Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: 592

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Zhou Wen was delighted as he plucked the grenade-like Companion Egg from the Dead Man Tree and quickly checked its stats.

Explosive Fiend Man: Mortal (Evolvable)

Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Essence Energy: 11

Talent Skill: Death List, Time-Blast

Companion Form: Self-detonation Device

Mortal stage! Zhou Wen immediately felt a headache. The time and resources needed to nurture a Companion Beast were astonishing. It was mainly because it was useless for the time being.

Zhou Wen carefully read the Explosive Fiend Man’s skill introductions. The more he read, the more pleasantly surprised he became.

Although he didn’t know what Life Providence and Life Soul Explosive Fiend Man would have in the future, just these two skills alone were terrifying.

Time-Blast was similar to a Life Blast, but it was more flexible. It could turn some life-forms into time bombs, but it needed to be prepared in advance. The stronger the lifeform’s energy was, the more powerful the blast.

This skill was secondary. After all, using Time-Blast required the target to be still. If he used it on living creatures, he had to take down the target first. It was more troublesome.

The truly terrifying skill was Death List. This skill had clearly fused with the Mythical Black Cat’s curse skill. As long as the target signed their name on the Death List, he could control the time of their death, turning the target into a time bomb.

Of course, Death List wasn’t a corporeal existence. It could be cast on any piece of paper, jade, piece of wood, or even walls or floor. As long as the person signed the name, it would be effective.

This Companion Beast was an excellent Companion Beast for assassination.

As for the companion form of the Explosive Fiend Man, it was also terrifying. As the name implied, the self-detonation device allowed it to explode. This skill could only be used once. It would explode with all its force and perish together with the enemy.

To others, this companion form was basically impossible to use. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be willing to let the Explosive Fiend Man self-destruct.

However, Zhou Wen was different. He wouldn’t let the Explosive Fiend Man self-destruct in real life, but he could do it in-game. Thinking of how he could advance Explosive Fiend Man to the Mythical stage before self-destructing it, the energy released would definitely be terrifying.

This was an extreme Companion Beast. If used well, it could kill anything. If used poorly, it might be useless trash.

I wonder what the Life Providence and Life Soul of the Explosive Fiend Man are? Without any second thoughts, Zhou Wen hatched it. He thought highly of this Companion Beast and planned on nurturing it with all his might.

After the Explosive Fiend Man hatched, a black-armored Companion Beast that looked like a Tesla Trooper appeared in front of Zhou Wen. His height and build were about the same as Ják’s, but due to its armor, he couldn’t tell what he looked like.

Zhou Wen tried the Explosive Fiend Man’s skills in-game. Typical dimensional creatures couldn’t sign their names, making the Death List skill practically useless.

Time-Blast could only be used on some plant-type or immobile animals. The power needed depended on the energy contained in the creature itself. It needed to be used in a specific environment, and it wasn’t suitable to be used in combat.

However, the self-explosion device was what surprised Zhou Wen.

When he transformed into the self-detonation device, it was like a lock. It locked onto the target he could touch, preventing it from escaping.

The might of self-detonation was also very powerful. A Mortal-stage Explosive Fiend Man could severely injure Legendary dimensional creatures when self-destructing.

I have to think of a way to raise the Explosive Fiend Man to the Mythical stage. I’ll have to rely on him to kill bosses in the future. I’ll lock onto a boss and self-destruct. Perhaps I can directly blast a Mythical boss to death, Zhou Wen thought, although he felt a little worried.

It was relatively easy to advance to the Legendary stage and the Epic stage, but advancing to the Mythical stage was extremely difficult.

I’ll take my time to rear him. Zhou Wen attempted to feed the Explosive Fiend Man his Companion Beasts. Thankfully, the Explosive Fiend Man wasn’t picky with food. Be it Companion Beasts or Companion Eggs, he ate without scruples.

I wonder if I can feed the Explosive Fiend Man with the fruit from the Longevity Tree… Zhou Wen thought.

After Demonic Neonate plucked many Longevity Fruits, she would ask Zhou Wen for one every day. Zhou Wen only dared to use them to feed Demonic Neonate. He didn’t dare feed them to his other pets. Who knew if the Longevity Fruit would have side effects?

Despite Demonic Neonate being fine eating the Longevity Fruit, she was quite odd, so it didn’t mean that the other pets would be fine after eating it. Therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t dare to randomly feed the Longevity Fruit to anything else.

This Explosive Fiend Beast was similarly terrifying. Zhou Wen felt that he could try feeding the Longevity Fruit to him. If he was willing to eat the Longevity Fruit, his evolution speed would be much faster.

However, this seemed risky. Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant.

Suddenly, Zhou Wen thought of something. The Longevity Fruit could allow a human to quickly evolve and also allow a Companion Beast to rapidly evolve. This function was similar to the divine fruit.

Although the two trees looked different, their functions were very similar. However, the effects of the Longevity Fruit were not as strong as the divine tree’s fruit.

Back then, Lord Alcohol was already at the Epic stage. He ate a Longevity Fruit, but he didn’t truly enter the Mythical stage.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and didn’t take the risk with Explosive Fiend Man. There was only one such Companion Beast, and it was impossible for another one to drop. He would rather feed it slowly than cause any problems.

When he arrived at Small Buddha Temple again, Zhou Wen continued cultivating Zero Taboo. After this period of training, the Zero Taboo crystal had already turned fully crystalline and resplendent like a diamond.

The taboo power of Small Buddha Temple was no longer able to hone the crystal as before.

As Zhou Wen walked into the temple, the Zero Taboo crystal suddenly emitted a terrifying glow.

The crystal was like a Rubik’s Cube as it began spinning automatically. The crystal structure was spinning and reforming, making it look extremely mysterious.

Is it evolving? Zhou Wen was delighted. After training it for so long, he had finally waited for Zero Taboo to evolve.

As the crystal spun, a strange light emitted from it. The light was misty like clouds and fog, but it also resembled a nebula.

As the light blob inside changed, the crystal’s body constantly shrank. Before long, the light blob expanded over the crystal’s body and enveloped the crystal within the nebula-like light blob.

Zhou Wen also felt a mysterious power flowing out from the nebula, making his body feel more relaxed. He almost couldn’t sense the taboo power of Small Buddha Temple.


Suddenly, the nebula blob shrank and when it reached its limit, it exploded.

The huge explosion in his sea of consciousness didn’t really exist, but it left Zhou Wen momentarily dazed. When he snapped to his senses and looked into his sea of consciousness again, his mouth gaped open in surprise.

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