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Chapter 6.1

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Chapter 6 Part 1


New comrades taking up the office, new term new atmosphere. Sheng Hong is determined to create a good image to be first family in Deng Prefecture, to be a good example of a benevolent father and filial son, the whole family harmonious for the people in Quan Prefecture. For the sake of building and contributing a favourable society for the new Deng Prefecture. Thus after taking over the office, he picked a fine sunny morning and brought along Wang shi and the three sons four daughters and a few maids to pay respects to Old Madame Sheng with great prestige.


Entering into the primary room of Shou’an Hall, Sheng Hong and Wang shi paid their respects towards Old Madame Sheng. Sitting separately on the square chairs on each side of the Louhan bed, followed by the servants leading the several children to pay their respects in order, one after another. First it was the three legitimate ones, then the four concubine-born children, no concubines.

Minglan, that is Classmate Yao Yiyi, got of bed muddle-headed first thing in the morning. She has not even eaten breakfast and was carried out of the room by a fourteen, fifteen years old maid led to pay respects. She was the second from the back, when it was her turn to kowtow, she has already woke up a little. Once she kowtowed, she was completely awake, stammering afterwards “Paying respects to Grandmother.”

She has not spoken for a long time and was also afraid that she will say the wrong words. Minglan’s words were feeble when she opened her mouth, her words not exact and immediately attracting soft sneering. Minglan turned her head to look, Young Lady Rulan slightly covering her mouth, standing at the side. Beside her stood a delicate and pretty young lady, seems to be slightly older. Reckon that it is the fourth in line, Young Miss Molan. She wore a pair of light emerald white jade rings in her hair, dressed in a delicately patterned lake green cotton. Her stance is according to the rules, her head slightly low, gentle and respectful.

Sheng Hong faintly knitted his brows and looked at Wang shi. She immediately glared at the mama beside Rulan, that mama then lowered her head in terror.

Looking at both Rulan and Molan, Old Madame Sheng sighed in her heart. Then looked at the stupid-looking Minglan, being laughed by others and also do not know, still foolishly standing in the midst with a confused and bewildered look. She drank a mouthful of tea without emotions, her appearance hung low and she waited till the youngest Sheng Changdong to finish paying respects. She said “I am usually accustomed to tranquility, do not like more people and noise. All are family, there is no need to stand on ceremony, still as usual, pay respects every ten days then.”

Wang shi’s face was flushed, reckon that she got a good night’s sleep “What is the Old Madame saying, it is the duty of the younger to be filial in front of you. These past years, I was not mature enough and have neglected filial piety. I was scolded by Master a while ago, this daughter-in-law has already know her mistakes. Hope that you will look upon the stupidity of this daughter-in-law and do not lower yourself, this daughter-in-law will apologise here to you.”

While saying she arose and kneeled before Old Madame Sheng. Old Madame Sheng looked at Sheng Hong. He followed together saying “Mother, do not just mention this morning and evening visits, even if it to carry and serve you tea often, it is all her duty; if Mother do not allow, this son can only treat it as that you are still angry with your daughter-in-law. It is the fault of this son that the management of the house is not strict. This son will personally go before father’s coffin to accept the punishment.”

While speaking, he also kneeled before Old Madame Sheng, Wang shi used the handkerchief to wipe her face, with red eyes said “Mother, this daughter-in-law really knows her fault. When I was still at my maiden house, this daughter-in-law also learned the importance of all virtues that is filial piety. After I entered the door of the Sheng house, I have allowed my heart to be covered with lard, my temper in the wrong, neglecting the filial piety towards you. Old Madame, do not hesitate to punish me, please do not take it to heart. If Old Madame is afraid of more people and dislike the noise, in the future we will then pay our respects separately.”

Having said in a low sobbing voice, Sheng Hong’s both eyes also turned red.

Minglan stood last on the left, looking forward and thinking internally, this two husband and wife do not know if they rehearsed this yesterday late into the night. Singing together, matching extremely well, say eyes red then shed tears. Inevitably, Minglan suspiciously looked towards their sleeves, do not tell me it is an onion? While thinking, the three boys opposite and the girls on this side have all kneeled down, one after another begging Old Madame Sheng, each and every one with earnest expressions. Seems like if Old Madame Sheng do not agree to them paying respects, they will immediately die of sadness with a broken heart. Young Lady Rulan was slower by a beat and was pushed by the mama behind, she also kneeled down. Once Minglan saw that, she also unknowingly kneel but she does not know what to say.

