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Chapter 460: Bloody Contest

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"Alright, let's work together."

"We have to stop Calm Sea Prefecture's Dong Bo!" All of the eleven experts accepted this offer to work together. They could easily judge that, if they didn't cooperate, Xue Ying would get his hands on the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior with relative ease.

One of the members of this group of Deities was a woman wearing long green robes; she was looking straight at Xue Ying, her eyes emitting an icy, green light. Her lips quivered as she spoke, her voice engulfing the heaven and earth, "Everyone, Dong Bo's true body is right there!" The sound waves she emitted superimposed on a specific spot—none other than the location where Xue Ying's true body was hiding in the Mirage.

"Mn?" Xue Ying's ears were battered by a piercing, painful sound which tunneled into his mind, where it buzzed without stop. Sound attack? The experts participating in this battle are truly many and varied. My Mirage Deity Heart is famous for its ability in assassination, and I've already displayed it almost to its maximum potential without using any moves from the World Deity Heart. Yet even with all of that, I was still discovered."

The power of that soundwave was mighty, yet the resisting ability of his Time Immemorial Body was even stronger as it completely withstood against the attack. Those soundwaves could not influence the three mirage bodies in their assault at all.

The three mirage bodies kept attacking without a care for defense. After having his abdomen pierced, the black-armored man's eyes had filled with fury and unwillingness. Yet the attack hadn't been fatal! If Xue Ying truly wanted to kill this man, he would still have to skewer them twenty times over before he could hope to succeed. Even so, the attack he just received let the man firmly understand…that he had no hope to hold onto the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior any longer.

If he were to stubbornly resist, there was only one outcome possible for him…death and subsequent elimination from the battle.

"Dong Bo, I might not manage to keep this warrior, but you better forget about getting it either!" the man roared. He then tossed the blood-colored saber out toward the six Deity experts who were a few thousand kilometers away.

Xue Ying was startled.

"That's admirable." Xue Ying's three bodies sent a final glance toward the black-armored man before disappearing. They only appeared again when they were a few thousand kilometers away, where the six Deities had already begun fighting over the Deity warrior.

"Admirable?" The black-armored man remained standing in mid-air. Everyone stopped attacking him, yet he still let out a slight sigh. It's such a pity I had to come across that Dong Bo from the Calm Sea Prefecture. His mirage bodies are completely separate from his true body, so they have no reason to fear that Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior.


The man rapidly retreated to the boundary of that particular mountain region, watching the battle from afar all the while. He was waiting for an opportunity, like Xue Ying dying, so he could continue the fight for the Deity warrior.

Xue Ying didn't feel much resentment toward his opponents; everyone was simply doing their best to land a spot in the top hundred. Being one of the top hundred rankers signified that they would certainly be accepted as a disciple under a powerful existence, while also granting them the right to obtain a Myriad Flower True Fruit! Since the black-armored man decided to let go of the Deity warrior, Xue Ying would naturally leave him alone as well.

"Be careful of Dong Bo."

"We can't let him get it."

The six Deity experts, as well as the other five in the distance, were all trying their best to snatch the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior while keeping an eye out for Xue Ying.

He was ranked first or second amongst this group in terms of combat power, though the gap was not so large as to be suppressive. The main issue was that his mirage bodies were very dangerous if he wished to snatch the Bloody Slaughter Deity warriors.

"Hmph." Xue Ying decided to at least give it a try. In the distant group, there was a sword user who could casually parry the attacks of two of his mirage bodies with just his single sword. At the same time, the other Deity experts were obstructing him, which left Xue Ying with no hope of success.

The others might all be afraid of Dong Bo, but I am not. Once I get my hands on the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior…I'll be able to rapidly attack his true body. The woman in long green robes was standing in some place further away, looking for an opportunity to get her hands on the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior without getting too close.

Shua shua shua.

Without warning, three young men in starry-blue robes appeared simultaneously before her.

"You…" The woman was shocked by this development.

"You can discover my position, so I'll have send you out first." The three Xue Yings smiled at her while displaying his spear moves in a frenzied assault.

The woman immediately tried to parry the incoming attacks in a panic, but she found it difficult to maintain her ground when facing three mirage bodies that held defense in no regard. She immediately transmitted an anxious message to the others, "All of you, come over here and help me defend against Dong Bo! If I die, none of you will be able to discover his true body! By then, he can easily hide his true body, and his mirage bodies can casually act against you all."

With the exception of a couple Deity experts who tried to control the situation from afar using spells, none of them others did anything to help her.

"It's useless. One of them already got their hands on the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior, so the others are all trying to snatch it away! If they were to shift all their attention here, they'll likely lose any chance to acquire the Deity warrior," the three Xue Yings said while sending another strike through woman's shoulder. "They might see me as a big threat, but they still place more importance on getting rid of that expert who has the Deity warrior in their possession."

