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Chapter 17

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Unworthy to know


Ye Fan went into the toilet and realized that she actually even prepared a towel and toothbrush for him - he was secretly moved that he had a woman who took care of him.

After washing up, he went to the dining table in the living room and was stunned by the huge plate of fried rice with egg and a bowl of seaweed soup.

Feng Yue Ying thought that the man found this breakfast too simple and was slightly embarrassed. She smiled, “I don’t stay here often so there weren’t many ingredients. I’ll buy some vegetables next time and cook something nicer for you to try, I really know how to cook.”

Ye Fan quickly shook his head, “That’s not what I meant, it’s just that… I haven’t had breakfast at someone’s place for a very long time, it feels a little odd.”

Feng Yue Ying went silent for some time and felt upset. Then she smiled gently, “You can come and look for me, I can cook for you.”

When Ye Fan heard that, he pondered and laughed, “Yingying, are you saying that you want to live with me?”

“I… I don’t mean it that way!” Feng Yue Ying blushed and scolded herself in her heart for being so dumb - why did I say that sort of thing all of a sudden!

Just as the two of them sat down and were about to start eating, they heard the doorbell.

Feng Yue Ying was puzzled - who would come so early in the morning? When she walked to the door and looked through the peephole, her whole face turned pale.

“Open the door! Damn it, quick, open the door! We know that Ye Fan is inside!” Someone was raising his voice outside.

Feng Yue Ying panicked but she couldn’t think of any idea, she turned around and asked, “What should we do? The gangster from Black Bamboo Forest is here to look for you! Zhou Can must have said something to his father!”

After Ye Fan took two bites of his breakfast, he casually took his phone out and sent a text message.

After sending the text message, Ye Fan stood up and said, “Don’t worry, open the door, nothing will happen even if I go over.”

“You have no idea, their men are extremely brutal and they even have connections with the defense department etcetera. If they took you away, you would suffer for sure…”

Feng Yue Ying was so anxious that her eyes were gleaming with tears, she blamed herself and said, “It’s all my fault… I shouldn’t have been so rash yesterday…”

Ye Fan walked to the woman, “Silly girl, you didn’t do anything wrong at all, why are you blaming yourself?”

After which, Ye Fan didn’t care that Feng Yue Ying was staring at him blankly and directly opened the door.

 There were four tall and bulky men standing at the door, they were dressed in black shirts and the leader had his hair dyed in purple and was wearing an ear stud.

“You must be Ye Fan, you think that we wouldn’t be able to find you just because you’re hiding in a woman’s nest? You’re quite gutsy to beat up our young master, huh.”

Ye Fan shrugged, “Don’t really need much guts to beat him.”

“Hehe, bastard, you’re quite stubborn, huh. Since you’re so daring, how about following us to have some fun?” The purple hair guy spoke with a smirk.

Ye Fan had already planned this beforehand and he didn’t want to cause a bloody scene in front of Feng Yue Ying either. Hence, he nodded, “No problem, where are we going?”

“Haha, you’re seriously reckless. Since you want to court death, come with us, then!”

Then, two gangsters stepped forward and pushed Ye Fan to the lift.

The purple hair gangster turned around and threatened Feng Yue Ying, “B*tch, if you dare to call the police… you know the consequences…”

Feng Yue Ying stood at the door helplessly and she suddenly realized how useless she was, as two streaks of tears came flowing down silently.

When Ye Fan was pushed into the lift, Feng Yue Ying clenched her teeth - she knew that calling the police may not help at all and she would be in danger as well. But she couldn’t just watch Ye Fan being taken away, so she took her phone out and called the police...

More than half an hour later, Ye Fan was driven to a nightclub.

As it was in the morning, the place was empty and there weren’t any customers there.

Ye Fan went to the dance hall and realized that there were twenty over dauntless thugs there and a middle-aged man was standing with Zhou Can.

When Zhou Can saw Ye Fan, he revealed an excited and cunning smile, “Dad! This is the chap that beat me up last night! He even called me a rapist!”

Zhou Haiyang was very tanned, he wore a jade ornamental thumb ring and had a cigar in his mouth. Although he had a short build, he had an aura of ruthlessness.

