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Chapter 13

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Episode 13. Chapter 3. Change (2) 


The heavy protective gear shattered on the floor, making a rattling sound. Cyril looked at it silently, then lowered her posture and picked up the gear. The sword training gear was heavy, as he was already aware. It was a new feeling for him because it was something he always used, but Cyril recognized the new fact in a different way.


‘She was wearing this heavy thing well.’


Adrienne’s slender body and the protection caught Cyril’s attention. By all appearances, these big protective gear didn’t fit on those skinny arms and legs. It was a protective gear that was already designed to Adrienne’s size, so he was worried about nothing, but Cyril was serious. His sharp eyes returned to the protective gear.


While Cyril was agonizing over unimportant things, Adrienne was sweeping sweat beads from her hair. Adrienne, who had just finished organizing her hair, turned around and saw Cyril with her protective gear. A bright smile spread across her face as soon as their eyes met.


“Ah, when did you pick it up? Thank you.”


“That’s enough. I’ll just hold it.”


Cyril, who had been unknowingly avoiding her gaze, began to move. He could tell even without looking at Adrienne’s expression. He’s certain she’ll be looking at him, puzzled. Maybe she thinks it’s strange that he’s doing something he doesn’t usually do. Or she might be worried that he ate something he shouldn’t have. There was nothing wrong with the meal, but the strange thing was right. Even the cold self felt strange on these days.




“Why are you so surprised?”


Cyril, who was walking straight ahead, came to a halt. Perhaps it was because Adrienne had just jumped in front of Cyril, trying to block his path. Cyril was taken aback at first by the fact that he hadn’t heard her running, and then by Adrienne’s face right in front of him.


Adrienne drew her face closer to Cyril, who was taken aback and held his breath for a moment. Adrienne blinked, and her eyelashes fell gently, as if drawn with a brush. Cyril had the feeling that he was looking at a living painting rather than a person.


No way.


Cyril quickly dismissed his idea.


“—it’s because you’re coming out of nowhere. Don’t do anything strange, and keep your face away.”


Cyril hurriedly walked past Adrienne as he quickly lowered his eyes. He had a feeling he shouldn’t keep staring at Adrienne.


“Cyril. Cyril.”


“Just one call and I understand.”


It bothered him that the clear voice of a lark was particularly pleasant to hear. He had the illusion that something was piling up in his mind every time she called his name. Adrienne will smile clumsily, despite the fact that the cold tone made her feel bad. Cyril was able to capture the magnetically drawn gaze.


“Did you do anything wrong to me?”


“What am I doing wrong to you?”


“But why are you so nice?”


The eyes that looked up as if they were asking out of curiosity were just innocent. It doesn’t seem like he did particularly nice, but he wasn’t sure about it.


Yeah, he wasn’t confident. 


Cyril recently discovered a word to describe his condition. These days, Cyril was not confident to face Adrienne, to face his unexplained feelings, or to do anything right. 


“It’s not that bad usually.”


“It’s not like that— I’m going first.”


He lacks confidence, so he runs away more often. Cyril’s conscience mocked him, knowing his cowardice, but there was no way out right now.


Cyril stepped away from Adrienne once more.




“Do you like the Prince?” 


Adrienne responded to the unexpected question. Cyril nodded his head, his gaze fixed on the Viscountess Parte’s homework.


“Well, I like it. Why are you suddenly asking that?”


“Just, well, it’s just that you liked it when you were a kid.”


Cyril responded lightly, as if nothing had happened, when the cool positivity returned.


“I was wondering if that’s the case now.”


His tone of voice was also light. It’s as if it’s a passing story, as if it doesn’t mean anything.


“I like it. The first book I read had a prince in it. It’s cool— to have bright blonde hair and sky-blue eyes.”


“Hair? Or the eyes.”


“Both. They not only look good, but they also have good personalities. Just think about it, Cyril. In the fairy tale, the Princes have good personalities. They’re all sweet.”


Adrienne continued to respond after a brief pause. She was so excited that she closed a book she hadn’t finished reading half the time.


“I want to marry a man like that.”


Cyril’s gaze was drawn away from Adrienne’s twinkling eyes, and he paused at the last words. She had no idea what marriage was, but now she wants to marry ‘such a man.’ He should have laughed, but he didn’t believe his closed mouth would ever open.


Did Adrienne ever think that she wanted to marry someone? That fact was a shock to Cyril. Cyril, which had been frozen for a while, barely opened its mouth.


