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Chapter 2053: 2053 Chapter 2053-restoration

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2053 Chapter 2053-restoration
However, if she was suspicious after seeing curly hair, why would Mr. Qin be suspicious? Could there be other clues?

“Daren is not just suspicious of Wang Liushi’s nieces from her maternal family, it is because both her nieces came to the village in the first month of the lunar calendar. This is something that everyone in the village knows. During the investigation, in addition to asking the villagers, they also had to ask those who had come to the Wang family during the first month of the lunar year. Anyone who has been in contact with the Wang family in the past few months would have to ask.” Zheng Qiu explained as he noticed Gu Xin’s confusion.

“Oh, I see! I thought you had other evidence!” Gu Xin nodded her head in understanding.

Zheng Qiu smiled but did not reply.


The difficult part of the case was that the crime scene was too clean. There was nothing suspicious except for the deceased.
Moreover, on the night of the victim’s death, the neighbors didn’t hear any other movements. It could be said that they were sleepy, or that the murderer was very careful.

However, from the scene, it could be seen that the murderer was definitely someone very familiar with the Wang family. The chicken pen, pigsty, and dogs were all cleaned up, and there were very few traces of fighting and struggle in the house.

If not for the fact that the death of the woman of the Wang family was so terrifying, a fatuous official would probably have concluded that the Wang family had eaten something bad.

Speaking of this, Zheng Qiu was puzzled as well. The murderer could have just poisoned everyone and pretended that they had eaten something bad to cause their deaths. He could have just found some convincing poison, but he had to be so cruel to the women of the Wang family.

If you say that he’s Wang Liushi’s paternal nephew, then no matter what happens, shouldn’t he be treated equally? At most, they would show mercy to their aunt, Wang Liushi.

However, the men of the Wang family died the most peaceful deaths of all the deceased. After being poisoned, they died in their sleep. From the way they died, they did not seem to have suffered any pain.

Zheng Qiu could not understand.

by the way, Xiao Qiu, did you find anything from that child of the Wang family? ” Gu Xin suddenly asked.

“A child?” Zheng Qiu was taken aback. Something flashed across her mind, but she could not grasp it. there’s nothing wrong with the child. He died of poisoning, just like the adult man of the Wang family.

“How old is this child?” Gu Xin asked again.

“He’s over a year old, and he’s really pitiful.” Zheng Qiu sighed in his heart.

The murderer was truly vicious, to be able to do such a thing to such a young child.

“Oh.” Gu Xin nodded her head and did not ask any further.

The two of them went to check Wang Siyun’s room. In fact, the fabric under Wang Siyun’s nails had already been confirmed to be from Wang Zhangshi’s clothes, but in order to find more evidence, the two of them still went to the room to check.

As expected, it was so clean that he got nothing.

“Isn’t that so! In fact, Wang Siyun’s hiding place in this house wasn’t just in the cabinet! I wonder who the murderer is?” As she spoke, Gu Xin suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Zheng Qiu had obviously thought of that as well, or he would not have asked her that question.

“Xiao Qiu, Xiao Qiu, let’s restore how the murderer entered this place. You see what I did wrong and tell me!” Gu Xin suddenly thought of the new case in the detective collection that she had read in Gu Ren’s bookstore a few days ago. She wanted to give it a try.

“Alright,” he said. Zheng Qiu nodded. She had also read the books in Gu Ren’s bookstore and knew what Gu Xin was going to do.

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