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Chapter 7.3

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Chapter 7 Part 3


Wang shi’s expression has became somewhat awkward, embarrassedly smiled “Master need not worry, is there still not other families. I see that Duke Ling is very good, although they have descended from their inherited ranks from their duke great grandfather’s time is merely just three generations. On the contrary, Count Zhongqin has inherited the same title, their family circumstances are not so good, already been rejected by the Emperor, still better to not consider. The household of Duke Ling is good, outstanding and triumphant, family background a racket and impressive also exuberant.”


“… That is yet to be seen.” Sheng Hong composedly opened the fan, slowly waving it “I followed Old Master and Old Madame to live in the capital when I was young, studied at Duke Ling’s household together with Old Brother Wei, that family I do not look up very much. On the surface it looks like bright and neat but the insides are utterly filthy. That family’s private school is also very disgusting, Older Brother Wei and I studied for half a year and came out. This time, I went to the capital to handle work, listened to more unbearable news of the household of Duke Ling. Numerous people in the house, all the masters and servants are well-off and respected. The several young masters are still merely around the age of Changbai, their houses unexpectedly have twenty over maids to serve them. Indulging in such luxury, the older and younger all without exception are extravagant. Output more, input less; the purse would have already been emptied. I merely just told Uncle Geng about that come of age for Hua’er is near, then they found me and within the discussion, they revealed the intentions of marriage.”

Wang shi got a shock “You are saying, they are eyeing on Big Girl’s dowry?”

“That is hard to say, besides their family coveting the daughter-in-law’s dowry, is also not the first or second time.” Sheng Hong contempted.

Wang shi hesitantly said “But at the end of the day, that is a duke household, that kind of well-off family, if not for the current difficulties, it also would not be the turn of our Hua’er.”

Sheng Hong coldly laughed “If it was only the lack of money, I would also not be this way. Just that that family’s descendants are worthless1, so big a family and unexpectedly there is not half a person that is a scholar or a general or a strategist. The old duke couple themselves are okay but those several sons…… Humph! The first branch corrupt, father and son have always been ridiculed for gathering females. The second branch, Oh, it is the second son from this branch in the proposal. That second branch, he is already of a certain age yet still would not stop getting concubines, lewd with the house’s maids all over. I heard news when I was in the capital, he even slept with his daughter-in-law’s personal maids. Really disgraceful and not cultured, extreme scum of society!”

Wang shi listened till her soul flew and was scattered “I say that they are the magnificent duke household, why would they hurry to propose a marriage with us, a six ranked provincial government house? Afraid that those honourable families in the capital are not willing to marry their daughter over?”

“This time Madame got it right.” Sheng Hong received the fan, shaking his head.

“That also cannot be the household of Count Zhongqin, his Yuan family’s courtyards are very desolate now.” Wang shi furiously said.

“This might not be the case.” Sheng Hong finally became interested, feverently said “This time I specially went to visit the household of Count Zhongqin, seen several of the Old Count’s young masters. The eldest legitimate son has already been betrothed to the daughter of Imperial Academy Senior Official His Excellency Mei. I see that the second son is good, steady and knows etiquette, impressive. At a young age, take command of several assignments in the military. I still specially asked Commander Dou to find out his character and talents, you also know that Dou Laoxi, usually domineering. However he too praised that Yuan Wenshao to no end, still sighed saying that that young master has been implicated by his family background. All the official and aristocratic families in general dare not tie the knots with them, those families a little worst than them, they do not consider. A good young man has been delayed to almost twenty and still not married. Most probably it is because I revealed my intentions in front of Dou Laoxi, the second day, the Yuan family entrusted someone to discuss.”

Wang shi still pulled a long face “You too have said, the official and aristocratic families in general dare not tie the knots with them. They currently want power but have no power, want money but no money, why on earth are we rushing for!”

“You do not say! If not for the current difficulties, it is also would not be the turn of our Hua’er.” Sheng Hong used Wang shi’s words to bicker back “Their family is also unlucky. When the former Emperor was still reigning, unconsciously involved in the scheme to rebel and still forcibly removed of their nobility along with several aristocratic families. Dejected for several years, under the amnesty of the current reigning Emperor, reinvestigated the old records and realised that several dukes, marquises and counts including Count Zhongqin have been really wrongly accused. Considered to be implicated, finally reinstated four five families, his family is included. However still been reprimanded for not being careful in handling matters, behaviour inappropriate, stripped of no less than ten years of the salary2 and became desolate.”

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“Since what Master is clear and logical, why still want to tie the knots with them?” Wang shi pouted.

“What do you know? Those grand young masters descended from aristocratic families, most of them are idle and incompetent. Because there is shade from the forefathers, not considering to study, do not want to practice martial arts, do not wish to go forward, two three generations later they have become ruined. However this Yuan family have met with disasters, his family’s descendants generally are more capable and sensible. The difficulty of building yourselves after going through tribulations, I see that Yuan Wenshao is very good.”

Wang shi is still not happy, turned her head and did not speak. Sheng Hong walked over and held on to Wang shi’s shoulders, quietly said “Hua’er is our first-born daughter, how will I wrong her. Remember in those days, I was still a small small substitute manager and was still assigned to that cold and bitter place. When Hua’er was born, we actually cannot even find a suitable nanny. On one hand I was studying for the examinations as well as managing, you also have govern the house and serve both myself and Old Madame. Hua’er at that time was obedient to the point where people loved her dearly, never crying or throwing tantrums, when she was a little older, still able to help you care for things. Saying these words worthy of punishment, among these many sons and daughters, it is the Girl Hua that I love the most.”

Wang shi recalled that period of challenging days, her eyes immediately turned red. Sheng Hong voice also slightly trembled “That time I have already thought, no matter who I wrong also cannot wrong Hua’er. I will not use Hua’er to curry favour with the rich in hopes of advancement, only hope that she can marry a capable man. Husband and wife peaceful, in perfect harmony, bear and raise children in the future, a smooth-sailing life throughout.”

His words earnest, a heart of a compassionate father. Wang shi cannot bear it any longer and her tears hurriedly fell, Sheng Hong said again “No matter how bad the Yuan family is, it has it’s nobility to protect. If the official career is not smooth, at least there is count household to depend on. If Yuan Wenshao is determined, in the future there will be riches and honour waiting for Hua’er.”

Wang shi has already been persuaded. On one side, wiping her tears with the handkerchief, the other side angrily said “Pah! A dejected goods have been said to be like a flower, the things Master have seen are clearer than my understanding. In addition, let me find out the character of that Yuan Wenshao. Already twenty years old, also do not know how many people are in his house, if there is any that is naughty and domineering ones, I will not comply, my Hua’er marrying over is not to suffer there.”

“Okay okay okay, all in accordance to wife” Sheng Hong affectionately hugged “If that rascal is lascivious, I will be the first to disagree. We must definitely carefully consider, finding a very good husband for Hualan.”

1. 不肖 (Bu Xiao): Carries the idea that the descendants are unlike the parents
2. Officials’ salary are usually in the form of money as well as grains

At least Sheng Hong and Wang shi considered everything properly. I guess at the end of the day, marriages are just seen as a political move, it is really sad. Next up, considerations are done and steps of marrying the daughter finally begins!

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