Nine Star Burden - Chapter 891

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Chapter 891: 891

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“Oh? India? China VS India!” Leris was suddenly interested.”The conflict between the two countries has been going on for a long time. There’s going to be a good show.”

Most of the people on the plane looked at him in shock, but some people laughed out loud. Obviously, they knew what Lelis was shouting. The popularity of the World Cup was no joke.

The air stewardess hurried over and motioned for him to keep his voice down.

Jiang Xiao looked at the four participants of the Indian team and saw a rather familiar face.

Wasn’t this young man the Indian guy who had asked for his autograph in the hotel’s underground parking lot?

What was his name again … Well, forget it. It’s not important.

The two teams were staying in the same hotel. The drawing of lots …

Jiang Xiao smiled and shook his head. It wasn’t scary to live together, but whoever lost would feel embarrassed!

After getting off the plane, Jiang Xiao was picked up by the national team Leader. The day before the competition, everyone would visit, chat, and encourage each other.

However, no one came to disturb Jiang Xiao that night, and he didn’t wander around in other people’s rooms either. He knew that it was because he and Wu Haoyang were about to fight.

However, to be honest, given Wu Haoyang’s character, there was no need for them to be so careful. The strange atmosphere continued until the next day, when Jiang Xiao got on the minibus. There was very little communication in the bus.

Jiang Xiao and Wu Haoyang were, of course, in the same car when they were fighting. Jiang Xiao wanted to say hello to Wu Haoyang, but second master Wu squinted his eyes and seemed to be taking a nap while holding his Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Hence, Jiang Xiao decided not to disturb him.

The atmosphere was still serious when they arrived at the stadium and entered the players ‘locker room.

There were a total of three Chinese team members in the locker room-Jiang Xiao, Wu Haoyang, and Yi qingchen.

Yi qingchen’s strength was very strong, and he was also the so-called “poison milk disciple”. He was extremely popular and a hot topic. After the last round of the competition, the organizer had received feedback from many parties and had arranged for Yi qingchen to enter the Bailin city’s Olympic Stadium as a “regular guest”.

She didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. She, who was arranged to be the first match in the afternoon, sat quietly on the long bench and wiped her giant blade back and forth. Under her round little head, her beautiful eyes looked back and forth between the two of them.

“It’s time to warm up!” The team leader of Gong Juren team pushed open the door of the dressing room and greeted Jiang Xiao and Wu Haoyang.

Wu Haoyang stood up and turned to look at Jiang Xiao with a serious expression.””Don’t hold back!”

Jiang Xiao chuckled and said,”I have no choice but to hold back. The three of you can’t even beat me.”

Wu Haoyang glared at Jiang Xiao and said,””Just wait and see! Hmph~”

With a nasal voice, Wu Haoyang turned around and left with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade.



“Qingchen, bring me my heavenly halberd!” Jiang Xiao said while scratching his head.

“Eh?” Yi qingchen was clearly stunned for a moment. She blinked her eyes, but still bent down and took out a heavenly halberd from her big and small bag, throwing it over.

Jiang Xiao placed his mobile phone on the stool, stood up, and answered the call.””Let’s give the young second master a lesson!”

Yi qingchen’s voice was gentle as he asked,””Do you want me to send you a Weibo post?”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Yi qingchen looked at Jiang Xiao inquisitively and blinked his beautiful big eyes.

Jiang Xiao looked at her dazed and adorable face and said,””You’re really ruthless! No matter what, Wu Haoyang is our teammate. We can just decide the winner and the loser. We can’t post this on Weibo. ”

“Oh,” Yi qingchen’s face was filled with regret as he rubbed his buzz cut, as though he really wanted to take over Liu Yang’s mission.

Jiang Xiao walked out with the halberd in his hand and gently patted her hair at the door. Yup, it felt nice to touch.

Humans were really complicated creatures.

Why was it that the gentle, shy, and well-behaved girl offstage seemed to have changed into a different person on stage? He was simply an emotionless killing machine.

Jiang Xiao sighed and followed the team to the arena.

The first round of the competition was very special as it was a Chinese internal battle. Of course, the leaders could not let Wu Haoyang feel that he was being neglected. Hence, two Chinese coaches were seated on the substitutes ‘bench in each half of the game.

