Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 3265

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Chapter 3265: 3265 Again

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3265 Again
When the black-robed cultivators who were fighting with Elder Mei saw that their situation was not good, they shouted immediately: “Retreat!” They backed away and flicked their robes. They appeared to have used a magic artefact of teleportation properties, and disappeared into the night in an instant.

Upon seeing that they had escaped, Elder Mei felt even more heavy hearted. He came to Leng Hua and the others’ side and helped them up, then asked: “Where is Little Master?”

“He is fine, my sister is watching him.” Leng Hua spat out a mouthful of blood as he spoke.

The two black-robed cultivators had been burnt to ashes in the flames. Just before they died, they had tried to escape with their primordial spirit, however, they were burnt by Fire Phoenix’s flames.

“Qin Xin, quickly go and take a look at Qin Xin.” Leng Hua said, and asked Elder Mei to go to the back to take a look at Qin Xin who had fallen earlier.

Elder Mei went to the back quickly and brought Qin Xin back to the courtyard, then he settled them back in their courtyards. At this time, Leng Shuang, who was still in the secret passage, was about to come outside to take a look when she heard a wild laughter from the sky.


Upon hearing this, Elder Mei’s heart sank. He was still settling Leng Hua and the others, and he instructed: “Don’t come out!” As soon as he had spoken, he raised his breath and swept into the air.

At the same time, because of the powerful and imposing voice that had sounded above the Feng Manor, the sleeping people of Cardinal Point City were startled and awoken from their sleep.

They went out of their rooms and stared in horror at the vortex that had appeared in the dark sky. When they saw the masked face in the vortex, their faces paled and they exclaimed.


“Who is that? Who did he come for?”
Such a strong person who could pierce through a void and appear in the sky, with a voice so powerful that it shook the entire city. This kind of strength was one that even the people from the Four Major Sects might not be able to match!

Who in Cardinal Point City had the ability to provoke such a powerful person?

Inexplicably, one person’s figure flashed across their minds, a name they nearly blurted out. Feng Jiu! Besides Feng Jiu, who else in Cardinal Point City would have the guts to make an enemy out of such a strong person?

Just as they were thinking about it, they saw a hand stretched out from the sky and a strong airflow had condensed into that hand and violently directed the airflow towards Feng Manor. They heard a whoosh sound and the powerful airflow swept through the air and shot down.


There was an ear-shattering noise and everyone in the city felt the strength of the shock that was caused by the powerful airflow. They didn’t even dare to stand high up on their roofs to watch because that would expose them to the sight of the person in the vortex in the sky.

In mid-air, at the Feng Manor, Elder Mei avoided the attack from above. He saw the huge pit that had appeared in the destroyed part of the Feng Manor. He raised his head immediately and raised his breath. He swept up and when he was close to the top, he condensed the spirit energy in his whole body and gathered it into the black knife in his hand.

The black knife suddenly became several times larger and the sharp sword potent transformed into a terrifying aura. This was accompanied by his clenched fists and he slashed fiercely upwards. A chilly sword potent burst out suddenly and headed towards the vortex in the sky.

“Knife Shadow!”

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