before me!”

1. 娘 (Niang): Usually meaning mother but in this case would mean young lady, there is really no equivalent for it in the English
2. 兵来将挡, 水来土掩 (Bing Lai Jiang Dang, Shui Lai Tu Yan): It is a proverb meaning to adopt measures that suited to the particular situation

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