Nightfall - Chapter 587

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Chapter 587

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Chapter 587: We Were All Resisting

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Ning Que always knew that Sangsang was special.

But he also knew that he himself was special too. Being a person from another world in this world was undoubtfully special. So he always felt that the Sangsang's uniqueness came from his own, as she was his destiny.

However, he had never expected that Sangsang was the more special one.

"When did the Eldest Brother find this out? Was it a long time ago, or more recently?"

Ning Que looked at Master Qishan and asked him. He had already guessed the answer, but he wanted to confirm it again, because this was very important to him, second only to the danger brought by Sangsang's story.

"I have no idea, " Master Qishan said. "But Mr. First has made it very clear in the letter that the Headmaster wants you to come to the Lanke Temple for the disease. He wants to see if the Buddhism Sect can remove the cold aura in her. Because the Academy knows that the Buddhism Sect has a method to deal with Yama sear."

"So, my teacher... also knows it already."

Ning Que joked. Many confusing matters now had clear answers. When he came back from the Wilderness, the Eldest Brother expressed his firm opposition to his relationship with Sangsang, which was quite contrary to his usual kindness. Perhaps he had vaguely guessed the real identity of Sangsang.

"But the teacher agreed to let Sangsang and I get married."

With that, he suddenly realized something. Then the most precious emotion came back to him, which was the trust he now felt.

Then he looked up, with his eyes turning bright and sharp. He looked at the people in the prayer hall and began to pat his scabbard slowly and rhythmically, full of a confidence that seemed to come from nowhere.

Because the sheath of podao was hard and thick, the sound was so dull that it could hardly attract anyone's attention, even though the temple was so quiet.

However, this world always has certain people- or rather, horses, with particularly good hearing.

The Big Black Horse chewing the grass and smashing plums in the backyard of the Lanke Temple had long become vigilant after the bell rang and the Light of Buddha appeared and kept staring in the direction of the temple.

It had already heard the ringing bell when Ning Que made the first pat.

It was an agreement between Ning Que and him. But he hesitated for a long time because he sensed the power in the Light of Buddha and knew that there were many powerful humans in the temple.

As the second dull pat came to him, the Big Black Horse opened his mouth, revealing the white tooth. It was determined as it lowered its head and left the prayer hall quietly for the mediation chamber.

It ran into the mediation chamber and came to the black carriage. It lowered his body expertly to bridle itself and then bit the leather strap and tried to leap forward by pushing off with its hind hooves.

With twice as much strength and power usually needed to pull the carriage, the Big Black Horse thought the carriage would begin to move quickly. It did not expect for it to remain motionless. Then it realized that the talisman on the carriage could not work without Ning Que. The carriage that was made of stainless-steel would be extraordinary heavy.

Fortunately or unfortunately, in the Chang'an City, the Big Black Horse had managed to pull the carriage several times though the talisman did not work. It was forced to puff and blow. Its muscles were tensed and its four hooves slightly trembled, dragging the heavy black carriage out of the monastery and heading towards the temple.

The steel wheel left nicks on the stone floor of the backyard of the Lanke Temple. Fortunately, it did not make a loud noise. As the Big Black Horse made no spare effort to drag the carriage, it felt a little bit worried that it did not seem very prudent to go to the temple right now. Since the plain hostess was such a bigwig, could it get some benefits in the Underworld if he was killed together with the idiot Ning Que?

Master Boshu looked at Ning Que and said, "If you can leave the daughter of Yama to the Xuankong Temple, you will be free to go and the Academy will receive the sincerest thanks and respect from the Buddhism Sect."

Ning Que did not reply.

After a moment of silence, Master Boshu said, "Although Dao Shi is my son, I can ignore the hostility if you care for the entire world."

Hearing his words, Quni Madi was slightly shocked. She looked at Baoshu with resent but dared not to speak.

At the entrance of the temple, Cheng Ziqing looked at Ning Que and said, "Mr. Thirteen, no one dares to not show the Academy respect. But since it has been determined that she is the daughter of Yama, we, as Sword Garret or warriors from any other cultivation sects, will not allow you to take her away. Please understand this."

Apart from a question for the Master Qishan, Ning Que remained silent. People in the temple thought that he must not be able to accept the fact that Sangsang was the daughter of Yama. So they were waiting for him to come to his senses.

At the moment, his expression revealed that he seemed to have accepted the fact and must be experiencing the painful struggles in his heart. As they felt sorry for him, people in the temple seemed to see the hope of amicable settlement and began to persuade him.

They thought that it must be a long and hard process for Ning Que whatever his decision would be. However, things did not go in this way.

"You see, as I have said many times on the journey, you will not die."

