Nightfall - Chapter 706

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Chapter 706: The Tang's Belief

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There were many people like Xian Zhilang, who strongly believed the Tang would win the battle in the end.

Some of them died last night.

Some of them were still battling.

A Tang general waved his podao and cut a Yan soldier in two.

He was the commander of the Northeast Border Military Forward Camp, Sheng Yongli.

He had a good name, especially for a general. Both the dead Emperor and General Xia Hou would like to see his name on the Battle Reports. As his name appeared more and more times, he became a commander of the most powerful armored cavalry of the Northeast Border Military.

Of course, even if the Emperor's illegitimate son could not live on a name, and took such an important position in the army, Sheng Yongli was brave and skillful in battle, which was the key point.

He had killed a lot of enemies in his life, including the men from Yan, Song, the barbarians of the Left King's Palace, and the Desolate Men. However, they were not as many as the ones he killed tonight.

The buildings collapsed and the Forward Camp was ambushed. He rushed to the front with his spear. As the spear was broken, he changed to a podao. As his right shoulder was smashed and deformed, he shifted the podao to his left hand.

The podao had collided with so many grassland men and the Yan soldiers, now broken with many gaps. Then at that moment, he saw the Papal Cavalrymen of the West-Hill Divine Palace.

Followed by his subordinates, he rushed to his enemies and continued killing.

He could not remember how many enemies he had killed.

He only remembered the fear and despair on the Papal Cavalrymen's faces.

He only remembered all the enemies in front of them had turned to corpses.

He killed and killed until dawn came.

He killed from Long Street to the palace.

The memory was very bloody, but he felt joyful.

Blood dripped from the wound on his head, over his eyes and coloring his vision red. The palace no longer showed not the slightest beauty, only a bloody scene.

He was exhausted. While he remembered he had not yet completed the general's order, he dragged his injured right leg and supported his heavy body with the broken podao, heading to the depths of the palace.

Even though he didn't look back, he knew he had lost all of his subordinates who entered the palace following him.

Because he did not hear their footsteps.

Sheng Yongli didn't care. He kept moving forward.

A few flashes jumped into his sights which should be the fire the other Tang soldiers set when they entered the palace. Unfortunately, they barely survived and the fire was soon put out by the guards and eunuchs.

Sheng Yongli shook his head with regret.

Then he saw a red palace gate.

He did not know where it was.

He put the broken podao under his arm, pushing the heavy door open.

Behind the door was a side palace, where many panicked maids and eunuchs were running and screaming.

Looking at the bloody Tang soldier, they screamed louder. The eunuchs screamed even more piercingly than the maids.

Sheng Yongli was stunned and held the podao in his hand. When he found an old man in bright yellow behind the eunuchs and maids, he thought he must have blurred vision and rubbed his eyes.

As his fingers left his eyes, they were covered with blood.

Some brave eunuchs began to scream and club him.

Sheng Yongli was about to counter when he found all his strength was used off when he pushed the palace gate open.

Boom! A stick heavily hit him on his head.

Even though the stick could not hurt him more seriously since two deep wounds were already on his head, he still felt dizzy and barely stood still.

Staring at the old man in bright yellow, Sheng Yongli was tottering and refused to fall down.

He fixed his eyes on him.

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Only the emperor of Yan was allowed to wear the bright yellow clothes in the palace.

He had been fighting and searching for the emperor for a whole long night. However, when he was about to complete the order from the general, he was exhausted and was going to die immediately.

Sheng Yongli was unwilling to die.

He was adamantly unwilling to die.

The emperor of Yan had been seriously ill for many years. He would be dead any time. He was alive just because of the doctors and drugs from Chang'an. Since his emperor was dead, why was he still alive?

Sheng Yongli yelled angrily.

Then he used all his strength to throw the broken podao toward the old man in the distance.

Considering his injuries, he should be dead. He held on, just because he had a faith in his heart and he actually had little strength left.

The podao fell down on the ground before touching the old man, bouncing a few times and nearly hitting the old man's toes.

The emperor of Yan had been sick for so many years and he had been delirious when the Tang Army sieged the palace. Seeing the podao flying toward him, he was so frightened that he collapsed into a eunuch's arms, pale. He even didn't figure out if the podao had hit him.

"I am frightened to death."

Screaming and kicking, he closed his eyes and gave his last breath.

Screams and cries sounded in the side palace. The eunuchs and maids fled to all directions and no one attended to his body. In a panic, a maid knocked over an oil lamp and set the curtain on fire.

Looking at this picture, Sheng Yongli took a long time to figure out what had happened. He muttered to himself, "So he was scared to death? Was he truly an emperor?"

Knowing his mission was completed, he felt so much pain and exhaustion. He slowly sat down on the ground and closed his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.

Sheng Yongli, the commander of Tang's Northeast Border Military Forward Camp, won the last battle in his military career.

The news of the Emperor's death was quickly spread to the prince's residence.

Looking at the smoking palace, Xian Zhilang burst out laughing after a long time, presumptuously and happily.

"Even if you ambushed us, even if the Princess and I were deceived, you have to exchange your Emperor's life and palace with our Northeast Border Military."

Crown Prince Chong Ming changed his face while Long Qing fell silent.

Looking at them, Xian Zhilang coldly said, "It is not enough. I am telling you, someday the Tang Army will exterminate Chengjing City."

Long Qing said, "There will be no Tang in the world, and naturally there will no longer be a Tang Army."

"Her Highness and I are indeed the sinners of Tang. But do you really think the battle in Capital Cheng can shape the destiny of Tang? To eliminate Tang? With just you?"

Looking at the crowd, Xian Zhilang sarcastically said. Then he committed suicide with his own sword.

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