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Chapter 9.1

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The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 9 Part 1


“Caihuan, quickly go hurry Big Young Miss. Do not waste time any more, Master is already waiting.” Wang shi stood in front of a full length brass dressing mirror, turning aside to allow two maids to tidy her up. She wore a red buttoned jacket with gold and silver threading, her hair bound up by a bee dangled hairpin1.

“Mother, do not rush. I am here.” A laughter followed and Hualan lifted the curtains. The same ruby embed Eurasian magpie on a plum hairpin inserted on her parting, the same one on her mother’s. She wore a red rose thick silk coat with rat fur on the edges, reflecting the beautiful and rosy face of the young girl. “Mother, I saw the mamas by Ming yatou’s side rushing into the house just now, could it be that you also want to bring Ming yatou along? It is better to avoid it, her body is not good. After dinner, she has to rest and it is possible that she is dozing off this moment.”


“Rest what rest, she must go today.” Wang shi coldly said.

Hualan looked at Wang shi, bowing her head and muttered. Softly sending away that two maids, and stepped forward to Wang shi’s side, trying to sound out “Mother, it cannot be because of the matter of the Old Madame wanting to raise a girl?”

As expected, Wang shi coldly humphed. “Your old man has a good plan and presume that I do not know what idea he is playing! Just suppressed that vixen for not more than a few days, this moment still thinking of how to promote her! Originally I did not want to say anything, thinking that Old Madame did not like her for so many years and thinking that she will not want her daughter, who knows……Humph! It is dragon born of a dragon, phoenix born of a phoenix! That good Fourth Sister of yours is really serving by the Old Madame’s side these few days. Carrying and serving tea, quiet and meek with small intentions, coaxing others to be happy. Currently everyone from Shou’an Hall is praising her to the skies, saying that she is filial and sensible and is the first filial granddaughter of the Old Madame. I guess that tonight your Father wants to urge the Old Madame to make a decision already.”

Hualan’s expression became serious. “Therefore Mother is planning to recommend letting the Old Madame raise Minglan?”

“Advantages can be given to whoever but also cannot be given to that vixen!” Wang shi spat.

Hualan thought deeply and raised her voice. “Caipei, come in!”

A maid wearing a jem coloured with blue clouds patterned apron2 entered and bowed in salutation. “What orders does Young Lady have?”

“Go, tell Mama Liu to tidy up Young Lady Rulan. In a while we will go together to visit the sick Old Madame.” Hualan said and Wang shi’s complexion tightened. Caipei answered and left.

Wang shi quickly reproached. “For what purpose it is to allow Rulan to go?”

“Mother knows what I want to do?” Hulan still calm.

Wang shi looked at her daughter for a while and lightly sighed. “I know that Minglan is of no use but, but how can I bear to let Rulan go. Her temper has already been pampered till bad and also never been properly instructed, how to go with Old Madame and suffer.”

Hualan inwardly bit her lips, move closer to Wang shi’s ear and softly said “Do not tell me you want to see that woman have her way.”

Wang shi clenched her teeth, Hualan saw that her mother has been persuaded “Even if Mother recommend Minglan, with just a few words of elimination from Father, it will be obstructed. ‘Allow the Old Madame to raise a girl is just to ease loneliness, sending a sickly person will tire the Old Madame badly.’ At that time, how would Madame respond? It will only work if Rulan goes. Firstly, Madame sent her biological daughter to be raised by Madame, it is good in front of Father and you can obtain a virtuous and filial name. Secondly, Rulan’s temper is arrogant and wilful, she can restrain her temper following Old Madame. Thirdly, if the one the Old Madame raises is Molan, it is possible that after a few years she will get closer with Concubine Lin. If she raises Rulan, how can not be close with Madame. This is winning three in a stroke.”

Wang shi’s expression moved, appearing to be hesitant. Hualan said another sentence again. “Shou’an Hall is just in the household, if Madame misses Rulan, certainly can see her constantly. If you are not at ease then instruct some capable mamas and maids. Can it be that Rulan will still suffer?”

Wang shi’s heart paced a few times, harden her heart and when she left the door, she brought along Rulan and Minglan. Sheng Hong was just waiting outside the room and saw some big and small ones coming out and felt a little shocked. Wang shi smiled “I heard the physician said that the Old Madame has recovered today. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I have brought along several of the young ones and show their filial heart before Old Madame. Little Boy Dong is too young so he is left behind.”

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Sheng Hong nodded.

A group of people left the legitimate building, maids gathered front and back and in the middle, two mamas carried Rulan and Minglan. They walked to Shou’an Hall, seeing that Mama Fang is waiting at the door, Sheng Hong and Wang shi immediately went up to exchange greetings and was led to the room right away.

In the middle of the room a hard metal Buddha heater sat there, cloud and mist scattered inside the heater, it was extremely warm. Before the window, there was a heated bed, a rock green woolen blanket was pulled over the bed. Old Madame Sheng was lying askew on the bed, supported by an auspicious double-flowered pillow and by her side is luxurious ginger coloured mattress. A few black lacquered conch ornament was displayed on the bed. Cups, bowls, plates and utensils on the table, some refreshments and medicine.

Once Sheng Hong and Wang shi entered, they give salutation to Old Madame Sheng. After that it was several of the young ones, Old Madame Sheng received the greetings and have the maids bring out two thick cushioned chairs with back and several warm padded stools. Everyone sat in order, Sheng Hong smiled “Looking at Old Madame’s recovery and sufficient vigour today, thus brought along several young ones to visit Old Madame, just afraid to have disturbed your rest.”

“How am I that pampered, merely just some cold. This few days I ate more medicine than I did the last ten years!” Old Madame Sheng wore a dark headband with the word double happiness printed on it. Her complexion still pale and her voice also weak, however her mood seems to be not bad.

“It is said that illness comes like an avalanche but goes like a reeling silk. Old Madame has always been healthy, it is because of this time where you have been tired out from moving house. Might as well take this chance to properly rest and eat more nourishing medicine to build up your body.” Wang shi smiled.

“I am actually well, just causing you two to busy up and down and also did not have a single day of good rest these few days. I see that you guys have slimmed down a lot. This is my fault.” Old Madame Sheng faintly said.

Wang shi stood up right away “This daughter-in-law really does not deserve these words of Mother. Caring for the parents and serving medicine is originally the duty of a daughter-in-law. The last line made this daughter-in-law terrified.” Sheng Hong saw that Wang shi was this respectful, he felt extremely gratified.

Old Madame Sheng slightly smiled and waved her hands, her eyes turned towards the window frame. “These two days indeed feel very good, still opened the windows for a while today and saw the white snow outside.”

Hualan laughed “Old Madame’s courtyards is also too simple, if you were to plant some red plums, the white snow reflecting the red plums, would it not be very beautiful! When I was still young, Old Madame still taught me to draw red plums, currently the ones displayed in my courtyards are all arranged according to what Old Madame has taught me then.”

Old Madame Sheng’s eyes plastered with some warm “People have aged, do not feel like moving; you young ladies’ homes must be decorated and looked after, how to compare with me this old woman.”

1. 步瑶 (Bu Yao): It is a hairpin that has dangles and moves about, like a tassel.
2. 比甲 (Bi Jia): It is like a long apron from the neck down, over the usual top and skirt.

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