Turning to Sangsang's small face, Ning Que said, "If you are the daughter of Yama, how could you die? Death means nothing but a return to home. There is no need to say all those last words. Come to think of it, we were really funny at that time. It's fine as long as you have ensured that you will not die of the cold aura."

He didn't know it before because he didn't want to know. Now that he knew that his former handmaiden, who was his current wife, had the power to destroy the whole world, it was nothing but an acknowledgement of old knowledge for him.

"I told you that the Buddha will not tolerate you! He will not allow the daughter of Yama to live in this world! How long do you think you can sustain in the Light of Buddha?"

Quni Madi looked at him and shouted angrily, "Ning Que, don't think I don't know that you are attempting to buy time so that the Academy can come to save you. No matter how arrogant the Academy is, it will not protect the daughter of Yama. Just give it up. Think about the reason why the Academy wants you to come to the Lanke Temple."

"What does this have to do with the Academy?"

Ning Que held the hilt of the podao again and said, "In those years when I was not a student of the Academy, I, carrying her on my back, climbed so many mountains and killed both humans and beasts who tried to kill us. Now that she has grown up and I have become so strong, are we weaker than the past?"

Listening to what he said, the crowd suddenly became vigilant and cold.

In the prayer room at the rear part of the temple, a person remained in silence for the entire time. No one paid any attention to her silence, too distracted by the ups and downs of the situation today. At the moment, however, she raised her head and looked at Ning Que.

Mo Shanshan had not uttered a single word for the entire day but her expression had changed several times. Initially, she smiled because Ning Que had defeated Quni Madi and Flower Addict, yet had a win-win situation with Master Boshu. Later, she appeared shocked and was at a loss when Sangsang's identity was revealed.

Although he did not look at her, Ning Que knew that she was looking at him. So he shook his head firmly.

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He was sure that Mo Shanshan could understand him. There was an unspoken agreement between them, since they had fought side by side for so many times in the Wilderness two years ago. But he did not want her to take sides, even if it could benefit him.

Underworld Invasion was such a huge issue that even the Academy could not handle it, not to mention her, a Calligraphy Addict who had just entered the Knowing destiny State. Ning Que hoped that she had the freedom of not taking any sides.

"For the sake of the world, I beg you in a humble manner to leave the daughter of Yama to the Xuankong Temple. I can promise you anything except this one."

Master Boshu looked at Ning Que and said to him.

Ning Que looked at him and said coldly, "I want you to die. Will you?"

"If the world can be saved, I will."

Ning Que did not know how to respond to his answer.

Looking at Ning Que's expression, Quni Madi realized that the greater the price people in the temple would pay, the more painful he would be. "If you can leave the daughter of Yama, " she said in a coarse voice, "I am also willing to die."

"Your life is worthless, " Ning Que said calmly.

Quni Madi became furious.

Then Ning Que looked at Master Boshu and said, "You said it's for the sake of the world, but what does the world have anything to do with me? I am not a buddhist. If it's for the sake of a righteousness, what does righteousness have to do with me? I am not a taoist priest. I am only an ordinary student in the Academy, and I just want to leave with my wife."

"Nobody can ever resist the rules of Haotian, " Master Boshu said.

"Just because you feel you can't resist doesn't mean you don't want to resist it. In fact, in this world filled with rules, you, I, and everyone else are constantly resisting something."

Looking at the crowd, Ning Que said, "We take medicine to resist disease when we are ill. We eat ginseng to resist aging and maintain health. We do the cultivation to resist death. Some even commit suicide to resist life."

"As the president of Commandment Yard, you have a bastard. The priest also has a bastard named Wu Dao. It is said that Master Qishan is the bastard of the last chief priest. I do not want to gossip, but in fact you are all trying to resist Buddha's precepts or moral constraints."

Master Boshu and Quni Madi looked ugly with anger, while Master Qishan shook his head with a smile, seemingly being fond of such derogatory words to Xuankong Temple.

"Obviously, your attempt to kill Sangsang is also a kind of resistance." Ning Que took a look at Sangsang and continued, "But I do not want her die. So you must allow me to resist your resistance."

"Do you really want to protect the daughter of Yama?"

Master Boshu became grim and solemn. "You should know that she cannot live in this world. The Academy asked you to bring her to the Lanke Temple, not for healing."

Ning Que shook his head and said, "The teacher and the Eldest Brother asked usto come to cure her."

Master Boshu said seriously, "The illness will naturally disappear if the patient dies."

Ning Que said, "If it were someone else, I would really doubt that he might cooperate with the Buddha's conspiracy when he asked me to bring Sangsang to the Lanke Temple. But I trust my Eldest Brother."

Quni Madi could not understand his confidence at this time. "Why?" She asked in a sharp and angry voice.

"Because he is my Eldest Brother," Ning Que said.



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