Nightfall - Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Above the Sky

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In an old pavilion, miles away, Second Brother looked in the direction of the mountain indifferently. The mountain had been right there a moment ago, and then disappeared suddenly, both in his eyes and in his heart.

Chen Pipi stood behind Second Brother and scratched his head. He had no idea what was happening.

The battle between the Great Divine Priest of Light and Master Yan Se, both at the peak of Knowing Destiny State was not that easy to watch. He was curious. There were very few battles like this, aside from the ones his Youngest Uncle had been involved in years ago.

Second Brother was quietly observing. It seemed that he could see through what was happening, even though there was nothing but snow and wind. There was a kind of serious light in his eyes which seemed to chase the snow and leaves away.

Chen Pipi knew his Second Brother could see what was going on. He asked, "What's happening? Are they starting to fight? Sangsang won't be hurt, will she? If she gets hurt, Ning Que will kill me."

Second Brother frowned slightly and said, "Shut up and watch carefully."

Chen Pipi stopped talking and thought, "I can't see anything." 



Master Yan Se took something out. He gave it to Sangsang with a serious look and a few private words.

The Great Divine Priest of Light looked at Sangsang gently. He put an ID token in her hand and touched her head softly.

All they could talk about were their dying wishes. However, they did not know whose funeral arrangements were going to be handled by Sangsang.

Master Yan Se walked to one side of the cliff and closed his eyes to think.

The Great Divine Priest of Light walked to the other side and watched the sun above the snow peacefully.

Master Yan Se opened his eyes.

The Great Divine Priest of Light took back his gaze.

Master Yan Se focused on his old friend's peaceful face and began to laugh. He waved his right hand slightly in the air and a powerful talisman was formed. The strong power from the talisman made thousands of rocks float to the ground like huge raindrops.

His slender fingers, which seemed to smell of the girls in the House of Red Sleeves, fluttered to start the Shan Fu.

Rocks all over the mountainside fell like a heavy rain in summer. They hit the mountain and ground heavily, and left dents and dust everywhere.

The Great Divine Priest of Light stood in this rock downpour with his right hand above his head. His coat which smelled like hot and sour noodle slice or chicken soup shook as he started his Divine Skills.

A ray of Divine Light was burning on the top of his index finger. It was not threatening and it looked pure as if it was never going out into the rock downpour.

As long as the Divine Light pointing towards the sky was not going out, the rocks falling down would not hurt him.

The horrible rocks were still tumbling down. They dropped to the ground and then rose up into the air again and again. They seemed to never cease and it was as if there had been no trace of snow.

The rocks in front of him suddenly turned around him for no reason.

The Haotian Divine Light around his finger turned bright and lit up the whole cliff. Everything was clear.

The rising sun had hidden in the cloud.

But another sun had been born from his finger.



Bright, compassionate but fiercely cold. Gentle but strong.

It shined the world and it was everywhere.

The people who follow it must walk in the light. Those who turn against it will walk in darkness and will be destroyed.

Stones on the cliff, grass between rocks, tiny flowers, trees and people under the trees all were bathed in the bright light and frightened.

The rock downpour finally stopped.

It began snowing again. The snow landed on the invisible rainbow shield reflecting seven-color lights.

Master Yan Se opened his eyes and felt this purest light in the world. He watched the snowflakes in the air and waved his sleeve slightly.

The sleeves went across his chest in a straight line. It cleared all obstacles like a wind.

The subtle stone on the cliffs of the mountains suddenly became clear.

The two muddy paths hidden in the woods turned to granite. The mud on the ground froze and turned harder than rocks.

The sleeve drew one line; the crevice on the cliff drew another.

The two mud paths were both vertical.

Two horizontal and two vertical.

They were combined.

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It was a character of jing (井).

Jing Fu had been right there, showing the brightness of its contempt, disdains, and pride because it was the most powerful talisman in the world.

The character of jing (井) was the principle of measuring land, the core meaning of etiquette and of wonderful meaning.

The simple but powerful Jing Fu was formed of straight lines, dividing space into perfect pieces.

Jing Fu covered the whole mountain and cut everything, big and small.

Rocks rolling down the mountain were smashed.

Trees and grass on the mountain were smashed.

Flying snowflakes were smashed.

Even wind blowing across was smashed.

And the last thing was the cliff.

The brightness everywhere was becoming gloomy. It was falling apart with the disintegrating space.



This was the final state Master Yan Se had been looking for.

This Jing Fu covering the mountain had the true power. It could cut everything including space. It was thousands of times stronger than the one Wang Jinglue had come across in Spring Breeze Pavilion on that rainy night.

Brightness also needed space. How did it stay bright in broken space?

The Great Divine Priest of Light watched that Jing Fu in front of him and sighed inside. He knew that Yan Se had finally stepped toward the fifth realm.

It was intolerable for Haotian to dim, even to destroy the Haotian Divine Light.

His coat was broken. Even the lining inside had been cut into pieces by the Fu. The brightness covering his arms was as gloomy as the smashing by the Fu, but the Divine Light on his fingertip was still tough and firm, pointing at the sky.

Maybe his faith had touched the maker on the Firmament...

The Great Divine Priest of Light felt deep emotion. He looked up to the sky with tears on his face. He murmured, "Thank you for lending me your power, Haotian."

The brightness from the sun in the clouds exploded with a powerful strength. It went through the snow and clouds. It entered his aged body through the mountain and broken space.




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