Nightfall - Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Visiting Relatives, Returning to the City and the

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Ning Que brought Sangsang to many places in the first rain of the 15th year of Tianqi era. The first place they went to was naturally the Grand Secretary's Mansion. After all, the Grand Secretary and his wife were Sangsang's birth parents. And from what had happened recently, he could see that their feelings for her were real.

Ning Que felt nervous for some reason as he stood in the study, much unlike the strong image he presented the day before. Perhaps he knew that even if he did not need their agreement, he was naturally of a lower status to them. In fact, he was of a much lower status.

The Zengs knew of Ning Que's identity and would naturally not treat him as an ordinary person. Furthermore, they knew that the relationship between him and their daughter was not that of a simple master-servant relationship. That was why they treated him with respect, vigilance, unease and watched him intensely.

The people in the study did not mention anything about pulling Sangsang off Ning Que's records. Ning Que was very unwilling to have this done. Grand Secretary Zeng Jing considered Her Majesty's desires while Mrs. Zeng only cared about holding Sangsang's hands. Tears were abundant in the few days that they stayed in the Old Brush Pen Shop and the Scholar's Mansion, and nobody noticed this issue. Meanwhile, Sangsang was too lazy to think about it.

In the end, the two parties had a cordial conversation and established some basic principles for the future. Ning Que promised not to do anything that would harm their family reunion while those from the Scholar's Mansion also agreed implicitly that Ning Que would have first dibs at some things and the meeting ended amicably.

Following that, Ning Que and Sangsang visited the Princess' Mansion.

Li Yu looked at the master-servant pair under the big black umbrella and sighed lightly in her heart. She looked at Ning Que and said calmly, "You should know why Her Majesty is taking this seriously.

Ning Que had been busy yelling at lakes, killing monks and writing calligraphy these two days and had not thought that the incident would have anything to do with the palace. However, the matter was not complicated and he managed to understand the reason for it after a moment of thinking. He said, "I don't think that I am qualified to represent the Academy's stance. Furthermore, I think that neither teacher nor Eldest Brother would be interested in making a stand about this."

Li Yu said, "The issue is that we would need a clear stand from the Academy to maintain peace in the Tang Empire should the royal family not be able to make a decisive stand at that time."

Ning Que said, "I believe that the court officials would have their own biases at that time."

"What if the court officials were separated into two sects and cannot find common ground?"

Li Yu looked into his eyes and did not give him the opportunity to dodge the issue. She said, "Even though the Academy does not interfere with court matters, but its stand on the matter is important to the officials. Even though the military is estranged from the Academy, but should the Academy make their stand clear, I believe that there wouldn't be a general who would raise his objections."

Ning Que frowned and did not say anything.

"Why would a disciple of the Second floor of the Academy need to enter the human realm? That's because the Academy exists in the Tang Empire, and it needs the empire to be peaceful. And since you are the one who has entered the human realm, you need to bear responsibility for this."

Ning Que sighed, "This burden seems a little heavy."

Li Yu said, "Master Yan Se had entrusted the safety of Chang'an to you. The burden on your shoulders are already heavy, what's a little more?"

"One need not worry about having more debts, and one would not itch when there are more lice. Does this make sense?"

Ning Que lamented, "Your Highness should know that I was just an insignificant character when we first returned to Chang'an together. It hadn't even been two years and I have had to bear so many responsibilities. I am not prepared for it. Furthermore, to tell the truth, I don't think I am capable of it."

Li Yu said, "You are the disciple of the Headmaster and Master Yan Se. What had happened to you in the past two years since you came to Chang'an were not miracles. You have overcome those steep hurdles through your own abilities and perseverance. However, if you look at it from the end result, I'm afraid that there hasn't been anyone as lucky as you in the Tang Empire in the last five hundred years."

"I do not have the abilities to bear the burden of Chang'an City's security. There would also be someone else to worry about how the Tang Empire would continue on. Your Majesty's words really have no effect on me."

Ning Que suddenly understood some things. He felt significantly lighter. He said, "I can ask the teacher or my Senior Brothers and Sisters if problems that cannot be solved arises. I believe that they are wiser than me. I will only be that guy who passes on the Academy's advice then."

After a moment of silence, Li Yu smiled at him and said, "I hope that the person you see in the palace then will be me."

Ning Que said, "I can only hope that you won't be disappointed when you see me in the palace then."



The first rain in spring came and left silently. It disappeared without a trace after some pitter patter, leaving behind only dampness on the black roofs and whitewashed walls of Chang'an. The streets did not become colder; and it washed over the winter trees, wetting their bodies.

Ning Que handed the big black umbrella to Sangsang and tied it on her back. She looked up at him and asked, "Why are your conversations with the princess always so hard to understand?"

"They are just simple conversations." Ning Que thought of how Li Yu had supported the young power in the military who was loyal to her over the years. He said, "It is just that the person who makes the conversation is more complicated."

Sangsang said, "You did not say that she is an idiot today."

Ning Que replied, "Even though I still think that the way she is going about things is a little idiotic, she is still your friend. And my relationship with her is amicable, I shan't speak ill of her."



