Nightfall - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: The Third Book

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There was no echo from the cliffs because the sky was in front of them. Ning Que' sounds disappeared soon after they left the cliff and did not last for long.

Looking at the cliff scenery, Ning Que was silent for a minute and turned around toward the cliff cave, but he subconsciously stopped when he was going to step into it.

Sangsang said, "If you want to go inside, go. I'll go with you."

Ning Que nodded and went into the cave with her.

He had been grounded here for three months and it afflicted his spirit and will badly. In those painful and hopeless nights, many times he had planned to escape from the cave with Sangsang just as soon as he broke through the inhibition and never came back.

However, after he got out, he discovered that he was so peaceful upon arriving back here. The boring and disgusting walls looked naturally beautiful at this moment, which was completely different from before.

Only after one had gone through a storm could he see a rainbow and only after one had suffered in the storm was he able to see the most wonderful rainbow on the cliff platform.

From the outside into the depths of the cave, it became darker. Ning Que was not adapted to it for it was his first time to go out in three months, so he extended out his index finger.

The pure Great Spirit was released from the water drop and flew through his channels into the Snow Mountain and the Ocean of Qi. It ran along his Meridians to his finger and turned into a round white flame.

Sangsang saw all of these and poked out her finger as well. As she walked beside him, a white flame came out of her finger.

Their two flames illuminated the entire cave as if it were daytime.

The only difference was that hers was stronger and more sacred.

They looked at the flames on each other's fingers and smiled.

Ning Que asked, "Is this the Haotian Divine Light?"

Sangsang nodded.

Like the theory in "Origin on the Primordial Qi of Nature", most of the aura in heaven and earth came from the sun. No matter how many different kinds the aura transformed into, as time passed by, it was still essentially the same, as well as the Divine Light summoned by both the Great Spirit and the Divine Skill.

However, time was still the most powerful existence in the world. It was hard to imagine erasing its trace within the Great Spirit and assimilating the Great Spirit and the Haotian Divine Light.

Ke Haoran did it years ago.

He cultivated the Great Spirit to the extreme and never had to simulate other kinds of the essence, instead, he cultivated it to the purest existence in the world.

It looked colorless to mixe all the colors of light together.

It became colorless sunlight as well if all the Qi of Heaven and Earth was mixed together.

The sunlight was the Haotian Divine Light.

The only difference between the most powerful Great Spirit and the Haotian Divine Light was that the former was less dignified and had more different kinds of aura than the latter.

Haotian owned the Divine Light and it only lent the Divine Light to cultivators.

However, the Great Spirit belonged to the cultivators themselves, who acquired their own pride and integrity.

Except for these tiny and irreconcilable differences, they were essentially the same.

The Haotian Divine Light could transform into numerous types of Qi of Heaven and Earth, so, when the masters of the West-Hill Divine Palace cultivated to the extreme, they could comprehend through analogies.

The Great Spirit worked in the same way. Therefore, when Youngest Uncle figured it out, such a genius like him did not even have to learn, but with only one look, he could understand the essence of the West-Hill's Divine Skill. He carved thousands of the sword marks and built a confinement array just from the Great Spirit that was in them.

Ning Que looked at the light on his finger and figured everything out.

He had not cultivated the same powerful Great Spirit as his Youngest Uncle at this moment, but he had gotten the principle and he was able to do some of it.

He had been working hard to solve the puzzles left by the Headmaster of the Academy for three months and he finally found the answers. While doing so, he had gained a lot.

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Besides the change of the Great Spirit, the most important thing was that he seemed to have seen some basic structures of Haotian. Furthermore, he had faintly seen the other unexpected shore.

These were the most valuable treasures and they would help and support him to go further in the future.

Because of this, Ning Que had a further understanding of the connection of fate and perseverance, which his Second Brother had recounted twice.

At this moment, Ning Que should be proud, but he did not feel complacent. Just as he had done when he was at the bottom of Daming Lake, or when he saw his Youngest Uncle's sword marks in the Front Gate of Devil's Doctrine, he walked in front of the peeling wall and kneeled on the ground to take a ceremony as a disciple.

It took his Youngest Uncle three years to get out of the cave, while it only took him three months. However, he knew clearly that it was not because he was smarter than his Youngest Uncle, but because he was given his smart Youngest Uncle's ideas and experience by the Headmaster of the Academy.

You could never be taller than giants if you are standing on their shoulders.

He inherited his Youngest Uncle's legacy, and as a result, he was nothing but a student of his.

Only if he could possess his own perception of the world without the help of his teachers' wisdom and experience and build a brand new system could he possibly be a real giant. Only on that day could he return to this cave and proudly tell his Youngest Uncle that he was no longer a student at all.

After finishing the ceremony, he stood up to walk out of the cave and came to the front of the cliff. He naturally thought of the master. Then, he rethought about the three months' prison time and well-understood the master's intention. The two books that he had given him not only contained the essential source of his Youngest Uncle's wisdom, but also told him two ways to break out of the cave, and taught him two other things as well.

Patience and courage.



Eldest Brother walked up to the cliff platform and saw Ning Que. He smiled gently and slowly said, "Our teacher asked me to check on you, and now I know why."

Ning Que greeted him respectfully and said, "Thank you for taking care of me recently."

Eldest Brother took the old hand scroll from his waist and handed it to Ning Que.

Ning Que was startled and then suddenly understood. He looked at the old book and asked incredibly, "Is this the third book that he asked me to read?"

Eldest Brother answered, "Yes."

Ning Que was too shocked to say anything.

He never expected that the third book that his teacher would give to him could only be read after he broke out of the cave. And the truly astonishing thing was that the third book was exactly the Tomes of Arcane.




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