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Chapter 2054: 2054 Nephew of the Wang family

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2054 Nephew of the Wang family
Gu Xin walked to the door and went to the tree on her left. She told Zheng Qiu to stay in the courtyard.

She climbed up the tree. She didn’t notice it earlier, but now she realized that there were bloodstains on the tree trunk. She felt that her guess was correct.


He jumped from the tree to the fence, from the fence to the yard, then to the chicken pen, stepped on the chicken pen, and then jumped from the chicken pen to the top of the pigpen.
She stepped on the beam and walked. The beam was so strong that even if she grew another 50 pounds, it would still be able to support her and not fall.

After walking over the pigpen’s beam, they would reach the roof of the kitchen.

The kitchen’s roof was covered with tiles. In the past, it was the central room. On the roof of the central room, Gu Xin specially came to the tile area where she found something wrong and removed the new tiles. Looking down from the roof, the situation in the room could be seen clearly.

She continued to walk over from the roof of the central room to the side rooms. In a row, there were the rooms of the first, second and third households.

Xiao Qiu, there are traces of rope being used here. Do you want to come up and take a look? ” Gu Xin asked.

“Third young master, I don’t know martial arts.” Zheng Qiu did want to go up there to find out what was going on, but she was only interested in autopsy. She had never learned martial arts since she was a child, and no one had taught her.

“It’s okay, I’ll help you!” Gu Xin took a few steps to the roof and directed he Qiang and he gang to hold the ladder.

Zheng Qiu thought of Gu Xin’s relaxed posture just now and decided to believe in her ability. So, he climbed up the ladder.

Gu Xin sighed as she held onto Zheng Qiu’s hand, ” tsk, Xiao Qiu, your hand is really cold. Look at how hot the sun is. We’ve been walking around for so long, but your body still doesn’t feel warm.

Zheng Qiu did not know how to answer.

Gu Xin brought her to see the new roof tiles of the room of the Wang family’s eldest grandson and granddaughter-in-law, Wang Zhangshi. There were indeed traces of strangulation, as if something heavy had been tied up with a rope and lifted from the room.

Zheng Qiu observed the marks and thought of many possibilities.

“Xiao Qiu, there are new tiles over there. If one operation wasn’t enough to damage these tiles, it meant that it wasn’t the first time. However, if you do it too many times, how did big yellow deal with it?” Gu Xin said.

“Big yellow wouldn’t bark if it’s someone you know very well.” Zheng Qiu said.

but, Wang Liushi’s nephew has only been in the village for two or three days. It’s not enough for big yellow to let down his guard against them! Gu Xin said.

“Yes.” Zheng Qiu nodded.

“Who are you? Why are you on the roof of my uncle’s house?” At this moment, on the other side of the Wang family’s residence, a farmer in his early twenties shouted.

“You’re Wang Shunzi’s nephew?” Gu Xin asked as she sized up the man.

“Who are you?” The man didn’t answer and continued to ask.

I’m Zheng Qiu, the head judge of the court of judicial review. This is Wan Wan, ” Zheng Qiu was about to explain Gu Xin’s identity when he was interrupted by her.

“I’m Mr. Qin’s Constable. I’m here to investigate a case with Xiao Qiu.” As she spoke, Gu Xin held onto Zheng Qiu’s hand and led him to the roof. She then put her arm around Zheng Qiu’s waist and jumped down.

Zheng Qiu was shocked and hugged Gu Xin tightly.

To be honest, she had never been hugged like this before, not even by a woman.

“My surname is Gu. You can call me third young master Gu. Of course, you can also call me Constable Gu. Are you Wang Shunzi’s blood-related nephew?” Gu Xin walked up to the person and introduced herself again.

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