My Wangfei is a Man - Chapter Prologue

Published at 18th of December 2016 04:06:39 PM

Chapter Prologue

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   Ouch, my head hurts.  So noisy!  Who is making those noises right next to my ears?  Annoying!  Those bunch of rude people!  He rolls over and covers his head, pulling his brocade blanket closer around him. “Wangye?  Are you finally awake?” someone asks in surprise.
 Let me sleep….. “Wangye?  Are you awake?  Wangye?” Let me continue sleeping…. “Wangye, are you awaken?  Wangye, you-“

 “Not awake!  Not awake I tell you!  Don’t disturb me!”  He finally can’t take it and yells while sitting up.  Who would’ve thought that instead of effectively shutting down people, his roar drew even more attention. “Wangye is awake!  The wangye is awake!” Goodness, why is it so noisy.  Unwilling to let it go, he yells again, “Everybody shut up!”  Everyone in the room falls into a silent, staring at him like logs. He eyes the place.  Inside the room, there are the old ones, the young ones, the big ones and small ones all in one place. 

 “Wangye, you are finally awake,” an old servant rushes to him in tears.  “If anything happens to you, how can this servant face the late emperor.  Hu hu….  This is all this old servant’s fault, not taking good care ofwangye.  Hu hu…..” The king looks at him, digging his ears and asks, “Who are you?” “….. Ah?”  The old servant seems to choke and stares at him.

 “Who are you?” the king repeats. His words effectively shut down that noisy servant.  Everyone draws their breath and stares at him. “W-wangye, you don’t recognize this servant anymore?  I am your housekeeper, Liu Bo.  The Liu Bo who has been serving you since your birth.”  Liu Bo’s eyes are still watery as he looks at him in surprise. The king looks at his frowning, wrinkled face carefully.  He has no recollection whatsoever.  But he did come up with an even more important question.  “Who am I?” The servants in the room look at him as though they’re looking at a ghost. “I-I-Imperial….” Liu Bo is the first one to react, with a shrill that can kill a pig, “Imperial Physician!  Come!” An Imperial Physician stumbles in and is dragged to the bed.  He checks Dong Fang Hao Ye’s pulse and start diagnosing.  After a period of time, the physician asks, “Wangye, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? 

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“My head hurts.”  It really hurts like he is going to die. He tries knocking his head.  The physician immediately says, “Do not knock!  You must never knock!”  Liu Bo immediately pull his hand away. The physician asks again, “Other than headache, do you remember anything else?”  He thinks for a while, his mind a complete blank.  “I don’t remember a single thing,” he honestly replies.  “You don’t even remember how you fell into the lotus pond?” Liu Bo asks. “Lotus pond?” the king blink in daze, “I fell into a lotus pond?  I don’t remember.” “Then, do you remember who you are?” “Aren’t I wangye?” “Ah!” Everyone who heard him let out a genuinely pleased sound. 

“Wangye, at least you remember your position.”  Liu Bo says happily. “Nonsense.  All of you spent half the day calling me that, how can I not know?”  Do they take me as an idiot? The king glares at him. A handsome servant that has been sitting on the sideline carefully asks, “Wangye, do you remember your own name?” My name?  En.  Indeed is a problem. The king lower his head, pondering, meditating, and pondering again.  Everybody’s heads follows his movement.  In the end, he gives up. “What is my name?”  Everybody draws out their breath while Liu Bo faints.
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