"Damn it all!" The woman in long green robes gritted her teeth. Blood began to spurt from her wounded shoulder.

She understood that everything Xue Ying said was true. The Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior was just too dazzling, so everyone would rather obstruct the person who currently had it. It would become much harder for them to get it back once someone escaped with it .

"I admit defeat. This is my loss," she anxiously shouted.

Pu pu pu…


Xue Ying's spear pierced the already heavily injured woman's chest, causing her to explode and then turn to nothing. She had been eliminated.

"Unfortunately for you, there's no way I'd trust your words." Xue Ying's three bodies turned over at the same time. In the distance, there was a man holding onto a blood-colored scimitar, doing his best to resist the attacks of the other Deities.

"Not good!"

"Dong Bo has already killed Chen Qing."

All of them were shocked.

Their plan was to snatch the Deity warrior and flee while Xue Ying was still fighting Chen Qing.

"A pity that you guys were slower than me." The three Xue Yings simultaneously laughed as they disappeared into nothingness. Then they appeared again, they were right next to the man holding onto the blood-colored scimitar. All three bodies disregarded any other weapons striking their way, focusing solely on the man with the Deity warrior.

Now that the green-robed woman was dead, there was nobody in that group of experts who could discover his true body! Now that he made sure he was absolutely safe, Xue Ying no longer spared any effort and shifted all his focus toward the Deity warrior.

"Damn, damn." The man who currently had the blood-colored scimitar in his possession went into a complete panic. It had been very hard for him to hold onto the Deity warrior from the start, and now that he found himself under the joint attack of three Xue Yings, he was beginning to accrue injuries.

"I don't want this anymore. You all can go grab it instead," he said, immediately throwing the blood-colored scimitar into the distance.


All three of Xue Ying's bodies moved, two of them blocking the way of the other experts, while one went over to grab the scimitar.

The black-armored man from before had some attainments in the aspect of space, which allowed him to throw the scimitar as a projectile on a difficult to predict course. The current holder's method of throwing the blood scimitar away was much poorer, allowing Xue Ying to determine its path with ease.

"Hahaha…" As he grabbed the scimitar, he could feel the terrifying strength contained by the weapon. This was, after all, a Deity warrior personally refined by His Majesty. Despite it being quite crude, it was still powerful enough to kill any stage one World Deity from a slight scratch. As soon as it entered Xue Ying's hands, the scimitar shifted its from into a blood-colored spear.

The current scene showed Xue Yings laughing while holding onto a bloody spear each.

Indeed, there were three spears!

The other ten Deity experts could no longer discern which one held the real Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior. With Xue Ying's Mirage Deity Heart at the stage it was at, he found it so very simple to fake the Deity warrior's appearance through illusion.

"All who obstruct me shall receive death," the three Xue Ying turned to observe his surroundings.

The ten Deity experts glanced toward one another before making a collective decision to escape without a trace of hesitation.

"Dong Bo, it's your lucky day."

"Ruthless indeed."


The black-armored man who was previously waiting for an opportunity shook his head at the sight of Xue Ying grabbing hold of the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior. Without dallying any longer, he crossed the boundary and left that mountain region.

At that point, there was nobody left who could discover Xue Ying's true body. To keep fighting the three mirage bodies, each of them holding onto an identical Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior? They had no method of discerning which one had the real Deity warrior, while the mirage bodies could fight without any mind to defend. Was there really any hope in defeating him? If they were to continue risking their lives, the most likely outcome would be death at Xue Ying's hands, while their chance to snatch the Deity warrior away would be too faint.

The battles were all bitter. Over at Xue Ying's site, his mirage bodies made sure that his opponents would never find his real body, so they all decided to retreat.

But the other locations saw desperate battles unfolding! As soon as one died, the others would surround and attack the next person 'lucky' enough to obtain the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior, a process which repeated itself all the way until someone manage to escape with it!

These skirmishes over the Bloody Slaughter Deity warriors alone sent eighty Deity experts to their deaths, all throughout the mountain range!

"He got it! He has the Bloody Slaughter Deity warrior!"

"Beautifully executed, Dong Bo!"

The Xia Clan Deities, including Jing Qiu, entered a great mood as they watched on.

"Hehehe… this Brother Dong Bo of mine is truly formidable. He's showing more and more potential in spite of his very young age! He's strong enough to catch the eyes of those powerful existences," the White Sand City Lord drank his wine, praising Xue Ying all the while. "With so many powerful existences willing to receive him, I truly wonder whose disciple this brother of mine will become after this battle ends."


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