Nightfall - Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1068: 1068

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This slash was done with full effort. He used up all his Haoran Qi to form Haotian's divine flame in order to release it together with the slash. What made it scarier was that this slash consisted of killing soul. 

That was the killing soul of the Tang troops which was reared by him since he was at Shubi Lake. This killing soul was eventually completed only after killing incident at the city of Wei. 

A dark knife landed on the head of the national master. This time the national master could not move his body freely like a ghost because his true body was already been fixated by Yu Lian by the stream. 

The national master put both his hands together to hold Ning Que's knife in between his palms. Ning Que lowered his knife and continued to move forward quietly. 

The national master's facial expression turned pale suddenly. The wooden prayer beads between the thumb and the index fingers were seen to break into pieces with naked eyes, turning into sawdust, falling off and being blown away by wind. 

This blood sacrificing array was indeed very miraculous. The presence of the national master also showed the presence of the array. No matter if the distance was ten miles apart, the array and him would be connected. Hence, his position was hard to be determined as they reflected each other. 

But now, Yu Lian held his knife from the west side and Ning Que was slashing him from the east side. The method used by these two brother and sister was the simplest but it was enough to break his array. 

 Both sides were trying to break his array, hence which side should he choose to defend? Defend both sides? Even if he used up the killing souls of the whole Golden Tribe Royal Court, it was still impossible for him to defeat Yu Lian and Ning Que, both of these strong individuals that attack him from both ways. 

As the speed of the prayer beads breaking into pieces getting faster, the national master's face became more pale. He could feel that the force of Ning Que's machete was boundless. He did not know how long he could stand. 

The look on the young monk's face was getting worse at the small stream that was drying up on the west side. He felt as though the force from the knife was boundless and he did not know how long Yu Lian could withstand the force.

A young monk howled in anger and despair as the machete at hand trembled fiercely. 

Almost at the same time, the old national master in the carriage who was ten miles in the east direction made a loud howling sound in a reluctant manner, and the wooden prayer beads suddenly broke into pieces. A terrifying aura shrouded the whole laager!

About ten high priests around the laager suddenly transformed into approximately ten blood flowers. Without any signs, these experienced high priests just died like this! And they died in such a miserable way! 

The blood was like a fountain, spread across from all different directions toward the laager. Ning Que did not know what was hidden behind the blood, making him feel a little uneasy. 

Pitter-pattered, a heavy rain of blood was falling from the sky. All the blood of the 13 high priests from the grassland were sucked completely by the blood sacrificing array, and finally dropped into the steel box hanging in mid-air and diffused into the white skulls inside. The remaining blood fell onto the ground, making the wild grass wet and appeared as if there was blood-like dew on the grass. 

Ning Que hummed and a crystal clear water droplet in his body dispersed out of the blue, countless burst of Haoran Qi diffused into his limbs, and then turned into Haotian's divine flame and spread out through the open pores. 

It was just that at this instant, his body was burning vigorously as though he was a man on fire. 

The blood rain that fell from the sky and dropped into the flames would make a sizzling sound, and an indistinctive screaming or wailing sound that could hurt someone's ears. Even so, there was also a faint burnt smell that wafted through the atmosphere. 

The blood of the high priests did not drop on Ning Que's body at all. But he was not able to relax himself because the national master before the machete… turned super strong out of a sudden. The wrinkles on his face was seen to be slowly gone with naked eyes, and he looked ten years younger than his age!

Was this the strongest technique of the blood sacrificing array?

 Ning Que had no idea that the young monk by the stream about ten miles away in the west direction was gone abruptly. That machete inserted into the dry and cracked ground. 

The national master used the lives of about ten high priests to do only one thing which was to combine the blood sacrificing array into one. To put it in other words, this young monk came back to scene instantly.

Ning Que could not understand the reason but he knew that he needed to avoid himself from this danger. 

The iron cutlass rotated in the air, avoided the ambush of the young national master with a strong will. He dragged his cutlass and returned without hesitation. He moved his right hand lightly to write a talisman under the blood rain without drawing any attention.

The national master chose to return to the east side, but not letting the soul of the old national master to go back to the body of the young monk. The reason was simple, he thought that Ning Que was not as scary as Yu Lian. He wanted to escape from Yu Lian subconsciously. 

