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Chapter 4.2

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“Not allowed to touch me!”

Concubine Lin spared no effort in struggling to get free, immediately fell down before Sheng Hong. Her voice is as if iron bumping into the knife, her face resolute “Master, Madame, today I came with one mind, if I am not allowed to speak, I will just bump1my head and die here, better than suffering scraps!”


Sheng Hong coldly echoed “You also do not need to attempt death seeking life. I reckon usually I have treated you with unkindness that you have learnt from those married woman at the marketplace. Acting out a terrible scene for who to watch!”

Concubine Lin’s tears rushing forth, sadly said “These few days, my heart is stuffy, like boiling oil. I want to say a few words but Master avoided me, not willing to see. My heart has already died a few times, but Master, you are the official of the common people, usually if you need to settle a small thief you still have to be tolerant and discuss. What more I who have after all served Master all these years, still raised a pair of son and daughter. Today even if you want me to die, also have to make me an understanding ghost!”

Sheng Hong recalled the state when Concubine Wei died, lighted with fire, smashed a teacup on the floor “The good thing you have done!”

Concubine Lin’s beads of tears rolled on, choked with emotion “……Darling Hong2!” Her voice in distress.

Wang shi got very angry, jumped up from the bed at once, roaring at the maids “All of you have no breath and are dead, still do not want to drag her out!”

Concubine Lin raised her head “Madame, this way of not tolerating my words, could it be that you are afraid I will say something out!”

“What foam are you spraying with your whole mouth, do not invent crazy nonsense! What do I have to be afraid of.”

“If you are fearless then readily spittle a hole and put down clear words. Right and wrong, Master will discern.”

Wang shi was angry till drumming her chest, Concubine Lin is still shedding tears, there was no words in the room for a moment. Sheng Hong after all is an official, understood that it would be better to say everything clearly today then called the maid to look for Steward Laifu. Housekeeper Liu Kun was extremely lively and sent out all the maids. After a while, Laifu entered, Sheng Hong ordered in a soft voice, Laifu accepted the order. He then returned bringing a few coarse-work maids in and separated all servants and maids involved into the legitimate courtyard.

Only Sheng Hong, Wang shi, Concubine Lin, Housekeeper Liu Kun and Laifu, altogether five remained in the house. Oh, there is also the drowsy Classmate Yao Yiyi sleeping on the couch, it is presumed that at this time, everyone all forgot about her. Yao Yiyi swore to the landslide again, she did not wish to remain here to listen to this trial in a three judge panel at all but …… it is best that she continues to lose consciousness.

Concubine Lin lightly wiped her tears, sorrowfully narrated “These days, I do not know where I have erred. Master completely ignores me and still dealing with the people around me one after another. First are my two clans mate who came to seek shelter, after that is also my two maids, also the wet nurse who served me since childhood also has to be chased out! How Master handle things, I dare not have an opinion but have to say the rights and wrongs of a matter!”

Sheng Hong coldly opened his mouth “Good! Today I shall say the rights and wrongs of a matter, I shall ask you, exactly how did Concubine Wei die?”

Apparently Concubine Lin is not shocked at all, instead sorrowfully smiled “Since that day Younger Sister Wei passed on, I just know this day will come. When we were at Quan Prefecture, the household’s maids all softly discussed, saying that I had harmed Concubine Wei. I originally thought it was merely just the ignorant gossips of the servants and because Master’s promotion was at hand, I dare not trouble Master with such trifle matters and quietly endured. Always thought to clear my innocence, after not long that rumours will disappear but did not expect…not expect, Master actually also doubted me!”

While speaking then beads like tears rolled, also unable to resist and cried.

Sheng Hong was furious “Do not tell me I have wronged you. That day where Concubine Wei was in labour, why did you were delaying to invite the midwife? Why did her courtyard not have anyone to order around? Why did several of old maids who know how to deliver are not in the house? That day Madame and I all went to the Wang family, only you remained at home, if it was not you then who?”

Concubine Lin’s jade white like fingers wiped across her cheeks, sorrowfully and mournfully said “Master, do you still remember a few years ago, when Third Young Lady died prematurely, the words Madame said, Madame asked me to care less about the affairs of the concubines, just caring about myself will do. That day after Master and Madame left the house, knowing my place, I just stayed within my courtyard. Master, your discerning judgement, the two masters of the house all have left, the servants in the household still are thinking of relaxing and resting. The old maids who goofed off to their homes are plenty, not limited to those few who knows how to delver?! I entered the house merely a few years, those old maids are the families’ old-timers of ten over years, how can I make them move?!”

Sheng Hong coldly humphed, not saying a word. Wang shi turned her hand to look at Housekeeper Liu Kun, her eyes slightly revealing anxiousness.

