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Chapter 3.2

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“This is all because of Madame’s fortune, nothing to do with this servant. Only Concubine Wei this death, merely just the birth characters1 are casted, moreover still lacking in one downwards stroke; how would Master punish Concubine Lin for the time being unknown. Perhaps being coaxed over is not unprecedented. We certainly must not relax this breath.” Housekeeper Liu Kun said.


“Humph! If Master does not punish that lowly slut, still pampering and protecting like that of the past, then I also do not want face anymore. Might as well disclose this matter outside, ask the imperial censors to counsel Master of favouring the concubine, neglecting the wife and still abusing human life. See how he still be an official!” Wang shi slapped the table and coldly humphed.

“Ai, my Madame, the Old Lady was afraid of this tenacious temper of yours, that is why unable to sleep the whole night! Must not say this kind of words out of rage, this is injuring a thousand and losing eight hundred2!” Housekeeper Liu Kun frantically waved her hands, worriedly advised “Such a manner, do you still want to be a married couple with Master, do you want Young Master Bai’s future prospects, how to live in the future?”

Wang shi immediately despaired, clenching her teeth “What is to be done? When I was still unmarried mother only blindly taught me how to manage the house yet never said how to govern concubines. Contrary to expectations, this Concubine Lin is also not the common concubine3, cannot beat, cannot sell and also is from Old Madame’s place. Really choking me to death.”

“For the time being, Madame drink a cup of tea and cool down. Listen to me as I slowly speak.” Housekeeper Liu Kun poured a cup of warm tea and handed it into Wang shi’s hands. “It is true that Master’s conduct is inappropriate but Old Madame said Madame has points of blame.”

“What fault do I have? It is not possible that I wrap a singer, buy a prostitute for Master to be considered?” Wang shi still angered.

Housekeeper smilingly said “Look at Madame’s words of anger. That day at Master Brother’s4 household, the Old Lady detailedly asked a few of the first class maids that are by Madame’s side. Then told me that Madame has three faults and wants this servant to return and tell Madame these. This servant is to be as bold and today it is convenient to be a informer. Thinking back to that time when Madame first got married, without a word, Madame right away sent out two of Master’s bed-maids5, Master and Old Madame did not say half a word. That several years, Madame was able to take the leading role, not to mention Old Madame was courteous towards Madame, there was also mutual respect between you and Master. Madame’s first fault is that the days are too satisfactory, inevitably conceited and negligence. You govern the inner affairs and wish to govern the outside affairs. All of Master’s money and affairs you want to make decisions, usually should keeping conduct and speech. Whenever you speak it is how the Wang family is, how Old Master and Master Uncle are, how do you expect Master’s heart to be at ease? Which men do not like their woman to be submissive, who do not wish for a gentle and satisfying wife? Master is also not a useless good-for-nothing man, is not everyone saying outside that our Master has prospects? Madame you repeatedly show face to Master, occasionally lower the face of Master6, how is Master going to be intimate to you, how not for unfaithful intentions to arise?

Wang shi was disappointed, leaning against the back of the chair and thinking of charming and gentle sight when they were newlyweds, cannot help but a burst of sadness. At that time, which sister in the boudoir was not envious of her marrying well, although the husband was not high or an important official yet plentiful wealth and family background pure and noble. Firstly, she does not need to stand mother-in-law’s rules. Secondly, no concubines to be vexed over, husband’s looks are very handsome, ability and insight outstanding, career smooth, also not impossible to be a titled lady.

Unknowingly, Master and her become more and more indifferent. Intimate words no longer said to her and she only cared about going out her way to excel, catching hold of inside and out, firmly kneading the Sheng household in her palms. Just at the time of concentration, suddenly burst out a Concubine Lin, after that she then went wrong at every step to the point letting Concubine Lin becoming bigger each day.