“—Hair is yellow, eyes are blue, and there are no Princes(King’s son) in the Empire, so do you want another Prince(Emperor’s son)? Do you really like such a man?” (t/n ; The first ‘Prince’ refers to the King’s son, while the second ‘Prince’ refers to the Emperor’s son. However, because both meanings are Prince, I’ve included an explanation here.)


“It would be preferable if there was someone who has a nice smile and is kind.”


She even gave strict requirements. Cyril, who was sarcastic on the inside, started looking at himself on the terms. 


To begin with, the hair was excluded. Cyril’s hair was black, as if it had absorbed all the darkness, and there wasn’t much gold in it. Then what about the eyes? His eyes were out, too. The bright amber eyes, which the servants are often surprised by, sounded like they were beautiful, but they had to be yellow. Although he is not a member of the royal family, he will be the Duke in the future, so status is not an issue, but the biggest obstacle was his personality.


‘Kind and have a nice smile—’


Isn’t it a perfect personality to be a pushover? 


He wouldn’t be able to live with that personality even if he were reborn. Reid de Cassinel Bluea was the most representative person to match that personality, and Cyril had no desire to be like Reid. Cyril, who compared the conditions one by one, gained enlightenment. Adrienne’s ideal type was not at all like him. It’s completely the opposite. That small fact has strangely hurt Cyril’s feelings.


“What kind of girl do you like, Cyril?”


“—a calm and elegant woman. Small and cute would be better.”


Cyril purposefully portrayed a woman who was opposite to Adrienne. Of course, he wasn’t looking for his ideal type. He simply wanted to be mean.

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“Are you confessing to me?”


“Are you crazy?”


Cyril, who was pricked, overreacted without realizing it. Adrienne’s face darkened as she heard the unintentionally irritated voice.


“Why are you so serious?” 


“Because you’re talking nonsense.” 


“I’m just kidding. You think I meant something?”


“I’m so glad you didn’t. Thank you.”


Adrienne’s old stubbornness that she did not want to lose, poured out her own words. Adrienne, who was offended, retorted, worsening the situation.


He had no intention of doing this.


Cyril bit his lower lip. He regretted it later, after being swept away by the atmosphere and sarcastically.


“No, thank you; I’m grateful. I don’t have to marry someone who expects me to approach him timidly when he’s upset?”




Cyril gave a blank smile. He’s sorry, but the thought of apologizing for being sensitive quickly disappeared.


“Timid? Wait for you to talk to me? Who came into my room every day and begged me to play?”


“That’s because you’re sick and won’t get out of bed!”


“What does my illness have to do with you? Now you’re here to intrude unnecessarily.”


“What? Interfering?”


The once-fire argument showed no sign of an end. The subject has long been out of marriage. What you did when you were that age, what you did at that time—all of your old regrets in each memory were mobilized for the fight. In reality, it was nothing, but they were together for seven years. There was no end to the search.


“I don’t like you every time you do this, Cyril. You’re so annoying.”


“That’s what I have to say. I don’t want to talk like anyone else.”


The sound of squealing filled the room as the battle without weapons came to an end. Adrienne clenched her fist and locked her gaze on Cyril.




Her eyes widened as Cyril responded with his mouth.


“Yeah, marry a nice, cute girl, not someone like me. Make sure you do, make sure you do!”


“That’s what I wanted. I won’t marry you even if I die, so don’t even dream about it, Adrienne.”


The childish war ended with the last words being exchanged side by side. Adrienne turned around and didn’t appear to be digging any longer.


‘I’m crazy, what’s so beautiful about something like that—unless it’s a ghost?’


Cyril nervously ruffled his hair.


Let’s see if she actually marries the Prince. If she is unable to do so, he will do his best to tease her.


‘—But what if she does it?’


Cyril flinched as he sharpened his revenge blade. What if Adrienne succeeds in her goal? Cassinell was a great aristocrat, no matter how uneducated Adrienne was. In terms of family, she was well represented as the candidate Prince’s wife—.


With just the assumption, his mind quickly became complicated.


‘No. No way. The prince has eyes as well— No, I think it would be better if it didn’t have eyes.’


Rather, if the prince were blind, it would help to reduce the chances of Adrienne becoming Crown Princess. Adrienne’s shell was perfectly fine. The sudden feeling of defeat washed over him. Cyril, who had already thrown himself into the bed, was frustrated.


It had been a typical midsummer day of pouring.

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