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Chapter 2055: 2055 Exactly the same

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2055 Exactly the same
“Wang Changfu greets Constable Gu.” Hearing that it was an arrester, the man immediately changed his attitude. this house is my uncle’s house, my uncle.

“Oh, we were just investigating a case.” Gu Xin said innocently.

ah, Yingluo, is there a problem with the roof? ” Wang Changfu asked.

“No problem! We’re just looking around.” Gu Xin laughed, ” Wang Shunzi already has a great-grandson and you’re still so young. You must be the youngest in your family, right? ”

“Yes, yes. You have a good eye, Constable.” Wang Changfu smiled and asked, ” Constable Gu, have you caught the thief who killed my uncle’s family? ”

“I’ll tell you since you’re the blood relative of the deceased. Mr. Qin knows who the murderer is, and he’s sending people to catch him.” Gu Xin said in a low voice as she looked around with a mysterious look.

“Really?” Wang Changfu was stunned for a moment, then his body relaxed a little. He imitated Gu Xin and asked softly, ” Constable Gu, are the murderers Liu Da and Liu er’s brothers? ”

“I can’t tell you this. Anyway, don’t worry, they will be caught sooner or later.” Gu Xin noticed the change in Wang Changfu and added, ” it doesn’t matter if they’re Dead or Alive. They can’t escape.

“Yes, yes. Thank you, Lord Constable. Thank you, Lord Constable.” Wang Changfu was about to kowtow but was stopped by Gu Xin.


“Just wait for the good news!” Gu Xin pulled Zheng Qiu along and left.
he gang, he Qiang, and that Wang Changfu just now, you two keep an eye on him for the next two days. You don’t have to follow me. I have Xiao Qiu to take care of me. When they arrived at the courtyard, Gu Xin called he gang and he Qiang over and instructed them.

“Yes!” The two brothers looked at each other, then cupped their fists in acknowledgment.

Gu Xin and Zheng Qiu didn’t stay there for long. They took another round and returned in the carriage.

After the carriage left the village, Gu Xin was a little excited, ” “Xiao Qiu, Xiao Qiu, I feel like this case is about to be solved.”

“Are you saying that Wang Changfu is a suspect?” Zheng Qiu asked.

Gu Xin nodded, ” I saw the embroidery of the Wang Zhang clan on him. It’s exactly the same as Wang Zhangshi.”

Zheng Qiu was speechless.

Gu Xin explained,”I have a lot of embroiderers in my house, and there are many of them with good skills.” Although I don’t know how to embroider, I can see it. It was true. I saw it from the roof. There was a “Xiu” character on his pouch, and Wang Zhangshi’s name also had a “Xiu” character. I’ve seen the things in Wang Zhangshi’s embroidered basket. There’s a handkerchief with a Xiu on it, exactly the same as Wang Changfu’s purse. Also, when I said that Mr. Qin had found the murderer and was ready to arrest him, he was obviously relieved. I suspect that the Liu brothers didn’t return to their hometown, and Wang Changfu knows where they are.”

Zheng Qiu was shocked once again. She did not expect Gu Xin to be so observant.

She didn’t think that Gu Xin had made a mistake. She knew the Gu family’s situation. The things in the Gu sisters ‘shop were done by them from the beginning. Now, everyone in the Zhou Dynasty knew about it. Many embroiderers wanted to work for the Gu sisters. After so many years, as a manager, Gu Xin should have good taste.

She had asked this question just like that.

“I guessed,” Gu Xin replied honestly. This case couldn’t be solved by himself. Didn’t we just talk about it? That big yellow Dog wouldn’t make any noise if it was someone he was very familiar with.”

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