Nightfall - Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024: 1024

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Ning Que wanted a talk with the world, for he wanted to change the trend of the world. Of course he also wanted to talk to Ye Hongyu.

This was one thing that many people knew for sure even though they did not say so. The current Great Divine Priest of Judgement met with Ning Que when she was still the Tao Fanatic, and the two swore not to exist together under the same Heaven but failed to do so. They had been fought against each other and also fought side by side. She had once lived by the Yanming Lake in Chang'an for quite a long time, and they had fought a bloody death together at the Front Gate of Devil's Doctrine.

In the eyes of the people in the Divine Halls, it was not surprising that the Great Divine Priest of Judgement and Ning Que got married. The two were never concerned about whether their earth-shattering behavior would unsettle the world, for they were exactly the kind of people who did such outrageous things.

What unsettled Taoism the most was that the New Stream the Divine Halls swore to destroy was established by Ye Su who happened to be Ye Hongyu's brother. In many ways, Ye Hongyu was the natural ally of the Academy and also the most potential object who could be subverted.

The hall was packed with thousands of divine priests and deacons who were looking at Chenqi and guessing what he, or to be more accurate, Ning Que would say. They looked unsettled, shocked, puzzled and also worried.

Does the Academy really want to subvert the Great Divine Priest of Judgement? Is it sure that what Ning Que wants to say is related to this matter? However, how could he say those profane words with so many powerful Taoists present? How will the Great Divine Priest of Judgement react? Thinking about it, the people in the hall looked a little relieved.

As the person of concern, Ye Hongyu never changed her expression and still kept her eyes closed, looking indifferent.

"What does he want to say?" she asked with her eyes closed, still looking very casual.

It was obviously an important and even horrible thing, but she turned it into a trivial matter.

The people in the hall once again looked at Chenqi and wondered what he was going to say.

Being watched by thousands of indifferent eyes, Chenqi was very nervous, because what he was about to say might become his own epitaph.

"Ning Que said..." Chen Qi paused here, and Chu Youxian wished he could pass out at this moment. Chenqi took a deep breath and looked at the direction of Ye Hongyu. Then he finished the sentence. "He is waiting for you in Chang'an."



Waiting for her in Chang'an, what for? Although they could get married, Ning Que was definitely not waiting for her to marry him. Then he was waiting for her to surrender or to return.

The solemn and sacred Taoism hall was extremely quiet, and it was even quieter at this moment. Only the words Chenqi just said were still floating in the golden lights and into everyone's ears.

Is he just trying to turn the Great Divine Priest of Judgement against Taoism? How dare Ning Que think like this? How dare these Tang people say this in the Divine Halls? Are they all crazy? People all stared at Chenqi, and their eyes were filled with disbelief and confusion.

After saying this, Chenqi felt pain in his throat. However, all of his fears also disappeared. "He said, 'Just do it recklessly! You never hesitate!' He said, 'What are you waiting for? When on earth will you defect?' He said no matter how long it would take he would be waiting for you in Chang'an!"

At this point, the divine priests and deacons who thought they heard Chenqi wrong finally confirmed Ning Que's intention.

In the most sacred Taoist hall on the summit of Peach Mountain and in the presence of thousands of most pious followers of Haotian, Ning Que dared to persuade the Great Divine Priest of Judgement to defect!

Is this subverting? It seems like a child's play! Or is it the Academy's plan to sow discord within Taoism? But who would believe it? No! The Academy would never do such a ridiculous thing. These divine priests and deacons suddenly thought of a horrible inference.

It is Ning Que's intention to say that in front of us, for he wants the whole world to hear what he has to say. Then he will achieve his goal!

This was not even a scheme, but a sharp iron knife that was pointed directly at the most fundamental contradiction inside the Divine Halls!

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If the Divine Halls could not wipe out the New Stream, then it would be unable to trust Ye Hongyu and the Divine Hall of Judgement that was led by her. What Ning Que did was to uncover the truth, making everyone in the hall feel very painful!

Pain would bring anger. The divine priests and deacons inside the Divine Hall rushed to Chenqi and Chu Youxian angrily, like a tidal wave.

The psyches of thousands of divine priests and deacons were gathered together and gave off an unimaginable power. Chenqi turned extremely pale and began to vomit blood.

At this moment, Ye Hongyu finally opened her eyes. Just when Chenqi couldn't hold it anymore, her cold eyes made him feel a little more relaxed and allowed him to breathe again.

A psyche which seemed to be able to destroy Heaven and Earth arose from the depths of the Divine Hall and came to Chu Youxian and Chenqi like hurricanes.

Ye Honngyu stood up and shielded the psyche.

The atmosphere in the Divine Hall became extremely tense.

Hundreds of deacons of the Judicial Department dressed in black came out like black bubbles and stopped their angry peers.

A thunderous sound echoed around the hall, "The apostate must die." The voice came from the Hierarch, sounding calm and full of irresistible divine power.

Ye Hongyu replied calmly, "Now that he has started, why not let him finish? The most painful thing is hearing an unfinished story."

Thousands of divine priests and deacons inside the hall gazed at one another and did not know what to do. Would Taoism fall apart today just because Ning Que said those words from thousands of miles away?

The Hierarch answered slowly, "It is still profane even if you were to just listen to those blasphemous words."

"I just want to hear what kind of interesting things Ning Que has to say. As for blasphemy, we can just kill these two after they finish the story," Ye Hongyu explained calmly.

The Hierarch went silent, indicating that he was fine with it.

Ye Hongyu looked at Chenqi and said calmly, "Carry on."

Thinking of what Ning Que said, Chenqi felt strange, but he dared not to hold back and spat it out honestly. "He also said, 'The young companions are always the best.' He said, 'Rolling up my verse books, I am madly joyful.' He said, 'I've missed you so much that I'm beyond myself.'"


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