The thing was dozen miles apart from him, hence he returned with his array. As fast as lightning, he believed that he would have enough time to kill Ning Que before Yu Lian could rush here, so that he could focus himself to fight Yu Lian later. 

The young national master left the carriage, and used the Qi of Heaven and Earth to grab Ning Que from the front. 

This lightness and freedom were indeed the example of a strong guy in the grassland. The close relationship with the Heaven and Earth was far more than the cultivators from the Central Plains which was what Ning Que could not compare. 

Ning Que crossed the machete and returned immediately, and then moved backward. His speed was certainly not as fast as the national master. 

He was not afraid at all. He stared at the other person's eyes and turned his wrist. 

A soft sneering sound was heard. 

The young national master turned pale and the gap between his fingers had a clear bloodstain. 

That was during the period when Ning Que made a slight movement of his finger earlier, and used the divine flame to block others from seeing him write the "Two" talisman. 

If it was not for the blood sacrificing array, the national master would have broken his arms already. 

The national master came forward to seize again with a straight face. 

About ten miles, it was about ten miles away from a stream, Yu Lian would reach in split seconds so he needed to speed up. However, it was a pity that he underestimated the speed of Yu Lian. 

A sky filled with gloomy clouds turned up a solemn whistling sound, a clear and thin stripe broke apart the layers of clouds, drawing from west to east and the ending point was the battlefield which was full of flames. 

A loud bang was heard! Yu Lian leaped from the sky. This time she did not walk out from the surface of the water but she seriously jumped down from the dark sky. 

The national master at this time was unable to avoid himself like how he dealt with Ning Que previously, but instead he could only defend forcefully. It was as if a hammer dropped heavily on a gigantic clock. The whole piece of grassland seemed to be able to hear the loud noise. 

There was a broken wagon with the steel box which was hanging in the air, surrounded by bursts of energy shooting around and blood mist. It was not sure how long it had been as the blood mist had decreased and the sound of the clock had subsided. 

The wrinkles started to gather on the corner of the national master's eyes. The ground below his feet were cracked and the steel box with white bones were behind him while Ning Que's divine flame was before him as well as Yu Lian who was putting her hands behind her back.

Silence and serenity, perhaps were the moments for adjustment or resting. 

"I've lost." The national master glanced at both of these brother and sister from the Academy, forcing a smile and said, "The moment you see through the position I hide, I have already lost. I never thought of defeating both of you at the same time."

Yu Lian was expressionless without saying a single word.

Ning Que was calm and composed, "Why don't you commit suicide? What are you waiting for?"

"But it is still hard for you all to kill me." The national master squinted his eyes, staring at the dozen of steel boxes floating in the air and the skulls in the boxes and said casually, "I have blended into one with the array. If you can't break the array, you will never be able to hurt me at all. The force in the human world can never break the array." 

Ning Que uttered, "There is no such thing as an array that can never be broken… even if this array of yours has the killing force of Golden Tribe for hundreds of years, wait till I gather about ten thousands of Tang troops. By that time, I can simply break the array by spitting saliva."

 "It takes time though," the national master said as he looked at Ning Que calmly. 

 Yu Lian blurted out, "I don't like things to get troublesome." The yellow skirt fluttered, she was hanging in mid-air, stretching out her hand to tap the steel box. She jumped down from the sky at first, and managed to crash the national master with blood all over his body. Simultaneously, a corner of this steel box appeared a gap. At this moment, as her tiny palm landed,an alarming sound reverberated around the grassland. 

Thud! She released her next palm action. Thud!

The national master's facial expression turned extremely pale. He was sitting with his legs crossed on the last carriage, trying hard to maintain the array intent. 

Ning Que did not do anything. He put his iron cutlass back to the sheath. He walked to Yu Lian and stood behind her, observing her quietly as if he was enjoying a good show. 

Yu Lian flapped his third palm action, then the gap on the steel box enlarged a bit. 

Previously, Ning Que was unable to open the steel boxes. However, it was broken into pieces simply by a tap of a small hand. This steel box was made from secret steels, which were smelted with the fire souls for a long time.

The national master frowned as he fixed his gaze at Yu Lian and said, "Do you really think you can break this array with merely the strength of your body? A cockroach for 23 years, I bet you think too highly of yourself." 

As expected, when his voice subsided, that scent of blood diffused from the white bones deep inside in the steel box, and the gap on the steel box could be seen to become smaller with naked eyes. 

