Nightfall - Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: Between Shooting and Not Shooting

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The first arrow, which looked like it would succeed, failed in the end. Ning Que didn't show any frustration and his calm expression seemed to show that he had expected it. The white turbulence gathered as the following four arrows that were shot traveled as fast as lightning.

The Hierarch Lord of the West-Hill Divine Palace could not be killed so easily. If he could be shot with a single arrow on the battlefield, all the legends in the West-Hill classics would become a joke.

According to the rules on the battlefield, since Ning Que wasn't confident, he shouldn't have used the precious chance of the first arrow on the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace. However, today's battlefield was different from a normal one. If Ning Que could not kill him, no matter how many people he killed, he wouldn't be able to change the current situation. Moreover, nobody else could hold back the temptation of bringing down the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace. He wasn't willing to give up without a try.

Ning Que's target sequence was normal. The stronger person or the one that was most threatening would be at the front of the list. The first person to be shot was the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace while the next in line would naturally be Ye Hongyu.

In the blood-red chariot, Ye Hongyu's black hair strands were like arrows. Her body was shaped like a broken arrow as she bent backward and fell. At that moment, the iron arrow was there and with a swish, the chariot was blown into countless pieces.

Several strands of black hair fell as a stream of blood flowed down her forehead. Ye Hongyu landed on the floor of the chariot; her blood red robe was spread out like the sunset clouds. It was supposed to be a beautiful scene but it looked extremely embarrassing.

However, no matter how embarrassed she was, she managed to survive. However, the thought of that iron arrow that was incredibly close to her eyebrows and the thought of being so close to death had left her with a pale face.

Ning Que's third arrow was aimed at the Great Divine Priest of Revelation.

Earlier on, the Great Divine Priest of Revelation had battled against the First Elder of the Desolate Man with their psyche. Even though he had won, he had paid an incredibly huge price. At the moment, he was meditating in the chariot, attempting to recover as soon as possible.

At this moment, the Hierarch of West-Hill Divine Palace was able to react on time. The large figure in the chariot's top chamber immediately straightened up, as a thunderous scream sounded throughout the Wilderness.

A bolt of lightning exploded in front of the chariot of the Great Divine Priest of Revelation. Countless streaks of white lightning didn't stop churning, almost as if it was going to suck everything that entered the ball of lightning.

The iron arrow was shot into the lightning ball as it was slowly stripped, becoming thinner. However, it wasn't completely swallowed up. It became a thin shadow as it shot past the lightning and entered the chariot.

The iron arrow had been weakened by the lightning ball from the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace. Its powers were greatly weakened.

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation extended his right hand and lightly picked up the iron arrow that was right next to his face. His actions were smooth, almost like using a chopstick to pick food; but then again, it was like holding up a picture.

However, his expression was anything but relaxed. The wrinkles on his face got even deeper; the edge of his eyes started bleeding and at the end, blood even started flowing from his wrinkles. Only then did the iron arrow between his fingers calmed down.

The meditation of the Great Divine Priest of Revelation was interrupted by the Primordial Thirteen Arrows. Suffering another one after a major injury would leave him unable to battle in the short term. He wouldn't be able to join in the final battle today.

Ning Que's third arrow had perfectly shown the intention of a fight. However, no one would have thought that his third arrow had another even more important motive; it was to provide cover for the fourth arrow.

His fourth arrow was shot into the middle of the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army again. The arrow cluster wasn't directed at the chariot where the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace was standing but rather, at Luo Kedi who was beside it.

Back in Chaoyang City, Luo Kedi had been seriously injured by his arrow. His throat was pierced and Ning Que had no idea how he survived, and even restored his cultivation. The West-Hill Divine Palace most probably had a secret Divine Skill, but he was determined to not give the West-Hill Divine Palace any chance to heal anyone today.

The Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace had blocked an arrow for the Great Divine Priest of Revelation and hence, had no time to bother about the arrow that was shooting towards Luo Kedi. This was because no matter how strong he was, he was only human and there were some things he couldn't do.

The iron arrow accurately pierced through Luo Kedi's throat, almost like the thread in a maiden's hand passing through the eye of a needle. It was relaxed and casual yet had a pleasing feeling to it.

Blood splattered slightly as the iron arrow disappeared into the Wilderness.

The neck bone became powder while the blood and flesh turned into foam.

Luo Kedi's eyes were somewhat lost; he had no idea what had just happened.

He wanted to look at his aching throat, worried that he wouldn't be able to speak again.

Once he lowered his head, it fell.

His body was huge like a mountain.

His head falling was almost like a rock falling from the mountain peak.

Landing on the ground, it gave off a dull thud.

The divine guards of the West-Hill Divine Palace surrounded the body of Luo Kedi. Looking at their commander being beheaded like this, an intense fear rose from within their eyes followed by grief.

At this moment, a deafening scream and wailing sounded from nearby. They looked back in astonishment as they saw chaos in the military camp of the South Jin Kingdom. They had no idea what was happening.

On the floor of the Military camp of the South Jin Kingdom was a huge pool of blood with pieces of flesh in it. There was a body torn in half that had golden-rimmed cloud boots on its feet. The person was probably from the royal family.

A few eunuchs and some professionals from the Sword Garret of the South Jin Kingdom turned pale, looking at the pool of blood and flesh. They trembled in fear and one even fainted in tears.

