Nightfall - Chapter 789

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Chapter 789

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Quietus emerged from the Abbey Dean's eyes and was devoured by Ning Que's Practice of Taotie. It enveloped the entire Chang'an City through the array eye pestle, making the storm and snow become even wilder and the cold spread further.

The Vermilion Bird Avenue was also very cold. As more and more Tang citizens appeared at the wall and on the street, the temperature gradually rose. They stood side by side in the crowded street, stepping on each other from time to time. The ice and snow gradually melted, and some people began to feel hot.

The Tangs felt their hearts getting heated, and their blood grew hot until their entire bodies felt boiling. They clenched their fist, waved their arms and cried out in anger.

Around Vermilion Bird Avenue, a cacophony of shouting, killing, and swearing could be heard. People kept hurling bricks, chamber pots, tea scraps, leftovers and urine at the Abbey Dean.

The Tangs believed in Haotian, but also incredulously believed that man's determination could conquer nature. This was because while the Headmaster had not touched the affairs of the world for many years, his endless courage in the struggle against the heavens had spread to every town and city. It entered the blood of every Tang citizen through the Academy, the royal family, the imperial court and the army.

They knew that the Taoist in indigo on the street was an extremely powerful powerhouse, undefeatable. Even though the ordinary person was as weak as an ant before him, two teens from Sanyuanli held their knives and rakes and rushed towards him. Even if the Abbey Dean was a human eating monster, they would still try to go against him.

Even though we can't beat you, can't we scold you with so many mouths? Even if this man was shameless and disregarded our scolding, if we hurl excretions at him, would he not look pathetic?

The Snow Street had looked like a holy palace earlier. It was ethereally beautiful and the snow was equally clean without a trace of dust, just like Haotian's face.

As the crowd attacked, the street became filthy. The blasphemous shouting, killing and swearing as well as the stench of the world was carried by the storm and snow into the skies high above. They smeared onto Haotian's face and it was a great embarrassment.

The Abbey Dean looked at the filthy aura of the human realm floating into the sky and raised his eyebrows slightly. The excrement and urine did not stain his attire but made him slightly angry.

Within the scope of his vision, there were at least thousands of Tang citizens on the Snow Street. He could also sense that there were more Tang citizens heading towards the Vermilion Bird Avenue to their deaths.

The Abbey Dean was slightly surprised to see so many Tangs on the street. But he did not care. He only cared about implementing Haotian's will and ending the millennia-old history that the Headmaster had left on earth.

Chang'an was full of snow and wind and there were countless lines of Talisman of "Yi" that Ning Que had hidden earlier in the snow. The talismans successfully filled the gaps of the God-stunning Array, leaving only a single path.

There was no change to the situation. The Abbey Dean had to kill Ning Que that was on the Vermillion Bird Avenue. And between the both of them, was a large crowd.

The Abbey Dean walked into the crowd.

The Abbey Dean was called Chen Mou, which was one of the most common names in the world. He looked like an ordinary person. When he walked into the crowd, he was like a drop of water that merged in the ocean of people.

Then, a storm started in the middle of the ocean. Many people were tossed into the air, just like waves hitting against reefs. They brought with them white snow as they dissipated into the dangerous nature.

The men in black clothes who rushed at him with knives fell into a pool of blood. The dozen Yulin Royal Guards who charged forth on their horses fell off and did not rise again when they were still hundreds feet away from the Abbey Dean.

The Abbey Dean gradually appeared in the crowd. Behind him was a scene of utter devastation. Under the oppression of a terrifying aura, the crowd gradually parted.

Then, the Tang cultivators acted.

The Imperial Center Administration had been quietly lurking in the surrounding city streets. Several Array Tactical Masters started the Encircling Array Tactical and the Qi of Heaven and Earth around the Vermilion Bird Avenue changed drastically. Some turbulent primordial Qi turned into locks in the air around the Abbey Dean and blocked his path.

Almost at the same time, more than a dozen military Sword Masters hiding among the ordinary people suddenly and violently started to shoot. There were sounds of clanging and ringing as bright flying swords rose into the air and plunged towards the Abbey Dean.

The Abbey Dean's expression changed little. He flicked his sleeves and continued forward.

With the flick, the sword styles in the vertical and horizontal long streets suddenly turned soft and weak like drenched straw. Meanwhile, the primordial Qi locks fell onto the ground like overripe apples in autumn. They fell to the ground, shattering into mush and splashing up juice.

The Tang's Array Tactical Masters hidden in the city were impacted by the reflection of the primordial Qi and bled to death on the spot. The more than ten Sword Masters' Natal Swords were destroyed by the Abbey Dean with his flicking sleeves. It was unknown whether they were alive or dead.

The Abbey Dean continued forward, searching for Ning Que who was behind the crowd.

The crowd was disturbed, the flying bricks stopped for a moment, and then continued to fall like heavy rain.

However, even cultivators' flying swords could not touch the Abbey Dean, let alone bricks. Master Huang Yang's prayer beads could not even trap the Abbey Dean for a moment, much less sewage.

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The Abbey Dean continued forth calmly. The people blocking his way were crushed like ants or tossed into the air.

The brave Tang citizens continued surging at the Abbey Dean and died.

The Snow Street turned into a street of blood. There was blood flowing everywhere.

Courage was a word worthy of respect in the world, but in front of the absolute power representing Haotian, it was so weak and ridiculous that it could hardly be described as heroic.

In the face of the gap that could not be countered, the people in Chang'an should have despaired and given up like ants looking up at the sky.

Incredibly, while sorrow, anger and unwillingness could be seen on their faces, there was not a trace of despair in them.

They did not despair, cry or curse any longer. Instead, they continued fighting in silence. Even if it was a hopeless fight, they would fight to the end.

A coolie porter picked up a pole and threw it at the Abbey Dean, then he died.

A peddler from a foreign county picked up the dagger he used to protect himself in the mountains. And then, he died.

A man nobody knew pounced at the Abbey Dean, and then, he died.

People picked up bricks, kitchen knives, shot at the Abbey Dean with their family bows and arrows, and then died.

They were dying for nothing.

Dying did not sound good, it even seemed stupid.

But men were wonderful creatures. Even though they knew that the end result could not be altered, many would still persist due to one reason or another.

People even created a word with similar meaning for this purpose.

Pursuing death.

The Tangs were pursuing death today.

They were all pursuing death.

They wanted to stop the Abbey Dean.

The towering city walls of Chang'an City failed to stop the enemy.

So they built a new wall with their own flesh and blood.
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