Concubine Lin continued to say “After that the servants came to report saying that Concubine Wei’s stomach hurts, about to give birth. I hurriedly called the maid to pass the message to the doormen, asking them to call for a midwife over. But who knows those second door old maids and several doormen are all drinking and gambling, my maid beseeched grandfather and called grandmother for a long time, they then very slowly went. This going then took a good few hours, after the event, I asked those few doormen, they only said that midwife nearby are not at home, ran to a few miles to the west of the city to find, this is why Concubine Wei’s labour was delayed. Master, Madame, there is heavens above and hell under. Every word I said is true, if I deliberately wanted to harm Concubine Wei, then ask me to be struck into two by lightning that I may not have a good death! Master if you still do not believe, you can ask the old maids at the door that day what time I went to call the midwife, someone would have heard!”

Having said and then started to cry.

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Sheng Hong turned his head, staring deeply at Wang shi. Wang shi’s heart jumped, turned to look at Housekeeper Liu Kun, she wrinkled her brows towards her. Must know, those few old maids who know how to deliver are mostly from her dowry and those at old maids and doormen at the second door has always been managed by her. Even if Sheng Hong did not suspect her, she also cannot avoid this direct guilt of not strictly managing and indulging the servants.

“Saying things this way, unexpectedly you do not have a dot of guilt? What a witty mouth!” Wang shi also cannot say more, seems like she is very clear that the behind the scenes is not good.

Concubine Lin kneel-walked a few steps, climbed before the bed. A quiet and exquisite face filled with tears, even more like the shining moonlight. Choked with emotions and slowly said “If were to say I do not a dot of fault, that is also not; I am timid, unwilling to take on responsibilities. If that day I was to personally stay by Younger Sister Wei’s side, instructing the maids, perhaps Younger Sister Wei would not have at a young age and…… I was merely afraid of taking up the responsibility, afraid that others will gossip. I was wrong, but if you were to say I have the intention to harm Younger Sister Wei to death, even if I was to reach Yama also would not comply! After all I grew up studying, how can it be that I do not know logic of human lives in the hands of heavens?”

Sheng Hong was moved, silently sat.

Wang shi was extremely angry, right when she wanted to bawl, she was stopped by eyes of Housekeeper Liu Kun and could only force herself to show restraint. That Concubine Lin sobbed twice, melancholy and trembly said “Master, Madame, I am originally a person without anyone to rely on. This lifetime is led through the support of Master, supposing if Master rejects me, it would be better if I die this moment. Formerly I was also a daughter of a good family, the Old Madame wanted to pick someone for me, it was me who was shameless, determined to hang onto the Sheng family, only admiring Master’s character. Being sneered by everyone, being looked down by servants, I admit to them all, it was me who was willing and glad. …… I also know that I have provoked Older Sister to anger, allow Older Sister to feel unhappy inside, Older Sister blame me, loathe me, all I understand also dare not argue, …… only hoped that Older Sister to forgive me who is infatuated with Master. Treat me as a cat or dog, in this big Sheng household bestow me a place to withdraw to. If there is food, it is that, only able to constantly see Master. Even if I was to be scolded by thousands and cursed by ten thousands, also have no regrets! …… Madame, today in the presence of Steward Laifu and Older Sister Liu, I give you a kowtow. You just take pity on me!”

Having said that, really knocked her head, one time, another time, slam slam. Sheng Hong’s heart aches, quickly jumped down the bed, pull Concubine Lin up in a hold “Proper and good, what are you trying to do?”

Concubine Lin raised her head, hovering eyes to gaze at Sheng Hong, thousand kinds of gentle feelings, ten thousands of grievances. Gazing for a while but not saying anything, turned her head and threw herself at Wang shi’s feet, one hand crying the other pleading “Begging for Madame’s pity, I am okay with beating and punishing, just do not treat me as one that is crafty and evil, …… I have some things I do not understand, just call me to be reprimanded. Anything I will listen to Madame…… My feelings towards Master is genuine……”

Cried till her voice turned hoarse, breathing harsh, both eyes red and swollen and collapsed onto Sheng Hong’s thigh. Sheng Hong really cannot bear his heart, rather moved, lightly supported her.

— Too impressive!!!

Yao Yiyi cannot help but open her eyes, straightly watching. Sheng Hong’s expression very extensively disturbed, Wang shi angered to the point where her face turned green and lips white but unable to say half a sentence, trembling all over as if she is suffering from malaria. Laifu watched till he was dumbstruck, Housekeeper Liu Kun sighed that she cannot compare.

Lady Lin’s astonishing literary talent miraculously made Classmate Yao Yiyi, who determined to sleep to her death, arouse. She searched her own heart, a young miss born into an official home, although in dire straits, lived like a prince for ten over years, she have the courage to show her resolution, show her infatuation in the presence of servants like this. Say to kneel down, just kneel. Should beg forgiveness, just beg forgiveness. Cry just cry, strive just strive. Why is she so cowardly, not willing to face reality? It is just casted into a nothing special, rotten fetus.

In a cool summer night, one professional mistress who has perfected her skills finally rouse Yao Yiyi’s courage to live on.

1. The ancient love to die by running their against the pillar/wall 
2. 紘郎 (Hong Lang): 郎 would be way to address someone intimately as gentleman or husband while 紘 is Sheng Hong’s given name

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