They went to the House of Red Sleeves and the casino in the west. They even went to the Imperial City and met Mistress Jian, Mr. Qi, Xu Chongshan and some other people. Ning Que did not stay long in these places and did not say much. He just brought Sangsang before them, and it was sufficient to show his intentions.

Sangsang has returned, you need not worry. You need not worry about her safety nor Ning Que's vengeful aura that was about to engulf the city.

They passed by the Southern Gate Temple when they left the temple. Ning Que looked at the temple's cornice and saw a sprig of winter sweet peeking out shyly. He suddenly thought of what He Mingchi had said. He looked at Sangsang and asked, "Even though I really hate that old man, you are his only successor. I heard that the West-Hill Divine Palace had wanted to take you back with them. This means that you might become the Great Divine Priest of Light one day. What do you think of that?"

Sangsang said, "Teacher did not tell me to go to the West-Hill."

Ning Que smiled and said, "I have no intentions of asking you to go either. It is just that it is interesting to think that my Sangsang could become the Great Divine Priest of Light."

"Having a Great Divine Priest of Light serve you tea and warm your bed is indeed something that you could be proud of. Aren't you worried that you'd be drowned in rumors if the millions of believers of Haotian Taoism knew that you had such filthy thoughts?"

Cheng Pipi had appeared before the two, and he said that to Ning Que mockingly.

Ning Que looked at him and asked, "How do you always find me so easily?"

Chen Pipi said, "That's because the stench of shamelessness on you is very strong."

Ning Que could not be bothered to argue with him and asked, "Why have you looked for me today?"

He suddenly remembered that Chen Pipi mentioned about the Academy's meeting when they were at the lake at the foot of Yanming Mountain. Those at the Academy had argued but had not come to a conclusion, and Seventh Sister had wanted to take him back for a questioning. He grew alert and asked, "What did Senior Brothers and Sisters argue about that they had to ask me to return to participate in? Are you trying to trick me so I can become their punching bag on behalf of you?"

Chen Pipi looked at Sangsang, who was beside Ning Que. He said, "That thing has been settled."

Ning Que asked in surprise, "How was it settled?"

Chen Pipi said, "Because someone had already settled it, so the Senior Brothers and Sisters have settled it too."

Sangsang pulled on Ning Que's sleeves lightly. She reminded him, "I think he's talking about you."

Ning Que nodded and said, "I could also hear the oddity in this matter."

Then, he turned to Chen Pipi and asked, "Since the issue is resolved, why have you still come to look for me?"

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Chen Pipi replied, "To get you to return to the Academy."

Ning Que asked, "What happened again?"

Chen Pipi said, "Teacher is back."



Ning Que stayed silent for a long while beneath the lonely winter sweet peeking out from the Southern Gate Temple.

He had looked forward to meeting the teacher, the legendary Headmaster of the Academy since he entered it. However, the Headmaster had been traveling and had not appeared even after Eldest Brother had. It was very sudden to have someone tell him that the Headmaster had returned to Chang'an.

Ning Que did not know what kind of person the Headmaster was. He had not heard of any other legendary deeds that the man had accomplished other than that snip on the Peach-Mountain of West Hill. However, he knew that someone who could be Youngest Uncle's Senior Brother, and someone who could teach people like Eldest and Second Brother was a person of the legends.

And this man was his teacher. He was so proud of it and his teeth hurt every time he thought of that. He was finally going to meet the teacher today, and he was so nervous and anxious that his teeth hurt. He wanted to run away from this subconsciously.

"I haven't brushed... I brushed my teeth. But... I am not prepared. Look, these clothes I'm wearing... they haven't been washed in days. There are still porridge stains on them."

Ning Que pointed at the beef and egg porridge stain on his robe. He explained nervously and seriously, "I think I should return to bathe, perfume and cleanse myself and change into new clothes before returning to the Academy."

"Bathe, perfume and cleanse yourself?"

Chen Pipi looked at him solemnly and said, "If the teacher knows that you have done all that, he will certainly have Second Brother beat you up badly. Teacher has always thought that only the deceased should enjoy such treatment. It will mean that you are treating him as if he were dead."

Ning Que did not know that he had already called the Headmaster a dead old man on the Building of Pines and Cranes's balcony. He listened to Chen Pipi's threats and heeded his advice, agreeing to return to the Academy with him immediately.

He looked at Sangsang and was about to ask her to return to the Old Brush Pen Shop.

"I'll go with you guys."

Chen Pipi glanced at Sangsang and said, "Teacher must be very curious about your little handmaiden who is the future Great Divine Priest of Light. He had specifically ordered for you to bring her along."

Ning Que nodded. Sangsang's held a nonchalant view of everything in the world other than him. She would go with them since he agreed to it.

However, they were forced to stop before they even left Chang'an.

The Vermilion Bird Street before the South Gates of Chang'an was filled with people.

Something interesting had happened to attract so many people after the rain.

Chen Pipi tip-toed and looked over the crowd.

To see a long bench in an empty space in the middle of the crowd.

There was a white dog lying beneath the bench.

There was a girl lying on the bench.

The girl was wearing tattered leather robes.

There was a long heavy slab of stone on the leather robes.




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