Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: 586

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“Sorry for disturbing,” Jiang Yan, who was wearing floral armor, cupped his fists towards the clouds where Bai Ze was.

Bai Ze’s eyes drooped as though it was pondering over something. A moment later, it glanced at Jiang Yan and Zhou Wen before turning around and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Senior Brother, congratulations on obtaining the Guardian as you wished.” Zhou Wen hurriedly went forward to congratulate him.

“Do you think I’ll forgive you just like that? What you did to me was unforgivable…” Jiang Yan stared at Zhou Wen as the corners of his mouth gradually curled up.

Zhou Wen cursed inwardly before turning to run down the mountain.

However, it was already too late. Jiang Yan’s finger streaked across the void and a flower that resembled a rose appeared between his fingers. The blood-red flower was beautiful.

“Sixth Sacrifice of the Fairy Burial!” With Jiang Yan’s voice, the flower flew out and instantly vanished.

When the flower appeared again, it was already stuck in Zhou Wen’s hair. It stood straight as though it was a lone flower growing above a grave.

Zhou Wen immediately found himself immobilized as though he was a dead person. Not only was his body unable to move, but even his heart and breathing came to a stop. He collapsed flat on the ground.

Although his bodily functions had completely stopped, he was still conscious and could sense everything around him.

Jiang Yan’s fingers moved slightly as the flower in Zhou Wen’s hair tilted slightly. Zhou Wen opened his eyes and could move his mouth, but his body remained motionless.

“Senior Brother, stop fooling around…” Zhou Wen said.

“How can you call this fooling around? I’m doing this to thank you for your help…” Jiang Yan said through gritted teeth as he kicked Zhou Wen’s ass.

When Zhou Wen returned to school, it was already half a month since he had left campus.

After Jiang Yan obtained a Guardian, his strength had indeed become very powerful. This strength was somewhat different from having a Companion Beast.

Companion Beasts were ultimately external forces, preventing them from truly improving their basic stats and bodily functions.

However, the armor transformed from a Guardian could fuse with one’s body to a certain extent. It allowed a human’s body to possess the attributes and characteristics of the Guardian. This was a fundamental improvement that directly pushed one into the Mythical stage.

However, this improvement was limited to times when fused with the Guardian armor. After separating from the Guardian armor, Jiang Yan would still be at the Epic stage. His body hadn’t advanced to the Mythical stage.

However, Jiang Yan was indeed very strong when he wore the Guardian armor. The Guardian had Essence Energy Skills, Life Providence, Life Soul, and Wheel of Destiny.

With a Guardian, it was equivalent to having an additional Mythical body.

Jiang Yan used all sorts of powerful powers in a way far stronger than when John used the six-winged seraphim. It was unknown if the Fairy Burial was stronger than the six-winged seraphim, or was it because Jiang Yan was stronger than John, or perhaps both.

This left Zhou Wen somewhat tempted, but he quickly rejected this idea. Unless he was at his wits’ end, he wouldn’t be willing to take the path of contracting a Guardian.

Even if there was really no way out, he still had the method of Spirit Casting to try. However, Spirit Casting seemed to be harder and more dangerous than contracting a Guardian.

From what Zhou Wen knew, there were only two paths for humans to advance to the Mythical stage. He had never heard of anyone advancing to the Mythical stage purely with their bodies.

I should first raise my Life Soul to the Perfect Body. Perhaps there will be a solution when the time comes. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s best I don’t take those two paths. This trip to Immortal Seeking Mountain gave Zhou Wen some ideas.

He could definitely use the mysterious taboo power in the dimensional zone to train his Zero Taboo Life Soul.

However, since he couldn’t find the tiny palm symbol on the Immortal Seeking Mountain, Zhou Wen couldn’t run to Immortal Seeking Mountain himself. Therefore, he planned on giving it a try at Small Buddha Temple.

After entering the game, he switched to the Zero Taboo Life Soul. Without using Blood Meditation, the blood-colored avatar ascended the stone steps of Small Buddha Temple.

As expected, Zero Taboo lit up. However, it wasn’t as terrifying as the other places. It was still within the acceptable range.

As Small Buddha Temple’s forbidden power ate into him, Zero Taboo became brighter and brighter as though it was about to ignite.

This level of taboo power was still within the limits of Life Soul’s tolerance. It was like steel that was undergoing tempering in a furnace. Although burning could reduce the crystal’s size, it also became purer.

It’s indeed useful… Zhou Wen was overjoyed. Zero Taboo could be said to be an excellent life-saving ability. In the future, when he headed to various mysterious dimensional zones, he would definitely encounter unimaginable taboo powers. When that happened, he would have to rely on Zero Taboo to save his life.

If Zero Taboo could be upgraded to a Perfect Body, it would undoubtedly be extremely useful to Zhou Wen.

However, Zhou Wen felt that it was a little too slow to raise Zero Taboo that way. Furthermore, staying in-game at Small Buddha Temple prevented him from farming monsters.

Therefore, Zhou Wen decided to head to Small Buddha Temple in real life to train his Zero Taboo Life Soul. At the same time, he could use his phone to farm monsters. This meant that neither action delayed the other.

Zhou Wen was about to pack his things and head to Small Buddha Temple when he heard the doorbell ring.

When he opened the door, he saw Wang Lu bringing the chick and antelope over. When Zhou Wen wasn’t around, the two of them would run to Wang Lu. Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to pick them up.

“I’ll return Little Feifei and Little Yangyang to you. You have to take good care of them in the future. Don’t just leave them in the dorm,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen.

“Got it,” Zhou Wen answered.

Wang Lu bit her lip and said, “I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback. When he snapped to his senses, he said, “Didn’t your uncle agree to let you stay in school to study? Did he go back on his word?”

Wang Lu shook her head and said, “That’s not the case. I’m about to advance to the Epic stage, so I have to return.”

“What does advancing to the Epic stage have to do with returning?” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled.

“The Essence Energy Art I cultivate is different from others. Every advancement will result in a regression. After I advance to the Epic stage, I will return to the Mortal stage for a while. Only by cultivating back to the Epic stage can it be stable. During this period of time, my body will be prone to injury. Therefore, Father wants me to return home to advance to the Epic stage,” Wang Lu said.

“So that’s how it is. Then you really should return.” Zhou Wen felt that it was too troublesome for Wang Lu to cultivate this Essence Energy Art. However, the might of such a troublesome Essence Energy Art definitely was extraordinary.

As though it understood Wang Lu’s intention to leave, the antelope walked to her side. The chick also flew to her shoulder as though it was unwilling to part with her.

Wang Lu hugged the chick and stroked the antelope’s head. She said with a smile, “If you can’t bear to part with me, come home with me. After all, your master doesn’t care much about you. I don’t know how much hardship you will suffer if you follow him.”

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