Moreover, the head team’s captain, Gong Juren, was sitting on Wu Haoyang’s half-court substitute seat. He had given second master Wu a lot of face.

“Jiang, Jiang, Jiang …”

As soon as Jiang Xiao walked to the exit of the stadium tunnel, he heard the thunderous cheers. Amidst the enthusiastic cheers, an extremely special sound was heard from the stands on the left side of the stadium tunnel.

That voice … It sounded especially familiar.

“Aiya, you’re putting on a big show here! What’s with the clanging …” Another sweet female voice was heard.

Jiang Xiao looked up and happened to see a young lady with her hair tied up in a bun slapping the back of Qian Zhuang’s head.

“Hehe.” Qian Zhuang covered his head with both hands and smiled in embarrassment. Noticing that Jiang Xiao was looking at him, he smiled excitedly and hurriedly waved at Jiang Xiao.

“Ya ha!?”

Jiang Xiao was stunned for a moment and thought, Qian Zhuang and aiyou?

Jiang Xiao had already met Qian Zhuang during the selection of the national team. Unfortunately, the round-faced man was eliminated in the end and did not make it to the national team.

As for the other two girls who looked exactly the same, they were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time!

An Youyou, an Luming?

“Hey, pipi!”

“Hi, pipi~” the two sisters tied their hair up in cute meatballs and smiled sweetly. They then leaned over and waved at Jiang Xiao.

Not only did the two of them look exactly the same, but they also spoke in unison. Their voices were almost the same, and even overlapped.

“Haha, you came all the way here just to cheer for Wu Haoyang?” Jiang Xiao stopped in his tracks, looked up, and waved his hand.

An Youyou, an Luming, Qian Zhuang, and Wu Haoyang used to be fixed teammates in high school. They only separated after they went to university.

Furthermore, the left side of an Youyou’s face was painted with the color of a red flag, while the right side of her face had a golden-red word: Martial arts!

“As long as you’re a member of the Chinese team, we’ll support you!” An Youyou said with a smile.

However, an Luming had one hand on the fence and tried her best to lower her upper body. She was even holding a marker pen in her hand.”Pipi, come up quickly and give me your autograph!”

“Oh.” Jiang Xiao casually handed the square sky halberd to the coach beside him and appeared beside an Luming in a flash. He placed one hand on the fence and stepped on the stone steps of the grandstand while taking the pen with the other hand.”Where do you want to sign?”

An Luming was the complete opposite of her sister. The right side of her face was painted with the red flag, but there was nothing on the left side of her fair and tender face.

“Here.” An Luming tapped her left cheek with her finger.”Sign it quickly. I made a bet with my sister. Whoever loses will not be allowed to erase it for the entire day.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

“Was that written by Wu Haoyang?” Jiang Xiao asked while looking at an Youyou.

“Aiya, hurry up.” An Luming reached out and smacked Jiang Xiao’s shoulder, almost causing him to fall off.”It’s been three years since the high school League. I really didn’t expect you to grow so quickly!” She said.

Jiang Xiao had no choice but to write “naughty” on an Luming’s face.

This marker pen should have been colored, but it was actually gold-red in color.

While writing, Jiang Xiao casually replied,””Then take a look. By the way, do you have a grudge against your sister? With this bet, she definitely won’t be able to erase the ‘Wu’ character today. ”

“Hehe! This was right! I have faith in you!” An Luming reached out and patted Jiang Xiao’s head, after which she looked at an Youyou smugly.

[The heavenly Dao is reincarnation, who will the heavens spare?]

Jiang Xiao had just finished patting someone’s head and was already slapped back.

However, was Jiang Xiao someone who would be at a disadvantage?

He lowered the marker pen and raised his hand to pinch an Luming’s bun. Before an Luming could react, Jiang Xiao leaned back and landed on the side of the grandstand.

“Ya!” An Luming subconsciously covered her hair with one hand and sniffled at Jiang Xiao. Her menacing and menacing look was caught by the camera and was then transmitted to thousands of households.

It also attracted a huge number of bullet comments on the live broadcast.

“You found two girls that look exactly the same? It’s so cute!”

“Why does he look so familiar? Oh, right, I’ve seen them at the high school League in my hometown. They’re the medical twins from xindan Creek high school No. 11. ”

“Twin daughters? And they’re all medical awakened? The F * ck? Their father must be Living a Good Life every day, right?”