Yu Lian lifted her eyebrows, seemingly a little unhappy. 

Ning Que raised his head to face her without a word.

The wind blowing in the grassland flushed the corner of the skirt, Yu Lian took a breath, and a violent breeze surrounded the laager. The wind whipped the yellow skirt around her, looking like a flag. 

She inhaled deeply, causing her slightly voluptuous body shape especially her chest to undulate continuously. 

Previously at the City of Wei, A Da took a deep breath and managed to absorb half the Qi of Heaven and Earth on the street into his body.

At this instant, Yu Lian seemed to have the desire to absorb all the Qi of Heaven and Earth in this grassland into her body. She lifted her fair and smooth hand again. Her hand landed on the steel box again. A loud buzzing sound was heard. The fragments of the carriage was scattered around by the violent wind. 

Ning Que hummed, and forcefully withstand this power. 

The blood was flowing out from the ears of the national master's. A violent sound wave spread through very far, even farther than a hundred miles. 

In front of the Kaiping assembly area, as the cavalry from both parties were desperately killing each other, suddenly they stopped fighting and quickly covered their eyes with their hands, showing their pale faces in agony. It was even worse for the war-horses which struggled till they overturned to the ground. 

Yu Lian's small face was a little pale as well. But her expression remained as transparent and cold as the snowy ice. She stretched out her hand to hit toward the steel box. Only a cracking sound was produced to cause the steel boxes to fragment into pieces.

 The yellow skirt flashed through the wilderness in the air as she released a dozen of palm actions. The scary exploding sound transmitted throughout the surroundings, and roughly ten steel boxes broke into pieces. 

Countless of skulls fell off slowly on the ground. 

A pure and clear Haotian's divine flame spewed out from Ning Que's palm. and at this juncture, the skulls were burnt to ashes. Those souls with resentment which were trapped by the national master and high priests with evil tactics were freed, and eventually regained their freedom. 

The blood sacrificing array was broken just like this. 

The national master was full of bloodstain; his pale and old face was also filled with blood and sweat. 

He glanced at Yu Lian with his eyes being occupied with confusion temperament. 

I could not understand why she could forcefully break the blood sacrificing array that he had prepared for many years with merely force. 

"I didn't think too highly of myself."

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Yu Lian came back down to the ground, holding both her hands together while walking toward him, looking down on him and said, "You stand too low to believe that strength in the human world was not able to break the array. I doubt you know the definition of strength."

The wind at the grassland caressed the yellow skirt. She was so skinny, but was gigantic at the same time. She was a petite lady, but was also a Grand Master.

The national master led the tribe for the blood sacrificing array, and utilized the witchcraft's secret reincarnation method. But all these were meaningless in front of her. Regardless of how miraculous the witchcraft's Buddha Dharma ceremony, it was not able to fight against her strength. 

She was the Master of the Devil's Doctrine who was secretive. She hid her identity in the cultivation world for 23 years. No one knew that the purpose of her wearing flowers in the hair and doing calligraphy near the east window of the old building of the Academy was due to the intention of the headmaster of the Academy to calm her down. 

She calmed herself down, stopped thinking about anything else. Regardless of the motives and techniques, they were all not important anymore. She cultivated with full of clarity and purity, with clarity in terms of mindset and purity in relation to strength.

She returned to the cultivation core of the Devil's Doctrine, moving back to the most appropriate route. Thus, she became the only person with the most powerful force in the Devil's Doctrine after thousand of years. She was not immortal but she could move a mountain. 

I could even move a mountain for you, not to mention a few steel boxes. 


"I don't think I've failed." The national master saw that blood was flowing out from his body like a fountain, his old face revealed his last sense of confidence. Looking at Yu Lian and Ning Que, he said, "At least I managed to protect the last descendant of the Golden Tribe." 

If calculated based on time, this terrible war among the strong that happened in the northern City of Wei had lasted for half a day. With Chan Yu's and Duoer Cavalry's speed of escaping out of fear, they might have left a few hundreds of miles already. 

"No use running so far away. Does it make sense at all?"

Ning Que looked at him and uttered, "You knew that they will all be killed."

At this juncture, snow fell from the sky. 

Although the wilderness was colder as it was closer to the central plains, and there were times where the snow was falling during late spring, but yesterday the surroundings of the City of Wei was so warm. How come there was snow at this moment? 

