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Chapter 84: 84 084 Clarification

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84 084 Clarification
“F*ck!” Lu Qing cursed in a low voice. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen after he left.

He had always known that the girls in the school liked him, but he was not interested in this aspect now. He felt they were quarreling, and he had never taken it seriously. How did it develop to this stage? It was ridiculous.

Moreover, how did the rumor of Tan Rou seducing a retard as he spread?

In the morning, he only found out from Tan Rou that he and Tan Jing were known as a couple, and he had left abruptly in the afternoon. How did things change so quickly? Do they really think he didn’t have enough trouble and was causing more for him?

The boy was still a little unsatisfied. “When did you hook up with Tan Rou? I used to think that Tan Jing was good, but from what I saw today, Tan Rou is better! You’re simply a rose with thorns. You’re the man!”

Lu Qing’s brows were tightly locked together. He couldn’t help but give the boy a light kick. “Why are you going along with it? This matter has nothing to do with Tan Rou. I’m not interested in Tan Jing at all. Who is the idiot who has been making things up about me like this? Do you think I’m an idiot just because I don’t say anything?”

The boy dodged and was a little surprised. “Huh? You don’t like tan Jing? I thought you’d acquiesced to it. I didn’t see you interacting with her usually and thought that you two were having an underground relationship. Then Tan Rou has really been wronged, hasn’t she?”

Lu Qing sighed. He didn’t expect that his indulgence would make the matter worse. There were all kinds of versions, and it even brought Tan Rou quite a bit of trouble. No matter how strong she was, such remarks were not good for a girl like her.

Lu Qing chased the boy away. “Stop talking nonsense. I’m already annoyed enough!”

The boy shrugged and left.

Lu Qing’s expression was gloomy. Usually, he was not interested in anything the girls said. Moreover, it was just their own self-entertainment and did not affect Lu Qing much. Lu Qing was a man, and he was too lazy to take the initiative to say anything, but now, the nature of this matter had changed.

Lu Qing recalled the conversation between Tan Rou and tan Jing in the warehouse. He was keenly aware that after this matter was blown up, Tan Rou’s reputation would be tarnished, and the one who would benefit would be Tan Jing, who everyone thought was the ‘most suitable girlfriend’ for him.

Lu Qing didn’t want to be too narcissistic and think that he was worth a girl’s effort. He also didn’t want to use evil thoughts to speculate about others. However, when he combined Tan Jing’s attitude at that time with the development of the whole incident, Lu Qing couldn’t help but think that all of this might have been deliberately planned by one person.

But no matter what, Lu Qing didn’t want this misunderstanding to continue. Today, it was stopped by Tan Rou. What if the female lead of the scandal changed one day, and it really turned into a fight?

Lu Qing felt his head throb just thinking about it. He might as well clear things up from his end earlier and cut off their imagination. It would also clear Tan Rou’s name. She had warned him, but he didn’t pay attention and even implicated Tan Rou.

Lu Qing looked at Tan Rou, who was focused on her work and didn’t notice him. He didn’t disturb her and walked away without saying anything. He went directly to the school’s broadcasting room and turned on the microphone. “Hello? Hey, it’s Lu Qing.”

As soon as the announcement was made, all the students stopped what they were doing and were stunned. Lu Qing? Why did he go to the broadcast room? What did he want to say?

The teacher in the office slammed the table in frustration. “Lu Qing is way out of line! How can he use the broadcast room so casually?” With that said, he got up and went to the broadcasting room to arrest Lu Qing.

Lu Qing adjusted the microphone and even locked the door. Then, he continued, “I want to clarify the rumors in the school. First of all, Tan Rou and I are just classmates. We should be united and friendly to create a better future for our class. Please don’t use dirty and vulgar words to insult our noble classmates.”

After hearing Lu Qing’s voice, Tan Rou also stopped writing. Like everyone else, she was curious about what Lu Qing would say. She didn’t expect him to clarify those rumors for her. She was surprised at how direct Lu Qing was in dealing with things. At the same time, she was also laughed at by the words coming out of his mouth. Only a ghost would work with him to create a better future for the class.

Lu Qing continued, “Secondly, I may be a little handsome, but I have a childish mindset. I am still a child, and I have no plans to date. I will strictly follow the school rules and be a good young man who focuses on his study and work on himself every day. I also ask those students who have been spreading rumors about me to stop. I am single, and I don’t have anyone in mind. Please don’t make up any more stories about me. Thank you.”


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