Nightfall - Chapter 625

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Chapter 625: Invincible Among People With The Same State

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Ning Que was vigilant and uneasy, but he did not realize that Qi Mei, who was looking at him in front of the broken wall, felt even more complicated. The Buddhist sect and Taoist sect were determined to ignore the Academy and kill the Daughter of Yama. So they had made sufficient investigations and preparations in advance, and their absolute focus was on Ning Que's state. Finally, they had drawn a conclusion that made many people felt so shocked that they could not speak a word.

——this man was invincible in a battle among people with the same state.

There was always a legend in the field of cultivation that a Talisman Master could basically outstrip the cultivator with the same state, especially when their state was even higher. However, the thought of both sects of Buddhism and Taoism-- that Ning Que was invincible when fighting with someone with the same state-- was not based on this kind of cognition. After all, it was just a legend. Generally, a Talisman Master was not very good at fighting.

However, Ning Que was really good at fighting and had numerous powerful fighting methods. If they kept a long distance while battling those of the same state, then the Primordial Thirteen Arrows would become the world's scariest weapon. It would have a longer killing distance than the flying sword. Unless faced with an extremely strong man such as Liu Bai, the Sage of Sword, he would remain unparalleled.

If the cultivator chose to fight at a close distance with Ning Que, who had joined the Devil because of cultivating the Great Spirit and had an extremely strong and powerful body, Sangsang was good at it. If they chose to fight with Ning Que through manipulating the Qi of Heaven and Earth, Ning Que was already a Divine Talisman Master, so he could stop all things around him.

If they wanted to compete with Ning Que in terms of Psyche Power, it would be even more meaningless, which could be proved by the death of Master Dao Shi in Chang'an City and Qi Nian's futile fighting in Lanke Temple. If they planned to compete with Ning Que in terms of willpower or divine methods, no one dared to say they were more powerful or unpredictable than Ning Que, except for the Divine Priest of Judgment-- Ye Hongyu.

These were things that Ning Que had already proved in the past battles. Even Cheng Ziqing, who was in the middle of the Knowing Destiny State in the Sword Garret, and Master Boshu in Xuankong Temple were all defeated by him. Although Mo Shanshan, the Calligraphy Addict, had helped him then. Therefore, they could not choose someone to defeat Ning Que according to the level of his state.

The two sects of Buddhism and Taoism finally decided to have the Divine Priest of Judgment-- Ye Hongyu, Luo Kedi and Master Qi Mei to plot the killing of the Daughter of Yama. Just based on the previous analysis and forgetting about their habit of being alone; Ye Hongyu, Master Qi Mei, and Luo Kedi who were either in the Wilderness or in the swamp were all the best candidates to fight with Ning Que.

Luo Kedi was a strong cultivator in Martial Arts, and Master Qi Mei had the strongest power in the Xuankong Temple when fighting in a close distance. Although Ning Que's close combat ability was very strong, he had only cultivated the Great Spirit for a shorter period of time. Thus, it was impossible for him to outrun these two bigwigs from this perspective .

Master Qi Mei had been chasing Ning Que and Sangsang from the depths of the wilderness to Chaoyang City. Before they met today, he had been silent and calm because he thought that as long as they met, everything would come to an end.

However, he had not expected that just after finding Ning Que and the Daughter of Yama, he would only have a moment with them. The Daughter of Yama had not even started a fight, yet Luo Kedi had already suffered a serious injury and he had suffered as well.

For other strong cultivators, they would certainly feel doubt and even want to retreat when faced with the current situation. But Qi Mei was extremely calm, because he believed that he would definitely defeat Ning Que, or at least hold on to him until the horse carriage entered Chaoyang City.

"Mr. Thirteen's sword is so fast."

Qi Mei glanced at the wound at his lower abdomen that was healing gradually yet was still terrible. He Looked up at Ning Que who was standing in front of the broken wall, and said, "You can't kill me".

Ning Que held the hilt on his right hand and slightly tightened his grasp. He looked at this middle-aged monk and said, "As long as it is a human being, it can be cut to death. The difference only lies in how many times I should cut. I just want to know who I am going to cut?"

"The poor monk Qi Mei."

"Oh, the high-ranking monk of the Xuankong Temple, so you must be the Younger Brother of Qi Nian."

Looking at Sangsang behind Ning Que, Master Qi Mei said, "Mr. Thirteen, you really do not have any pity for the lives of the world and must protect the Daughter of Yama? Even the Headmaster would not accept your action."

Ning Que replied, "The Headmaster did not say what I was doing was wrong."

Master Qi Mei said, "But he didn't say that you are doing right, either."