“Aish … Such beautiful and lovely Big Sisters, but they will never be able to get me. I really feel sorry for them. ”

On the green field, Jiang Xiao took the heavenly halberd from the coach’s hand and looked up at Qian Zhuang.””I’ll write one for you too. I’ll carve it on your face!”

“No, no, no…” Qian Zhuang shook his head repeatedly.

Jiang Xiao held back his impulse and waited patiently for Qian Zhuang to say,”no need.” He then hurriedly waved his hand at the trio and said,””I’m going to warm up. Let’s talk after the game!”

“Go, go, go …” Qian Zhuang nodded repeatedly.

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

An Luming couldn’t help but say,””Go to hell!”

Jiang Xiao chimed in,’alright~’

For the first time, Jiang Xiao felt so comfortable after being scolded. He quickly turned around and left.

In the deafening cheers, the host sitting in the Chinese host’s seat also announced,””Yangma TV station! Yangma TV station! Hello, everyone! I’m your host, Li Li!”

“I’m the host, ye Xunyang,”ye Xunyang said.

“I’m so lucky to be able to host contestant Jiang xiaopi’s competition!” Li carp said excitedly.

Ye Xunyang was speechless.

In such a chaotic and noisy scene, Li Li was very sensitive to ye Xunyang’s unnatural expression. He hurriedly said,””This isn’t just the Fortune of us Chinese people, but also the Fortune of the people of the world.

Both contestants, Jiang xiaopi and Wu Haoyang, are the strongest among the strong. There’s no doubt that this will be an extremely exciting match!”

Ye Xunyang glanced at Li Li and felt that this guy was quite rounded, so he said,””That’s true. Contestant Jiang xiaopi still chose to use the heavenly halberd today, while contestant Wu Haoyang also brought his Green Dragon Crescent Blade …”

The host announced on the sidelines. As the audience waited anxiously, the warm-up time quickly passed.

Jiang Xiao and Wu Haoyang carried their weapons and walked into the green field one after another.

Li Li said excitedly,”it’s time!” The great battle was about to begin!

Wu Haoyang was ranked seventh on the national team. He was wearing the No. 7 national team uniform. As the National captain, Jiang xiaopi was wearing the No. 1 battle robe.

However, according to the news from our previous interview, Jiang xiaopi has never fought with Wu Haoyang face to face in the national team’s ranking competition. ”

Ye Xunyang smiled and said,”Speaking of which, these two contestants have a deep relationship. They’re both from Beijiang province, Huaxia. They’ve met in the Beijiang province High School League before. However, it was a team battle.”

Jiangbin high school, which Jiang xiaopi represented, also defeated xindan Creek high school No. 11, which Wu Haoyang represented. ”

“Now, the two old rivals are standing on the stage of the World Cup,” Li Li continued.”They’re having an individual competition. Who will be better?” Let’s listen to their pre-match exchange!”

The two hosts stopped their commentary and listened carefully to the conversation between the two people on the field.

Jiang Xiao stabbed the long pole of the heavenly halberd into the grass and put his arm around the halberd. He then stood his right leg upright and placed his left foot around his right leg while tiptoeing. He then tilted his head and looked at Wu Haoyang from afar.

He chuckled and tried his best to stimulate Wu Haoyang’s fighting spirit and increase his anger under his cheeky and flirtatious appearance.””Don’t be nervous, second master. Hold the knife firmly. Also, protect your waist. I might touch it later.”

During their previous duel, Jiang Xiao touched Wu Haoyang’s waist with his little black Hand and pushed him out of the arena …

Wu Haoyang suddenly picked up his Green Dragon Crescent Blade and pointed it at Jiang Xiao.””Don’t talk nonsense!”

Jiang Xiao pursed his lips and said,”didn’t you lose the previous duel? I’m worried that you’ll be traumatized and get scared when you see me. What if you can’t unleash your true strength?”

“Scared? Hehe. ” A disdainful smile appeared on Wu Haoyang’s handsome face.”Cowards have already died many times before they died.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao asked.

Wu Haoyang’s eyes were bright and piercing, and he pointed his Green Dragon Crescent Blade at Jiang Xiao from afar.””A warrior only dies once in his life!”

“What?” Jiang Xiao was stunned.

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