 “Do you know who I am?” Zhou Haiyang exhaled the smoke out and asked.

Ye Fan shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

“Which gang or family clan are you from?” Zhou Haiyang asked.

“I don’t belong to a gang or family clan, I follow a solitary path,” Ye Fan recalled the speech in a martial arts novel.

Zhou Haiyang laughed, “Do you have a grudge against our Black Bamboo Forest or our Zhou family, then?”

Ye Fan said, “I’ve only met your son yesterday, how could I have a grudge?”

Zhou Haiyang’s face darkened immediately, “So you’re saying that you’re just courting death, huh!!”

Zhou Can was itching to get on with it, he yelled, “What are you guys standing there for!? Press him down on the floor and beat him up! Keep his balls, I want to kick his balls!!”

“Yes! Young master!!”

A group of fighters stepped forward aggressively and were eager to be the first in order to get into the good books of their boss.

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But just at this moment, a dagger flew at lightning speed, cutting through the air and flew to the middle of the dance hall.

A roller lamp was cut off by the flying dagger and fell from the ceiling, smashing hard onto the ground!


The explosion had startled the group of fighters and they were all stunned like wooden chickens, none of them knew what happened.

Zhou Haiyang recognized the flying dagger and his face changed immediately, he turned and looked in the direction of the main entrance.


“What? The president is here!?” The group of lackeys were surprised and quickly greeted the president respectfully.

Ning Zi Mo simply stood on the flight of steps at the entrance like she was the focus of the spacious hall, the queen of this place and nobody was allowed to rebel against her.

But it was very obvious that when the queen set out on this journey today, it was very rushed and she was dressed quite casually.

A sleeveless loose dress in gray, paired with black open toe slippers and her hair let down, but the graceful and poised manner made even the simplest outfit appear to be cool and elegant.

And standing behind Ning Zi Mo was Zhao Zhong and Zhao Zhong’s expression was extremely grim.

“President, why are you here all of a sudden and you didn’t even inform us beforehand,” Zhou Haiyang smiled and felt slightly uneasy inside.

Ning Zi Mo glanced at the father and son, then she walked casually to the middle of the dance hall and stood in front of Ye Fan.

A tinge of remorse and shame flashed across the girl’s eyes, she lowered her head and spoke weakly, “Sorry… I didn’t expect that something like this would happen.”

The group of Black Bamboo Forest gang members was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand what was happening.

Ning Zi Mo, the president of the Black Bamboo Forest, the underground queen of Hua Hai, who had powerful backers and was said to come from a line of nobles, was actually admitting a mistake and apologizing to a poor chap who came from god knows where!?

But the next scene was even more astonishing.

Ye Fan extended a finger and lifted Ning Zi Mo’s chin gently like an emperor spoiling his concubine.

“Sister Ning, why are you apologizing to me, I was the one who beat up your hall leader Zhou’s son and they didn’t do anything to me.”

Ning Zi Mo asked uneasily, “You… are you really not mad at me?”

Ye Fan laughed and shook his head, “Do you think that I would still send you a text if I’m really angry?”

Hearing this, Ning Zi Mo heaved a sigh of relief but she immediately turned around and stared at the father and son duo with ice-cold eyes.

It was these guys who caused the image of her in Ye Fan’s heart to be ruined.

“How many times have I said this before - I will punish anyone in Black Bamboo Forest who dares to engage in lawlessness behind my back!” Ning Zi Mo’s words were filled with dignity.

Zhou Haiyang saw that his son was trembling, he smiled stiffly and said, “President, I really didn’t know… that you knew this brother Ye. If I knew that he was our own people, there wouldn’t be all these misunderstandings… haha…”

“Who said that I’m your brother…” Ye Fan responded indifferently.

Zhou Haiyang could only smile and asked, “President, I really had no idea that you knew this Mr. Ye - why don’t you introduce him?”

Ning Zi Mo said rigidly, “You guys are unworthy to know him.”

But the fact was that even Ning Zi Mo herself wasn’t sure of Ye Fan’s background. She only knew that this man was not someone that a small place like Hua Hai city could handle.

“Ye Fan, how do you intend to settle this matter?” Ning Zi Mo asked the man carefully.

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