Nightfall - Chapter 780

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Chapter 780: What a Pity!

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From next door, the yelling of Aunty Wu and the reprimanding of Boss Wu could be heard.

Ning Que looked at the ruins and smiled for no reason. Then he turned around, back toward Lin 47th Street with Mo Shanshan, heading for the next location.

He and Mo Shanshan wandered in the streets, like tourists that had come from far away. Although they looked peaceful, they both knew they were in great danger.

Up until now, the Abbey Dean had completely controlled the initiative. As soon as he felt threatened by the God-stunning Array, he could retreat, but Ning Que could only wait passively.

Even though he had avoided the Abbey Dean's notice, he could feel that the Abbey Dean was getting closer, so he needed help. Fortunately, he had passed by many people.

Chang'an was quiet in the early morning. There were few families cooking at this time and no one was selling hot and sour sliced noodle soup because they all anxiously stayed at home.

A peaceful sea was still a sea. Ning Que entered the sea and hid in the sea's aura.

The Abbey Dean showed up in wind and snow once again. His green robe was badly torn and his arms were injured, but they were not bleeding.

As more and more Talismans of "Yi" appeared, the cracks on the God-stunning Array were almost fixed. The crucial point was that the deepest cracks were fixed by the marks one by one.

Looking at the direction of the Old Brush Pen Shop, the Abbey Dean appreciatively said, "You are so amazing that you can figure out the origin of everything in such a short time. However, it is too late."

Ning Que walked around the city to make marks. Even though he looked relaxed, he sometimes revealed a sad expression while talking about some old memories.

All of Mo Shanshan's battle comprehension had come from Ning Que when they were in the Wilderness. Given that, she knew how cold and calm he would be in a fight, so she felt he was acting weird at this moment.

Emotions were useless in this tense situation. Ning Que should not have allowed himself to act like this.

"We rented the Old Brush Pen Shop together; we bought the house on Yanming Lake together; we even planted the lotuses in the lake on our own. She liked those little things weaved with wicker that I taught her when she was little."

Ning Que continued, "She used to go shopping in Lotus Pond since it was cheaper. When she was happy, she liked to order food from the Building of Pines and Cranes. And whether she was happy or sad, she liked to buy cosmetic powder in the Chenjinji Cosmetics Store. These are all her favorite places."

Mo Shanshan did not know why he was talking about all of that until she remembered the places they passed by. She had a vague understanding of what he was about to do.

"Most of the traces that she and I left in the city have been swept away. What a pity!"

Mo Shanshan asked, "Why do have you to do that?"

Ning Que said, "I have been thinking about a question recently—how did Haotian Taoism tear open the God-stunning Array? He Mingchi was smart but he was too weak. Even if the Abbey Dean helped him, he could not accomplish that. Then I guessed that maybe Haotian Taoism had figured out a plan over the past thousand years. However, after the Abbey Dean entered the city, I confirmed that he was not capable of that.

"If I can't understand how to, then I will not fix it. But just now, when you told me to chop the faded lotus, I suddenly came up with one possibility."

He said in a low deadpan, "Maybe even she didn't know, but where she had been to has now turned into our problems."

Mo Shanshan was confused and said, "I don't understand. You mean... Sangsang?"

Ning Que answered, "Yes, Sangsang.

"She was a part of Haotian, so in other words, she was Haotian. The city was built for her. During the time she and I lived in the city, she intentionally or unintentionally did a lot of things."

Mo Shanshan was shocked and said while trembling, "That is just your speculation."

Ning Que did not argue with her. Looking at the brothel in front of them, he said, "Only if we can clear away all of her traces and aura will we be able to completely fix the God-stunning Array.

"If I knew that we would end up like this, I would have not brought her to Chang'an."

He spoke with a bitter smile.

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Looking at the expression on his face, Mo Shanshan suddenly felt sorry for him.

The table engraved with the Chicken Soup Calligraphy in the House of Red Sleeves was chopped into pieces.

Ning Que brought Mo Shanshan to the Chao Mansion on Spring Breeze Pavilion Street.

The mansion was heavily guarded and Mr. Qi, as well as dozens of experts, were watching over the garden while Linzi was hugging the baby in the room. There was a mahjong table in the front hall.

Old Master Chao had gotten a bad piece and was about to discard when he saw Ning Que come in, so he happily pushed down his tiles.

"We have visitors."

The prefectural magistrate of Chang'an City, Shangguan Yangyu, was sitting next to him and had seen the tile in his hand. Even so, he could do nothing but stand up to salute.

Ning Que said, "I've come to say goodbye."

He saluted Old Master Chao and said, "Uncle, I have to leave."

Old Master Chao did not say anything, but the expressions on the faces of the Zengs sitting next to him changed. Mrs. Zeng worriedly said, "Be careful."

"Please take care and don't worry."

Ning Que bowed deeply and left with Mo Shanshan.

Old Master Chao said, "It seems that your son-in-law is going to marry a new wife."

Mrs. Zeng spat out a mouthful.

Then, everyone in the room stopped talking and laughing, falling silent. They all knew why Ning Que had to come here—his only family in the world was here.

"What a pity that I thought I had found the character but I haven't! But I am able to see it even if I don't understand it and can't write it down.

"What a pity that I realized it so late! Otherwise, I could have fixed the God-stunning Array. What a pity that the character is too difficult to write! Otherwise, I can try to kill him.

"What a pity that even though Chang'an is so big, he can still find me!"

As Ning Que looked at the street in the wind and snow and spoke, the figure of the Abbey Dean appeared.

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