"If it is not forbidden, then you can do it. This is the rule of the Academy." After a pause, Ning Que added, "And even if the Headmaster says that I was wrong, I still won't change my mind."

Qi Mei said with a sigh, "You really have an extremely firm mental state. Unfortunately, neither I nor the people of Chaoyang City will let you leave with the Daughter of Yama."

Ning Que looked at a tree in the distance which Luo Kedi was leaning against with a bloody body. He was gripping his own throat with his right hand, surrounded by some people who seemed as if they were treating him.

"At first, you two could have kept me here. But unfortunately, Luo Kedi was already wounded severely and you can never defeat me alone."

Master Qi Mei said calmly, "Then, why have you not left yet, Mr. Thirteen?"

Ning Que turned away from the tree and looked at this powerful middle-aged monk in front of him. He said calmly and naturally, "I'm thinking about leaving right now, or leaving after killing you."

Master Qi Mei folded his hands and said with a poker face, "As I said before, you cannot kill me."

Ning Que said, "But I have also said, as long as it is a human being, it can be killed. The only thing we don't know is how many cuts it will take."

Master Qi Mei put down his right hand, and looked at his left hand which only had two fingers left. He said calmly, "When I was young, I also asked myself the same question-- how many cuts will it take to cut myself into countless pieces? Then I'd like to be burnt so that I can gain eternal peace."

"I'd cut my little finger first, followed by my ring finger and my middle finger. But when it was time to cut my index finger, I can not cut it regardless of how hard I've tried."

He looked up at Ning Que and smiled, "How many cuts will it take to kill yourself?"

Ning Que had seen Qi Nian's motionless body once in the Lanke Temple, and he had seen that old monk's left palm with a golden flash before his death in the Wilderness. He knew that the Buddhist Sect's secret techniques were very strong, so he said after a moment of silence, "I've killed an old monk not far from the banyan tree."

"It was the preaching monk who died in your hands."

Master Qi Mei said, "Mahāsattva has been seeking wisdom in numerous Buddhist scrolls in his lifetime, and he could not bear to expend his time and energy on the outside world. Thus, his body has practiced into a golden Buddha."

"That sounds very powerful." Ning Que looked at the palm of Qi Mei, thinking of the golden flash that had once appeared, he asked, "Could it be that there was anything stronger than the Golden Buddha?"

Master Qi Mei said, "There are thousands of Buddhism practices in the world, but they all have the same principle. That is, to be trained as the Buddha, who cannot be defeated both mentally and physically. However, I only trained myself as the Buddha physically."

"You are really a Buddhist sublime being. You can tell the truth even in the face of your enemy, which is really admirable."

However, one could not see any admirable gaze on Ning Que's face. He showed a slightly ironic smile and said, "Being enlightened after one's fingers have been cut was really an excellent story. You should have made it longer and in a more detailed way."

Master Qi Mei gave a slightly severe look and he knew that Ning Que had already seen past his intentions.

"Ever since you discovered that you may not be able to keep me here. You've been delaying time. It seems that there is a bigwig, who is even more powerful than you that will come to Chaoyang City soon."

Ning Que said, "I know my own strength and state clear. If I'm fighting empty-handed, I can't even defeat you, let alone the bigwig. so I can't allow you to postpone my time anymore." "The reason why I'm willing to talk with you and listen to the finger cutting story is that I too need to take a rest and make some preparations. I have decided to leave after killing you."

After saying this, the sharp and gloomy podao turned into a gray thunder, crashing into the air and cutting towards Qi Mei's throat.

His seven fingers spread out in the air to catch the blade that seemed faster than lightning. Qi Mei was ready to catch the sword even if Ning Que would cut into his chest.

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However, no one had thought that Ning Que altered his podao abruptly, and it disappeared in front of Qi Mei like the flowing water. Then, he withdrew it, and suddenly turned it into a hammer and slammed on the ground.

Through the anti-earthquake force from the blade, Ning Que's knees were slightly bent, his body was lowered, and he jumped up to the broken wall with Sangsang on his back. Then, they swept away to the heavily populated houses after stepping on half a brick.

The confrontation started on the broken wall. Qi Mei's plan was to delay time, but Ning Que's plan was to flee. He did not have the thought of killing this high venerable monk of the Xuankong Temple at all, regardless of whether he could do it or not. Even if he could do it, he would certainly pay a high price for it. Then, how could he escape with Sangsang?

He was creating an atmosphere where he could smash everything in one cut, whether through his talk or his momentum. But all of that was fake, all he wanted to do was to prepare for their escape.

Looking at the shadow that had swept above the broken wall, Qi Mei made a low sound. His body seemed to have been lengthened suddenly-- after he stretched his right arm forward-- especially his arms, which were hitting on Ning Que's back heavily.