Housekeeper Liu Kun coldly looked at Wang shi’s expression, knowing that it is about to take shape and continue to say “The Old Lady said, since ancient times, all married women would adhere themselves to their husbands. Madame did not tightly gather Master’s heart and only looked at some money and affairs. This is putting the cart before the horse.”

After a long time, Wang shi nodded, slowly drank the tea.

Housekeeper Liu Kun felt relieved, holding up the fan by the side and slowly fan “Madame is originally a straight-forward person. Who knows the evil schemes of those vixens, allow Concubine Lin and Master to have an affair in the dark yet dumbly not knowing. If it was discovered early, taking advantage of this matter that has not gotten big, secretly report it to the Old Madame. Immediately marrying out Concubine Lin, Master would not be able to flare up. Unfortunately waited till this matter became awfully big, Madame then wants to make noise is also no longer useful. That is Madame’s second fault.”

Wang shi forced a smile, this matter she originally how not to feel regrets. Only blaming her oversight, never once bothered about the things regarding mother-in-law.

Housekeeper Liu Kun continued “Lastly and it is also the most crucial, the Old Lady said Madame you yourself also is not strict with rules, thoughtless with etiquette as a result unable to speak up at Master’s place.

Wang shi refused to accept, immediately wanted to refute and was lightly pressed on the shoulders by Housekeeper Liu Kun, pacifying “Do not hurry Madame, listen to me slowly explain. Old Lady said that you as a daughter-in-law, not to mention that you do not stand for the rules before your mother-in-law, not mentioning the morning and evening visits to parents. Surprisingly only going two or three times a month, every time you go is also with a cold face, not speaking much. Mother-in-law’s food and clothing, expenses and living all provided by herself, you do not have to be worried about taking care of her. When it is spread outside it is a greatly unfilial; Madame even if you have a hundred truth before Master, only this item you cannot speak. No matter how cold the Old Madame is, dislike others to disturb, you must also be etiquette and have filial piety to your utmost.”

Wang shi no longer spoke, these words hit the nail on the head, actually in the circles of this Quan Prefecture there are many who secretly discuss about their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations, a few close madames also told her such things before, advising her to show more filial respect to her mother-in-law lest being criticised by others. At that time she did not take it to heart, Old Madame excused her from paying respects every morning and evening, she happily complied.   

Housekeeper Liu Kun saw that Wang shi’s vague expression, knowing her thoughts, unhurriedly said “Filial piety to mother-in-law is always good, firstly is Madame’s reputation. When First Master Wei’s father cause trouble by spoiling concubines and neglecting the wife but Old Madame Wei served her mother-in-law till all of Jinling knows of her filial heart, Old Master Wei then cannot do anything about it.”

Wang shi felt that there is much basis, then kept silent, Housekeeper Liu Kun said again “That time, Master has some things done that are no according to etiquette, you are unable to say him but the Old Madame certainly could to the end. That day when Master wanted to give Concubine Lin farmhouse and shops, if you were to open your mouth, others would say you are jealous and intolerant of people. But if the Old Madame was willing to say a few words then, it would not be as bad today.”

Wang shi slapped the armrest of the rattan chair, lightly exhaled “This is precisely the case, that time I am also really confused in the head, only knowing how to get angry and make noise with Master and Old Madame. Not able to clutch on to seven inches, only worthless nuisance. For no reason allow that lowly slut to take advantage, luckily you reminded me today, that is why I would know this cause. Everything that happened in the past, indeed it is my fault.”

Housekeeper Liu Kun hurriedly added the last fire “It is good that Madame has figured things out today, we would not discuss things of the past. We must really plan for the future properly, cannot be muddleheaded again and allow others to scheme against.”

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Wang shi deeply relaxed in one breath, holding onto Housekeeper Liu Kun’s hands, choked with emotions “Usually I only know how to act impressive and flaunt my capabilities. These few years unknowingly reached to this stage, you still have to assist me more in the days ahead.”

