Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 3267

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Chapter 3267: 3267 Green Dragon Makes An Appearance

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3267 Green Dragon Makes An Appearance
Fire Phoenix was stunned. It looked back at the mountain, and at this moment, it was both pleasantly surprised and worried. It was pleasantly surprised that Hell’s Lord had finally advanced after being in seclusion for such a long time! But it was worried because it had coincided with the situation they faced at the moment, and he could be injured if he failed to advance!

Sure enough, the body that protruded out of the vortex in the sky stopped attacking when it saw the lighting strike and his eyes fell on the back mountain of the Feng Manor.

Suddenly, he flipped his palm and struck a palm print blow downwards and attacked the back mountain. When Fire Phoenix saw this, its eyes filled with fierce killing intent. It gathered its wings and the coercion from its body shot out like a sharp arrow towards the vortex above.


Fire Phoenix passed through the air and its whole body flew into the vortex and aimed to strike the figure in the vortex. However, before it could hit its target, its neck was pinched by a pair of huge black claws.

It’s the claws of the Ancient Fierce Beast!


It struggled vigorously in mid-air, but for some reason, its flames didn’t hurt the huge black claws, nor the man in the vortex.

When the second bolt of thunder struck down, Leng Hua, Gray Wolf and Shadow One, who were lying in the courtyard due to their serious injuries, were very excited. They knew that Hell’s Lord had advanced! There was just one more bolt of thunder left before he would make his breakthrough!

Above, the palm from the vortex turned and a palm print blow fell on the back mountain. It made a loud bang and the man above stared down below. His spirit intent swept around and detected that there was still the breath of a living person inside the back mountain. So, he prepared to strike again so that that person would die in the cave dwelling in the back mountain!

What he hadn’t expected was that the last bolt of thunder shot down from the sky and made a loud booming noise almost at the same time he was about to strike another palm print…

“Boom! Bang!”

After that loud noise, everything seemed to have calmed down and there was no breath in the back mountain. So, the person in the vortex looked down at Fire Phoenix that had been captured by its Ancient Fierce Beast with satisfaction. He was about to go and capture the little brat that was hidden away in Feng Jiu’s manor when he suddenly saw a cyan figure passing by as quickly as a flash of lightning and struck his Ancient Fierce Beast so quickly that he was unable to react.


The sound of a dragon whistling shook the heavens and earth!

The sound of a dragon’s whistle was like a sound from ancient times, it was powerful and full of energy. As soon as the dragon’s whistle came out, it seemed to shake the whole world. At this time, the sky was still filled with burning clouds and an anomaly appeared due to Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s advancement. The dark sky was bright and dazzling as day.

The huge green dragon that soared in the sky flew out. The dragon’s tail entered the vortex and flung about, disturbing the surging breath in the vortex. The dragon bit the huge black claw and its sharp shining dragon claw tore off the huge black claw.


A shrill scream resounded in the sky, and Fire Phoenix who had been caught by the huge black claw was finally able to escape with the help of Green Dragon. It flapped its wings and flew aside and watched in shock as Green Dragon swayed its tail and stirred the clouds in the sky…

At this moment, it was startled to see Xuanyuan Mo Ze, Hell’s Lord, dressed in black robes and rising in the sky. He held the Ancient Divine Sword in his hand and slashed at the sky fiercely!

A deep and icy voice came out of his mouth with a stern breath as the sword cut through the sky…

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