Nightfall - Chapter 648

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Chapter 648: Good at Battle

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Standing on the ground and looking over, the two vague runes were absolute straight lines. However, if one were to look from the dark clouds above, they could see that the runes were already curved. They were slowly becoming two overlapping circles and encircling the bloodied Ye Hongyu within.

A Two-Horizontal Talisman was a divine talisman and was Ning Que's strongest means besides his Primordial Thirteen arrows. When it first appeared in Lanke Temple, even Ye Su and Qi Nian didn't dare to despise it. No matter how strong Ye Hongyu was, she had to be alert.

At this moment, the sky was above her while the lower half of her body was pond water and mud. Between the sky and earth were the two horrifying talismans. It seemed like there was no way to escape and no way to avoid Ning Que's lightning-like knife skills.

Ye Hongyu dived into the pond water without hesitation, just like how she chose earlier to kneel down opposite of the bank of the pond earlier. During a battle, she didn't care about any manners.

She would forget that she was the Great Divine Priest of West-Hill and that she was a woman. She would even forget who she was, not caring about any discomfiture or humiliation. All that matters was that she won in the end.

Actually diving into the pond was risky too. The pond water was already murky and the water was stagnant, this would affect the battle greatly. However, she was still as flexible while swimming in the water. Her blood-red robes stuck tightly to her alluring figure when in contact with water. She seemed like she had turned into a real red fish, about to pass through the two runes in an instant.

Looking at the red fish in the water, Ning Que didn't look shocked as he had long guessed what Ye Hongyu would do. With a slight step, he raised his hand in preparation to slash down.

Even before that could happen, there was suddenly a lot of blood-red turbulence in the water. The Two-Horizontal Talisman had seeped into the water's talisman and there were dozens of tiny cuts on her body.

The water in the pond swayed and the talisman was fierce. Ye Hongyu couldn't proceed further and the water foams splashed everywhere, as white as a peony. Her figure peeked out from within the waves as she took out her sword and pierced it straight between Ning Que's eyebrows.

What a fierce Taoist Sword aura! Ning Que raised both his hands as if he was lighting up the skies. Just as he slashed down towards the wave, the knife skills were heavy and unblockable. He suddenly felt the aura of the Taoist Sword but that didn't stop him.

Ye Hongyu looked at the podao that had chopped down towards her. She was expressionless as the Taoist Sword that was formed from the two fingers on her right hand still pierced forward steadily. It was as if she didn't care about her life.

At this moment if the two of them didn't change their tactic and held back, Ning Que's knife would cut Ye Hongyu into two halves while Ye Hongyu's finger sword would pierce right through Ning Que's Ocean of Qi. He would either die or become retarded.

The knife still landed and the finger continued forwards. Bringing with it the awe-inspiring energy of destroying everything in its path, it had the malicious intention of ending everything together.

Ning Que and Ye Hongyu were both gambling.

They were gambling with their life and the other person's life.

They were gambling to see if the other person treasured his or her life.

The two of them looked incredibly indifferent.

Using Ye Hongyu's words from the past, only two people in the cultivation world understood what a true battle was. One of them was her while the other was Ning Que.

The two of them were too good at battling. Their life was a continuous battle for survival and hence, they had almost the same psychological quality and strong will to fight.

They had finally reached the most critical moment of life and death in this battle. However, they had no idea who was more vicious, who was more vicious to oneself and more indifferent and familiar with life and death.

If Ning Que was alone, he really wouldn't retreat.

His state wasn't as high as Ye Hongyu and the fact that he could use his iron arrow to plot against her and to push her into such a mess, forcing her to gamble on her life, it was already a success. In the face of such a rare opportunity, he was very willing to use his life to gamble with Ye Hongyu's. Even if at the end of the day, both of them would be hurt.

However, Sangsang was just standing by the bank behind him. She was very sick and the whole world was after her. If he died, she would die too. Hence, he cannot die.

Looking at Ye Hongyu's calm eyes under the blade, Ning Que was sure that even though she was the Great Divine Priest of Justice, she could still die any moment as she was alone. He had to back down.

Ning Que quickly moved his knife and blocked it at the front of his lower abdomen. Ye Hongyu's finger sword was clearly aiming between his eyes but for some reason, he thought that she was going after his lower abdomen.

This was purely an instinct that he had nurtured from countless battles and a conclusion drawn by intuition.

Ye Hongyu pierced out from the waves. She was smaller and her sword was indeed aiming at Ning Que's lower abdomen. It landed heavily against the thick surface of the knife and gave off a muffled sound.

A faint light appeared on the surface of the podao. That was the image of the aura of heaven and earth condensing to an extreme.

Ning Que's wrist was severely injured as he felt an annoyance at his chest.

Just as Ye Hongyu's finger sword pierced on the surface of the knife, a transparent Taoist Sword that was condensed from the water in the pond silently floated up from behind her. With a swish, it pierced into Ning Que's left chest!

Ning Que gave a muffled snort as the Great Spirit in his body rushed out of his body and covered his chest and abdomen. The Taoist Sword that was condensed from the pond water caused it to rain. His body swept back in a rush as he spat out a few mouthful of blood in mid-air.

He landed heavily on the ground as a deep hole was left in his chest. If the Great Spirit in his body wasn't unusually tough, his heart would have been pierced cleanly by this sword.