Housekeeper Liu Kun promptly stood up and said that she do not deserve this honour. When these two master and servant are being you courteous and I grateful, one of the girls lying on the square couch slightly moved. Classmate Yao Yiyi relaxed her numb legs, opened her eyes to see the girl beside who sleeps like pig, Young Lady Sheng Rulan. She is snoring a little bit, seems like she is really sleeping.

Yao Yiyi swore to the landslide, she absolutely had no intentions to eavesdrop. She was already awake, only lazy to move and do not wish to speak. Thus closed her eyes and continue to lie down, who know these two obasan7 would actually treat this place as the chat room. From moving house and adopting daughter going the same way discussing about love and hate, passion and enmity. The more they discussed, the more excited, the more they talk the more engrossed into the plotline. Yao Yiyi felt embarrassed to wake up instead.

Only heard Housekeeper Liu Kun still saying “……our Master is also not blunderer, his path in officialdom is smooth, his heart realises? Madame definitely cannot act clever with him, on contrary ruin things, you are a straightforward person, how would you be able to compete with Concubine Lin’s confusing foxy charm and tricks. The current you is important, just virtuous and sweet-tempered, bring the two together you must properly show filialiness to the Old Madame. I see that Master treats Old Madame with much reverence. Even if you cannot pay your respects everyday still you must pay your respects every few days. Asking about her health, even if this to keep up appearances you must still keep it up decently. This time, you must properly nurture the Sixth Young Lady, Master feels very guilty towards Concubine Wei. The better you treat Sixth Young Lady, the more it would allow him to think of how Concubine Wei died. This would also make you appear to be virtuous and affectionate, the days increasing, Master’s heart would also be gathered back.”

Yao Yiyi feels that this Housekeeper Liu Kun’s words are very skilled, her advice in summary is nothing but: Madame ah, take a mirror to reflect yourself. We must be realistic and practical, you compete with Concubine Lin about the female charms till groaning. That is basically not a drop chance, but do not worry. Cannot be Andy Lau, we still can be Bobby Au-yeung8, you just properly serve your mother-in-law and raise the children. Let us play the affection card, moral character card, walk this old maid’s itinerary, that still have many drops of profit.

That Housekeeper Liu Kun still has not finished “Sixth Young Lady these few days does not particularly eat or speak, Madame must be more careful. This Sixth Young Lady is a silly girl, need not split family property with her, later purchase a dowry and send her out will do. Does not obstruct Madame with much, still able to give Fifth Young Lady a companion, no?”

Yao Yiyi closed her eyes tightly, she is even more unwilling to be awake. Thinking that she, a promising youth is reduced to such a situation, simply how can this be endured! Moreover, this layer of skin and herself does not seem to be harmonious, always allowing her to be sick, even not particularly feeling hungry. Yao Yiyi who is unable to accept reality is presently negative and slacken.

1. 八字 (Ba Zi): Literally eight characters, it is the four pillars of destiny according to chinese fortune-telling terminology. Written in the form of 2 characters each that represent the year, month, day and hour of one’s birth.
2. Adapted from Sun Tzu’s Art of War 伤敌一千,自损八百 (Shang Di Yi Qian, Zi Sun Ba Bai) which means although killing a thousand enemies you will lose eight hundred of your people, so really neither side actually wins in battle
3. 偏房 (Pian Fang): Literally side room which is another way of describing concubines
4. 舅老爷 (Jiu Lao Ye): Brother-in-law;uncle, it is most possibly the brother of Wang shi
5. 通房 (Tong Fang): They are the lowest rank of concubines and essentially still a maid
6. Showing face has the idea of throwing a temper, like getting angry while the second face is the usual meaning of self-respect, honour, reputation
7. 欧巴桑 (Oh Ba Sang): It is the loaned from the japanese word, oba-san, meaning auntie or woman of some age
8. They are both famous Chinese Hong Kong celebrities, apart from the looks, I think the author chose Bobby Au-yeung simply because their names rhymes in the original 刘德华 (Liu De Hua) and 欧阳震华 (Ouyang Zhenhua)

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