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Chapter 15

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Go to a place with me


Ye Fan obviously didn’t budge, he swirled the glass of whiskey in his hand, “You can try taking this seat away from me.”

“Bastard, do you know who am I? Those who dared to mess with me here already had missing arms and broken legs,” the man smiled mockingly.

“Is that so?” Ye Fan wasn’t threatened and continued drinking.

Seeing that Ye Fan really didn’t move, the man slammed the table hard, “This is a final warning - don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit [1].”

Feng Yue Ying finally couldn’t tolerate this any longer, her eyes reddened and she berated, “ZHOU CAN! Have you had enough!? I don’t want to see you!! Leave with your gang of scoundrels!!”

Zhou Can gave a sinister smile, “Yingying, you’re finally willing to call my name, eh? Don’t be so fierce, I am only concerned as your old friend so I came over to ask how you are.”

“No need for that! And we were never friends!” Feng Yue Ying retorted.

Zhao Can spoke frivolously, “So heartless? I wanted to give you some money to spend at first, I heard that the hospital bill for that little vegetable brother of yours is quite hefty.”

Hearing this, Feng Yue Ying’s face turned pale and looked at Zhou Can in disbelief. Her voice shook, “You… you still have the cheek to bring up my younger brother…  you’re a beast, assh*le! You deserve a tragic death!!”

Feng Yue Ying lost control of her emotions and directly splashed her drink onto Zhou Can’s face and body.

“B*tch! Are you insane!?”

Zhao Can was drenched and exploded in anger instantly, he directly lifted his hand and was about to give Feng Yue Ying a tight slap!

Feng Yue Ying screamed and thought she was going to get hit, but that hand was blocked mid-air before she knew it.

Ye Fan used his left hand alone and firmly grabbed hold of Zhou Can’s right hand.

“It’s not considered a skill to hit a woman,” Ye Fan’s hoarse voice became somewhat deep.

“Let go! Bastard, you’re courting death!!”

Zhou Can flew into a rage and used his other hand to throw a punch towards Ye Fan’s face.

But before he could hit Ye Fan, Ye Fan’s right palm was already on his chest, pushing him straight to the ground!

Zhou Can didn’t know what happened - just a gigantic force caused him to suffer a crushing defeat, his entire body felt as if it was broken and he was in insufferable pain.

“Boss! Boss, are you okay!?” A group of lackeys helped Zhou Can up.

Feng Yue Ying and the other white-collared workers were stunned and numerous customers in the bar turned over to look too,

“Ye Fan, you’d better leave now! You can’t afford to offend these people,” Feng Yue Ying was worried as she pushed Ye Fan away, letting the man flee quickly.

However, Ye Fan was calm and composed, he asked in return, “What happens to you when I leave?”


Feng Yue Ying was taken aback, she felt a tinge of warmth in her heart - this man wants to protect me?

At this moment, Zhou Can had just got up and yelled fiercely, “Still thinking of leaving? No way! You had the guts to hit me, I am going to call my father to send people over to deal with you!”

When Feng Yue Ying heard that, she quickly straightened her back, “Zhou Can, I was the one who splashed the drink at you, come at me if you have an issue, this has nothing to do with anyone else!”

Zhou Can sniggered, “Feng Yue Ying, you’re scared now? There are surveillance cameras here and this chap wouldn’t be able to get away even if he wanted to. You can protect him only if you go to a hotel with me tonight to have some fun… hehe…”

Hearing the man’s lewd and nefarious laughter, Feng Yue Ying’s face reddened and she spat, “Shameless! Despicable!!”

“If you’re unwilling to sleep with me, I’ll have to call my father, then,” Zhou Can took his phone out.

Feng Yue Ying was trembling and helpless - she knew very well that if Ye Fan was really targetted by the Zhou family, a layer of skin will be torn off of him even if he doesn’t die and they would torture him for sure.

Also, Ye Fan fought only because he wanted to protect her so how could she watch him get hurt?

“Wait! I… I…” Feng Yue Ying wanted to say “agree” yet she couldn’t make herself say out this humiliating portion.

“What is it? There is a limit to my patience…” Zhou Can’s finger was moving around the phone’s screen and he had a tyrannical expression.

Just as Feng Yue Ying gritted her teeth and was about to give her consent, Ye Fan sprung up like a ferocious tiger leaving its cave and landed a punch straight onto Zhou Can’s abdomen.

“OW! ——”

Zhou Can’s stomach was churning, his internal organs felt like they were going to explode and he immediately vomited his stomach acid out!

Right after that, Ye Fan used his leg and kicked him three meters away, Zhou Can landed hard on a table and it felt like his bones were breaking.

There were screams in the bar and nobody expected that Ye Fan, who seemed so refined, would actually be so savage when he fights!

Those few lackeys saw how Zhou Can was beaten up and quickly stepped forward to fight with Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan didn’t even take a second glance at them, he simply threw a punch on the left and kicked on his right. He managed to knock these few fellas to the ground with just a couple of moves, making them wail non-stop.

