Nightfall - Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: Trekking in Twilight

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Color of the sky was very dark. The wind was wild and the rain was heavy. In the wind and rain, stood a black horse carriage, dripping with water. Ning Que suddenly woke up, as he felt something. He got in the carriage and took the unconscious Sangsang into his arms. He held her wrist, trying to feel the pulse. He then laid her back onto the bedding. As he looked at her frowning brows and pale face, he frowned as well.

Sealing tight the cover of the roof, he got out of the carriage and went to it's front. He tried to pull together the carriage, which had been cracked by his own hands, in order to keep the rain from falling on Sangsang's face.

The big black umbrella was lying in a pond beside the carriage, trembling in the wind. Ning Que picked it up and walked to face the horse. He knelt down on one knee and covered the horse with the umbrella. Then he lowered his body to hold its neck.

Its head took a strong punch from Zimo. Even though the bones had not broken, it suffered a concussion and was painfully gasping for air. Being held in Ning Que's arms, it felt better and slowed down its breathing.

Ning Que hummed, holding its neck tightly. He helped it stand up from the filthy water and stroked it gently. They slowly walked into the temple to take shelter from the rain, at least, he would be able to slow the decline of the horse's body temperature.

Then he disappeared into the rain.

A moment later, the rain stopped and the sky became clear before the dusk could come.

Ning Que's figure reappeared in front of the temple with more than 10 black arrows in his right hand. The tips of the arrows were obviously bent out of shape and dripping with water.

The Primordial Thirteen Arrows were his most powerful, reliable and precious weapon. Wherever and whenever he could not lose them, so he went to Qingling to find them.

Looking at the obviously distorted iron arrows, he realized that if he could not carefully repair them, they were useless. Thinking that he had shot out every arrow in the quiver and was still unable to kill Prince Long Qing, he revealed an alert expression in his eyes.

Although at the end of the battle Prince Long Qing failed and was completely messed up. Ning Que knew clearly that it was not because of him. As his destined enemy, Prince Long Qing was unimaginably strong. If not for the pieces of Master Lotus's consciousness helping him, he may have already been killed, without a chance to fight back.

Having discovered a few pieces of meat on the ground, Ning Que walked in front of the horse and persuaded it to have some. Then he covered it with a blanket.

Opening the door, he lowered his head to get inside the carriage. As he threw the arrows into a corner, he felt uncomfortable, as if there was something between his teeth. He frowned and took it out with his fingers. It was a piece of meat which looked fresh but without any toughness of cooked meat.

It was raw.

It was a piece of raw human flesh.

It was a piece of raw human flesh from Long Qing's neck.

Ning Que bit Long Qing's neck previously and drank a lot of his blood, so the piece of fresh meat must have been left from that moment.

Staring at the reddish flesh in his hand, Ning Que frowned and tried to suppress his nausea. It was human flesh, moreover, it was Long Qing's flesh.

This kind of nausea was mainly because of instinct. It was because of Ning Que's consciousness that he was unwilling to have it in his stomach.

However, at this moment, he saw Sangsang, who was huddled like a child. After a long silence, he successfully suppressed his nausea, though he still looked pale.

He walked over to Sangsang, sat by her side and tucked in her blanket. Then he took out a knife, cut open his wrist and put it near her mouth.

Whether the pain of the deep wound on his wrist or comatose Sangsang's unconscious suction, none of it could change his expression. He just sat there peacefully, gently looking at her.

Having been poisoned, Sangsang was very weak and in a coma. She was unable to suck strongly. Therefore, the wound on Ning Que's wrist soon congealed and he had to deepen it to continue feeding her.

He had previously sucked Long Qing's blood which had been filled with strong medicinal power of the Heavenly Power Pill. Some of the medicinal power also entered his body. He had calculated that during the time he was looking for the arrows, the power of the Heavenly Power Pill had just entered his bloodstream and had not been completely absorbed.

In other words, only his blood at this time could save a man's life.

Making sure that Sangsang had enough blood, Ning Que moved his wrist away and got off the carriage. He walked toward the Big Black Horse. The last few drops of rain fell on his pale face, making him look glassy.

Looking at the Big Black Horse, he took out the most precious sealwort prepared by the Eleventh Brother, roughly wiped it on his wrist, and put it in front of its mouth.

The sealwort was rich in efficacy, except for the old yellow bull, big white goose, and the Big Black Horse, no one could swallow it directly. Even Ning Que, who had joined the Devil, could not. The sealwort smelled even more repulsive, covered by blood containing the Heavenly Power Pill.

The Big Black Horse wearily raised its head and looked at Ning Que. It sniffed the blood on the sealwort and thought that no one was willing to eat the bloody food – it was not its style.

It turned away in disgust.

Ning Que subconsciously raised his hand towards it. However, he became softhearted when he found that even though it was very weak and pitiful, it still pretended to be strong.

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"Come on. Eat up. It's good for you."

He said to the horse.

The Big Black Horse looked at him in confusion and thought, "Why was he so different today?"

The Big Black Horse had taken the bloody sealwort and Sangsang had drunk enough blood. Both of them were digesting the medicine.

During this period, Ning Que had done some simplistic repairs to the carriage's wheels. Looking at the walls made of steel, he was silent. He still had no idea why he was able to punch through these walls. It was very hard to do even for a real master of Devil's Doctrine.

In the end, he had to consider it as an outburst of a cultivator who had just entered the Knowing Destiny State.

The hole in the wall could be filled, but the magical array of talisman carved by his master Yan Se could not be repaired so easily, since the lines were cracked.

Sangsang and the horse were both stable, but they could not get better in a short amount of time. At this moment, as his carriage needed to be repaired and his girl needed rest, they were unable to go to Lanke Temple right now.

It was dusk. After the rain, Qingling looked gloomy. In the air, there floated a refreshing smell of life. It may have come from the juice in the grass or the blood hidden among the weeds.

The steel wheels ran over the soil, still soft after the rain, and half of them were stuck into the mud. The horse carriage made of steel was unimaginably heavy without the arrays on the walls.

At least eight fine horses were needed to pull the carriage. The Big Black Horse could do it when it was completely healthy, but now it had no energy to do so, since it was badly injured.

Ning Que held the halter in his right hand and dragged the carriage with his left hand, heading towards the meadow.

Behind the halter was the injured Big Black Horse.

In the black carriage was Sangsang.



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