Ning Que raised his head to look at it, realizing that it was the gloomy clouds which was called out by the blood sacrificing array. As it had blocked the sunlight for too long, the bottom layer of the cloud started to grow frosts and eventually fell off. 

The snow was falling heavily, causing it to nearly become snowstorm. During a snowstorm, it was most difficult to track someone down unless one was a real strong individual. 

The national master thought that this was the chance of the Golden Tribe Royal Court.

Because he had already estimated that the Tang must be bringing the wild people from the eastern wilderness to fight the counterattack of the cavalry from the Divine Halls of West-Hill while only Yu Lian from the Academy came for the rescue, he assumed that she would not release another attack anytime soon. 

"Look, it's snowing."

He glanced at the snow which was falling from the sky and said with a faint smile, "This is the salt that Tengri released to the human world to protect its most faithful believers, leading them out of the river valley."

 Yu Lian lifted his head to face the sky, squinted his eyes a bit and said, "Back then, that girl liked to add so much salt when she cooked at the back of the mountain. Thinking about it makes me feel a little annoyed." 

The national master was slightly baffled and could only understand what she meant after a few seconds. He softly sighed for being speechless. As devoted believers of Haotian, to communicate with those from the back of the mountain of the Academy who lived with Haotian for a long time was a big struggle. A Da from the City of Wei was as such, and now his siblings were also the same. 

The snowstorm was fierce, filling the wilderness with a thick layer of snow after a short while. The snow was too captivating and it was hard to see the scenery from afar clearly. Out of a sudden, a spine-chilling howling sound was transmitted through the snow. 

It was probably the howling sound of a certain beast, but the sound was rather too loud. It left an impression that this beast must be very big in size to have such a huge resonance chamber for speech which could spread the voice in all directions 

The national master fixed his gaze toward the snow and he faintly saw many shadows approaching gradually. 

Those shadows looked very big, every shadow was similar to a small mountain. 

He was the national master of the Golden Tribe, hence he would certainly guess correctly what was approaching, causing him to alter his expression abruptly. 

Normally, this type of strong beasts would not be present at an area so close to the south. 

The ground was shaking a little, and the accumulated snow melted as a result of the tremble. 

Those shadows which were similar to small mountains slowly walked toward the snow, coming before the three of them. 

Appearing in the northern City of Wei was a group of snow wolves, a group of giant wolves from the snowfields. Hundreds of giant wolves from the snowfields standing quietly in the wilderness like a snowy river. 

If compared to those years when they were forced to head to the south, these group of giant wolves from the snowfields seemed to be different than before. They were no longer thin and exhausted, the scapula bones which were obvious back then were covered completely by strong muscles and white furs. To be able to obtain a consistent supply of food at a place that was closer to the human settlement in the wilderness relatively toward the south was all because of the advice from the Eldest brother. 

The national master looked a bit confused because he did not understand why these scary yet powerful creatures were present here. 

The female wolf at the forefront had soft, silky, and white fur with a gentle demeanor, appearing like a beautiful snowy mountain. 

A skinny and ordinary male wolf was riding on top of the body of a female wolf. In front of the female wolf was a small-sized snow wolf. It seemed like these three people were family members. 

Looking at this scene, the national master was extremely amazed. Today, he only knew that the leader of these powerful giant wolves from the northern coniferous forest was merely a normal male wolf.

What happened next caught him by surprise!

An ordinary male wolf straighten its body, appearing like a human being to salute to both Yu Lian and Ning Que. 

Yu Lian and Ning Que returned the favour seriously. 

The national master recalled of the black donkeys in the wilderness outside Guhe, and thousands of wild horses from a few days ago. 

He felt that the wind in the wilderness became colder but this was not related to the falling snow or the blood loss, but instead it was only related in terms of its view. 

Were all these from the Academy?

He suddenly felt that Tengri was so unfair. Or maybe, Tengri had no way to deal with the Academy. 

Ning Que made a whistling sound. 

The small snow wolf stared at him while wagging its tail happily. It did not run toward him but instead, turning over its body along with the big group of snow wolves and progressing toward the deep end of the snow. 

Since they were part of the Academy, certainly they should contribute to the Academy. 

Looking at the group of snow wolves vanishing in the snow, Ning Que turned over his shoulder to cast a look at the national master, and uttered, "Golden Tribe… will not exist anymore after today." 

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