Ye Fan looked at Zhou Can, who was already curled up on the floor, trembling and throwing up. He pulled out a cigarette calmly and lighted it.

“Hu…” Ye Fan blew out a mouthful of white smoke and said indifferently, “To force a woman to sleep with you is no different from a rapist - a person like you is the most looked down upon in prison.”

The floor was covered with Zhou Can’s vomit, his bloodshot eyes were filled with tears as he yelled, “I want… I want to call my dad to capture you! You… you are dead…”

After which, Zhou Can and his gang of lackeys ran out of the bar with tails between their legs.

Ye Fan sighed and went back to his seat. Facing a table of ladies with gaping jaws, he said, “Don’t bother about them, let’s continue drinking.”

Feng Yue Ying laughed bitterly - things are already in this state, where do they find the guts to remain here and continue drinking?

“We… we should get going,” Xiao Lian and a couple of white-collar workers took their bags and left in a hurry.

With them gone, the table was empty and it wasn’t quite appropriate for Ye Fan and Feng Yue Ying to continue sitting there.

Hence, both of them paid the bill, left the bar and made their way towards the train station.

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The warm breeze blew through the hazy streets at night, as the two people were walking side by side like a couple.

Feng Yue Ying was worried and sighed, “Ye Fan, you’re too hot-headed.”

“What is it?” Ye Fan asked.

“Zhou Can’s father is Zhou Hai Yang, the hall leader of one of the three major gangs in Hua Hai city - the Black Bamboo Forest. Although they kept a very low profile, their strength is comparable to the White Sharks gang - we won’t be able to fight him.”

“Is that so? I just don’t want you to be bullied,” Ye Fan smiled and didn’t take it seriously.

Feng Yue Ying felt a hint of confusion in her heart, as she looked at the man with a complex gaze and stopped in her tracks.

Ye Fan walked a few steps ahead and realized that the girl had stopped. He turned around and asked, “What is it, sister Yue Ying?”

Feng Yue Ying pursed her plump red lips and mumbled, “Could you accompany me to the river bank to sit for a while?”



Under the moonlight, the quiet and charming spring river ran through the whole city then flowed to the sea.

After getting a bag of ice-cold beer from a nearby 24-hour convenience store, the two people sat on the slope of the river bank and watched the river waters flow and the boats go by as they drank their beers.

From Feng Yue Ying’s recount, Ye Fan found out about the grudge between the woman and that Zhou Can.

“Zhou Can wanted to woo me for a very long time, almost two years back, but I knew that he wasn’t a good person so I kept rejecting him… after that, he came to my place once and wanted to use force on me. My younger brother came back just at that moment and fought with him.

But he pushed my younger brother down the stairs and inflicted serious damage on his brain which caused him to be in a vegetable state…”

Feng Yue Ying had tears in her eyes and she said softly, “But because of his family’s connections, he was only detained for a few weeks and was released, while my younger brother… has already been lying in the hospital for over two years.

Because of this incident, my parents aged a lot and they blamed me for not taking good care of my younger brother… I feel too ashamed to return home to face them.”

Ye Fan roughly guessed what had happened but after hearing it, he was somewhat heartbroken.

Behind this woman’s bright and beautiful appearance, one can well imagine the amount of pressure she had to bear all alone.

Maybe it was due to the pain in her heart that made Feng Yue Ying stay in the company’s apartment and bury herself in work.

With the wind blowing by the river, the whiskey in the bar and a few cans of beer caused the alcohol to kick in particularly fast.

Feng Yue Ying stunning face was especially red and the pair of almond eyes were gleaming reflection of waves - she was charming and attractive.

“Ye Fan… why are you so nice to me?” Feng Yue Ying hugged her knees, laid her head on them and looked at the man next to her in a daze.

Ye Fan burped and answer truthfully, “I was just doing what I should, anyway, I am a man and would put in more effort for a beauty.”

“Pffff…” Feng Yue Ying burst out laughing and acted like she was annoyed at him, “You’re very honest, but… I really have to thank you.”

Ye Fan took out another can of beer, he opened it and handed it over, “Another can?”

Feng Yue Ying pursed her lips, “I need to go to the toilet soon… I drank too much…”

“I’ll drink it, then,” Ye Fan was about to take it back.

“No! I want it,” Feng Yue Ying snatched the beer over and took two big gulps.

Ye Fan sighed with sorrow - women are awfully hard to decipher. Seeing that there was no more beer, he took out a cigarette and started smoking.

When Feng Yue Ying finished the last can of beer, the effects started to kick in more and Feng Yue Ying was clearly felt somewhat dizzy as she leaned on Ye Fan’s shoulder and started mumbling some stuff.

Ye Fan turned his head and smelled the delicate fragrance of the woman’s hair, “Sis Yue Ying, I’ll send you back to the apartment, okay?”

After ten seconds, Feng Yue Ying slowly lifted her head and looked straight at Ye Fan.

“Do you dare to go to a place with me?”


[1]: To hesitate to do something until forced to do even more

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