Old Madame Sheng saw the situation, with a long sigh, she also no longer persisted. Waved her hands to allow the maids to help the Sheng Hong couple up. “If it is so, I will just listen to you guys then.” Saying and then took a glance at the dazed Minglan, the thin and weak young miss is the last to get up by herself.

Sheng Changdong is still too young, his standing unsteady. After kowtowing, the old maid carried him away and the remaining people sat in order.

Previously, Minglan have always been unclear of what means to pay respects, from the literal sense, paying respects is just asking the Old Madame ‘how are you’ at most add a few more words ‘will you die’ or ‘are you ill’ and such. But seeing how the small maids gave separate low round stools to the various young masters and young ladies, Minglan felt that she ought to correct her concept.

Paying respect, is the ancient time’s most important activity in the inner household. Daughter-in-laws who manages the household will report recent work to the mother-in-laws or ask for instructions for future work plans. If the children are being raised under the mother-in-law, they then will grasp this opportunity to take more look at their own baby, to avoid not being able to recognise which baby was born by which belly later. If the children are being raised by their side then it is to present them to let the grandfather and grandmother see, setting a little family love and joy or pulling at the elders for a short while, making them happy.

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Unfortunately, Wang shi has not done this type of job for a long time, a familiar tone is not good, unfamiliar is also not good. In addition, it is considered that it is not good to say anything to Old Madame Sheng. As a result, Classmate Sheng Hong intentionally accompanied to pay respects today. Aside from playing the role of a peacemaker, he is also took charge of breaking the ice.

“Mother, are you used to staying here these few days? The weather in Deng Prefecture is not as warm as Quan Prefecture.” Sheng Hong asked.

“It is a little cold, not a hindrance.” Old Madame Sheng replied.

“I feel that this Deng Prefecture is rather better than Quan Prefecture, tall mountains wide oceans, close to the waterfront, the climate is not dry. I say that Master got a good assignment, neither cold nor dry.” Wang shi laughed.

“This old woman, I actually does not matter, do not know how the several little ones feel? Any discomfort?” Old Madame Sheng said, her eyes looking towards the two rows, left and right row of grandsons and granddaughters.

Wang shi fervent gaze swept towards Sheng Changbai, Older Brother Changbai stood up according to the rules, slightly bowing “Replying to Grandmother’s words, this grandson feels that it is very good.”

The end, twelve words, concise and then sat down.

Old Madame Sheng put down the teacup, took a look at Sheng Hong and Wang shi then looked at the remaining children. Sheng Hong did not have any reaction, Wang shi seems to somewhat awkward, secretly glanced at her son.

The second one to speak is Sheng Changfeng, he was born rather similar to his full-blooded younger sister, Molan. A modest smile hung on the fair and clear skin, his voice bright “Quan Prefecture is warm, Deng Prefecture is magnanimous, every place has its good. Where in my country, the land under heavens exist a place that is no good? This grandson read Du Zimei’s1 poem a few days ago. ‘Mount Tai-What is it like? Through Qi and Lu its azure never ends; Here the Creator gathers wonders divine, Its northern and southern slopes divide dusk and dawn.’2 Shangdong has already produced sage and also Mount Tai is really a good place. Any day Grandmother is interested, we can visit that Mount Fengshan.”

His voice bright, diction clear and saw that Sheng Hong continuously nod his head with a satisfied look in his eyes. Old Madame Sheng also could not resist looking at him a few more times, said “Little Boy Feng has good knowledge, every one says Little Boy Feng’s studies is extremely good. Teacher praises his verses and essays considerably.”

At the same time, the atmosphere in Shou’an Hall became harmonious, Sheng Hong even happier. A few of the little ones were relieved, only Wang shi smile become somewhat forced. Minglan stole a look and realised that she was tightly holding onto the handkerchief, as if she was strangling Sheng Changbai’s throat so as to allow him to spit out a few more words.

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