Ye Hongyu stood on a blade of water grass. She had multiple wounds on her body as blood seeped out continuously. They instantly soaked her already wet divine robes and dripped into the pond water below her feet.

The clear light shone obliquely from behind her as they passed through the damp divine robes. There weren't any captivating feelings as the scene seemed especially fierce. She was already the Divine Priest of Judgement and no longer the Tao Addict that she was back then by the Yanming Lake.

Ning Que used his hand to press against the bloody hole by his chest. Looking at the girl on the water, his body felt exceptionally cold.

He had been in the Knowing Destiny State for less than half a year and his state was unstable. If it was a head to head battle, he wouldn't be a match for Master Qi Mei of Xuankong Temple. He might not even be able to defeat Luo Kedi. However, he had his Primordial Thirteen Arrows as well as his divine talisman. These two items are strong tools when it comes to killing someone above his state. Moreover, he was good at fighting and was used to being ambushed. Hence, he could fight so well at the front.

Today, facing off against Ye Hongyu who was another equally good at combat and not ashamed of sneak attacks, more unscrupulous and stronger than him, all his fighting means were useless.

Looking at Ye Hongyu who was walking over to the bank, he suddenly shouted, "Stop!"

Ye Hongyu held her hands behind her back as told but didn't stop walking in the water.

Ning Que asked, "What did you promise me at Yanming Lake?"

Ye Hongyu stopped.

Ning Que said, "You said that if we meet in the battlefield in the future, you would spare me twice."

Ye Hongyu shook her head and said, "I used it once at the Taoism Temple in the Kingdon of Qi. You only have one chance left."

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Ning Que said, "Once is better than none, I will use it now."

"Okay." Ye Hongyu said cleanly before looking at Sangsang behind his back and said, "Then I shall kill her."

Ning Que's expression changed slightly as he looked at her and said seriously, "What is the difference between killing her and me?"

Ye Hongyu thought for a while and said, "That does make sense."

She didn't attack as she started meditating, restoring the Psyche Power that she had used.

Ning Que felt slightly relaxed.

Ye Hongyu said, "You are indeed much stronger than before, but I still do not understand how you escaped from Chaoyang City. Even from the beginning, you could use the Primordial Thirteen Arrow to ambush the monks in Xuankong Temple. But when they started to notice, you wouldn't be able to defeat Qi Mei."

Ning Que said, "That is a very long story and has something to do with a little boy. I believe you wouldn't be interested."

"Indeed I am not."

Ye Hongyu extended her right hand, her palm was aligned with the gradually calming pond water.

In a moment, a Taoist Sword that was condensed from the pond water had slowly risen from within the pond. She grabbed hold of it.

She looked at Ning Que and said, "I am still more interested in killing you."

Ning Que said, "Didn't you agree to let me off for once?"

Ye Hongyu said, "Earlier I have already let you off, this is a new battle."

Ning Que's face turned color as he said, "Since when did you become this shameless?"

Ye Hongyu replied, "I thought I had no weakness in battle until I met you. Only then did I realize that I still have my weaknesses, hence I have always been learning from you."

Ning Que said, "Did you learn my shamelessness? Why did you not learn my kindness and compassion? Perhaps even my calligraphy."

Ye Hongyu didn't bother about him as she took a look at Sangsang before continuing, "Later when you all go on the road, it will save you from being lonely."

Ning Que thought back to how he killed Quni Madi and her family. Thinking silently, such a dismal ending was never in his plan. Hence he had to continue fighting.

His right hand was covering his left chest that was continuously bleeding. He had no idea from when but there was many more Fu paper between his finger. The Fu paper was already wet from the bloodied water and was almost like a piece of evidence from a murder scene.

Among the swooshing sounds, Ning Que threw all the Fu Paper into the water pond. He released the powerful Psyche power from his sense of perception and communicated with all the Fu paper incredibly accurately. He then released all of them at the same time!

Those who are good at battle are good at learning about their opponents in battle. It was the case for Ye Hongyu and for Ning Que too. Ye Hongyu learned how to be shameless from Ning Que while Ning Que had learned about many things from all the enemies that he was up against during his cultivation career. Such as the countless Fu paper dancing above the pond of water right now.

This was something that he had learned when he had assassinated Xiahou's top commander Gu Xi back in Tuyang City. After that at the house in Yanming Lake, he had used the same method to deal with Xia Hou.

Within an incredibly short amount of time, countless talismans were released. Although it seemed to have happened at the same time, every talisman's order of release had been meticulously calculated. This is to let those completely different or even entirely opposite talismans to not disappear as it was released in an incredibly small area. Instead, they were released more gorgeously and violently until they became a sea of flowers, a storm in the sea.

The aura of heaven and earth around the swamp had been attracted over by the Fu paper to the sky above the pond. Countless turbulent flows rushed against each other and didn't stop tangling and squeezing each other. They directly cut the connection that Ye Hongyu had with the aura of heaven and earth.

This is an incredibly unusual Talisman Taoism technique but for Ye Hongyu who had a high cultivation state, it could only hold her for a while. It couldn't defeat her and hence even though she was alert, she wasn't scared.

At this moment, Sangsang who was standing by the side quietly watching both Ning Que and Ye Hongyu talk and fight, almost as if she was an outsider, finally moved.

The big black umbrella was already opened. She held the handle and pointed the umbrella towards Ye Hongyu.

Then, she shone brightly.

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