Sangsang was carried by Ning Que on his back and the palm was just hitting towards her body.

At the moment when Qi Mei was about to land his palm, he felt a little bit of shame. Even though she was the Daughter of Yama, she was still a thin and sick little girl. Using her to threaten Ning Que was definitely not a glorious action, and it wasn't matching with his reputation as a Xuankong Temple monk. But beside this, he could not think of another way to kept Ning Que here.

Ning Que didn't shout at Qi Mei for his shameless and fake action, because he had no time to say it. He knew that these words were meanless, after all, what the two sects of Buddhism and Taoism wanted to kill was Sangsang all the time. But he didn't act the way Qi Mei had excepted, forced to turn around to protect Sangsang and being besieged by more than ten West-Hill Divine Guards, because he had already made preparations.

During their previous conversation, Ning Que spoke the truth until the end. He had made some preparations under the broken wall during the intervals of their fight. He believed that those preparations would help him and Sangsang escape.

It was not known when the big black umbrella had come into Sangsang's hand. She opened it to cover her back.

There was a piece of Fu paper between the bricks of the broken wall, which had turned into a plume of green smoke quietly.

The Qi of Heaven and Earth around the small courtyard suddenly condensed and fell with the palm of his hand which was as powerful as the mountain. However, that Qi of Heaven and Earth collapsed instantly when coming close to the big black umbrella.

Countless extremely fine and invisible lines appeared before the broken wall. They were extremely sharp, almost as if they could cut everything in the world. It was Ning Que's Jing Fu, which he inherited from his master-- Yan Se.

A West-Hill Divine Guard was cutting towards Sangsang's legs which were exposed outside the umbrella. A string of broken sound rang on his blade, and the rune flashing on seemed as if being scared. Then, the guard's sword suddenly broken into three pieces with fear and gloom.

The rest of the West Hill Divine Guards who had been chasing after Ning Que were alert to the sharp cutting in the air in front of them. They stopped to move forward with difficulty and rolled around in a mess after being forced to lower their bodies.

Master Qi Mei also discovered the stern and powerful talisman and thought it must be Jing Fu instantly. However he did not feel scared or withdrew like the West-Hill Divine Guards, instead, he continued to sweep over the broken wall with a look of perseverance.

After countless light sounds, more than 20 lines of blood appeared instantaneously on the bodies and cheeks of Master Qi Mei. His already broken robes were cut into hundreds of squares and flew around.

After the fight in Lanke Temple, the two sects of Buddhism and Taoism both knew that Ning Que had become a Divine Talisman Master and had learned a very powerful Divine Talisman. In comparison, his Jing Fu was also very powerful, but it was still at Seethrough Realm. Thus, his power was still far from Master Yan Se, who could cut the sky and land with his Jing Fu.

Master Qi Mei had already become a Buddha physically, so even if Jing Fu could make him seriously injured, he could always revive as long as he did not die on the spot. That's the reason why he did not hesitate to rush to Ning Que.

If he knew that Ning Que was using the Divine Talisman that no one in the cultivation world knew, he would not have dared to rush to him even if he was trained as a Buddha physically. However, he was certain that Ning Que would not use the Divine talisman as it would exhaust his great psyche power until the end. If he had done so then he would think that it was worth it even if he died.

Master Qi Mei rushed to the severe talisman in front of the broken wall, with the determination of martyrdom as well as the mercy of protecting all common people, In an instant, his blood was spurting again. As what he had thought, Ning Que did not hide that Divine Talisman in Jing Fu. His feet had finally stepped on the broken wall.

At this time, Ning Que had swept to the top of a house that was ten feet away with Sangsang on his back and was jumping to a small temple across the street. However, when he jumped into the air, he turned around suddenly.

He had already held the iron arrow in his hands and was about to shoot.

Master Qi Mei expression changed all of a sudden and jumped down from the broken wall.

There was a slight sound as the string of the iron arrow rang around the courtyard. The iron arrow, which was used for killing Gods and destroying the Buddha had already come to the broken wall before the string rang, shotting through the ear of Master Qi Mei.

The earlobe of Master Qi Mei was broken into bright red flesh powder and scattered into the air.

The iron arrow continued to shoot through the chest and abdomen of two West-Hill Divine Guards before shooting deeply into the ground, leaving only a dark hole.

Then, these two West-Hill Divine Guards fell to the ground and died, without any sound.

Master Qi Mei looked at the figure in the distance which was sweeping quickly between the tiles of the houses. His bloody face showed a very complicated look as he knew that he could no longer catch up with that man.

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