"Your Highness... your Highness..."

A general from the South Jin Kingdom knelt beside the bloody pool. With a pale face, terror filled his eyes and he seemed to have been scared out of his mind. He couldn't stop shouting, almost as if he wanted to revive the person from the ghastly remains.

If he couldn't be revived, the general would definitely die. Countless people from the South Jin Kingdom's military and eunuchs in the Wilderness would become turn into similar pools of blood and flesh in the near future.

This was Ning Que's fifth arrow.

The crown prince of the South Jin Kingdom that was supposed to replace the commander of the king's army also died very cleanly.

All were silent in the Wilderness.

Whether it was the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army or the Desolate Man's tribe, in this short period of time, no one spoke. Everyone was shocked beyond words and some had even lost their spirit.

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The West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army was on the verge of victory. They just had to ride forward and they could cut off all the heads of the Desolate Men to completely exterminate them. At this moment, 5 steel arrows flew from the Wilderness.

The 5 arrows were for 5 people.

The Hierach of the West-Hill Divine Palace, the 2 Great Divine Priests of West-Hill, the divine guards of the Divine Hall's commander, Luo Kedi as well as the crown prince of the South Jin Kingdom. Anyone of them was extremely important. Especially the 4 of them besides Luo Kedi, they were looking at gaining power or were already in power. They were existences as lofty and precious as a king. The Hierarch Lord of the West-Hill Divine Palace and the 2 Great Divine Priests of West-Hill were existences that could even count as almost godly.

For the past years, who would dare launch such an attack at the 5 of them at once? If someone heard of such a situation, one would think that the person was not in his right mind.

However, the result of these five arrows was that the Great Divine Priest of Revelation was severely injured, so he could no longer fight and was forced to stay away from today's battle; the Great Divine Priest of Judgment was in a mess to escape from any sufferings; Luo Kedi and the crown prince of the South Jin Kingdom died.

The targets that Ning Que had chosen weren't only considering their powers and prestige; it was mostly evaluated from a battle angle. The key was that he had the ability to carry out such strategy.

Luo Kedi was the most trusted subordinate of the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace. They represented the direct powers of those who were loyal to the Hierarch Lord. Having such a terrible death, these powers would definitely be uneasy and some might even have other ideas.

The South Jin Kingdom's army was one of the main forces of the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army and had always stayed beside the Hierarch's chariot. The death of the South Jin Crown Prince would definitely bring about chaos to the South Jin Kingdom Army, because of the enormous psychological impact on the generals and cavalries. The South Jin Kingdom Army's combat prowess would decrease sharply.

If his first arrow could really kill the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace, even if it was a serious injury, today's situation would most possibly have a decisive change because of the five arrows.

From a strategic standpoint, the general of the Tang Empire's cavalry, as well as the Great River Kingdom's Master of Calligraphy who were of the highest state cultivators in the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army would appear as being better qualified as targets for the iron arrows than Luo Kedi and the Crown Prince of South Jin Kingdom.

However for some reason, Ning Que didn't choose them.

To the east of the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army, the disciples of the Black Ink Garden of the Great River Kingdom showed complicated emotions on their faces. Zhuo Zhihua looked at her teacher's wide back and wanted to say something but didn't in the end.

The Master of Calligraphy Wang looked at the north in silence, his brows slightly furrowed.

The disciples of the Black Ink Garden and him had seen the 5 arrows. They saw the horrifying destruction they had caused and even though he had been in the Knowing Destiny State for so many years, he wasn't sure what would happen if those arrows were for him.

Moreover, despite how humble he was, he clearly knew that within the coalition army today, he was supposed to get one of the arrows. There was only one reason why Ning Que hadn't shot him.

The left shoulder of Cat Girl was hurt. There was a bandage wrapped around it and her lovely little face was extremely pale. She said with a tearful voice, "Do we really have to fight with Brother Ning?"

At the west of the Wilderness, the Tang Army was at the front.

General Xian Zhilang who had replaced Xia Hou for more than 2 years already, looked at the Desolate Man's tribe that had suffered many casualties. He wanted to find Ning Que but failed.

He kept silent for a long time before giving a laugh and raised his right hand, commanding the tens of thousands of cavalry soldiers to wait for his orders.

One of the generals frowned and asked, "Retreat?"

Xian Zhilang shook his head and said with a smile, "In front of the whole world, how can the Tang Empire, retreat alone? However, the others are tired and they need to rest."

Shooting arrows was a way of fighting, but deciding not to shoot was also a tactic. Moreover, it required smarter people and those who could accurately predict the situation. The Great River Kingdom's reaction and the Tang Army's regrouping had proven that Ning Que's judgment was correct.

The Wilderness was silent. The West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army looked at the north nervously, wanting to find Ning Que. Under the threat of the iron bow, pushing forward had become something incredibly frightening.

However, north of the Wilderness was full of Desolate Men that were injured or dead. It was hard to spot Ning Que between them. Hence, the problem for the coalition army now was, how many arrows did he still have?

Or how could they find him.

Or how could they force him out.

At this moment, a stern and loud voice sounded from within the chariot, lifting the curtains with its pressure and making the golden railing shine, reaching the front of the Desolate Men like lightning.

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