Nine Star Burden - Chapter 898

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Chapter 898: 898

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With a muffled sound, a huge skeleton crashed into a building on the side of the street.

This group of skeletons that had emerged from the ground seemed to be synonymous with “destruction.” They would destroy everything they encountered along the way.

In the house, a grass companion immediately activated the Halo of thorns, and a light green mist appeared under her feet.

“Hehe …” The ghost-faced monk laughed sinisterly as he clawed at the skeleton of death.

“Hiss …” With the same hiss, the evil smile on the monk’s face suddenly stopped!

The grass companion couldn’t even see the speed of the other party’s attack. The huge skeleton of death directly grabbed her neck and lifted her up!

In the strange ball, the Platinum-ranked ghost-faced monks were tall, most of them about three meters tall, and the diamond-ranked Desperado in front of him was not much inferior, also about three meters tall.

There wasn’t much difference in size, and because the ghost-faced monk had a body of flesh and blood, he looked much more powerful and stronger than the skeleton.

However, in terms of physical attributes, the Platinum-ranked ghost-faced monk was no match for the Desperado.

It could simply be called the difference between cloud and mud!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! The Desperado opened its mouth wide, and its joints gave off an ear-piercing grinding sound, as if it was laughing sinisterly. One of its white bone claws picked up its grass companion, and the other bone claw suddenly stabbed into its grass companion’s chest!


The scene was extremely cruel!

The grass companion’s dark ghostly face completely stiffened. The Desperado’s bone claws pierced through the thick straw Cape and pierced through the grass companion’s chest. With one hand, it grabbed the boiling heart and pulled it out!


The Desperado threw his grass companion on the ground as if he was throwing away garbage. His other bone claw grabbed a hot heart and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing it in big mouthfuls.

However, the Desperado was just a skeleton. It had no organs at all, let alone a ‘stomach’.

The heart exploded in its mouth, black blood spurting out and soaking its white skeleton. The blood flowed down, and the minced meat fell along its bones to the ground.

This “chewing” and “swallowing” action seemed to be a kind of nature, but the actions of the Desperado were useless because it had no stomach at all, and there was no such thing as “filling”.

At the next moment, the Desperado knelt down and smashed the head of the ghost-faced monk with his bone claws, finally finding the star bead of his partner.

“Ha … Ha …” The Desperado roared in excitement.

It had no vocal cords, so it was unknown how it could make a sound. The grass companion star bead that it had picked up in its white skeletal claws turned into a strong wave of star power and was absorbed into its skeletal body.

The Desperado stood up and walked out of the half-collapsed house. Just as he stood at the door, a flash of Saber Light flashed past.


It was the sound of the blade cutting into flesh. This wonderful sound made the Desperado excited.

As the blade-light swept past, the two huge figures also crashed into the stone wall.

“Ha …. The blade of death in the hands of the Desperado pierced through a ghost-faced monk and fled with it.

A few seconds later, the blade of death in the hands of the Desperado shattered. It roared excitedly and let out a sharp hiss. Its bone claws stretched out and grabbed the head of the ghost-faced monk, twisting it off.

The difference between the diamond and platinum ranks was so great that it was unimaginable!

“Hiss?” The Desperado seemed to have sensed something and suddenly drew his sword to block.

A blood-red sword ray flashed past and Jiang Xiao also activated the STAR technique, the blade of death, before slashing at the huge skeleton.

To Jiang Xiao’s horror, the Desperado could actually react! He even had time to draw his saber to block! What level of reaction speed was this?

Huala Huala …

Although the Desperado managed to react and block the attack with his sword, his sword was actually shattered by Jiang Xiao’s flower blade!

In the strange ball, the Desperado’s star technique, the Desperado, should be of diamond quality.

However, even so, the sword of death was still shattered by Jiang Xiao’s martial transformation star slash!

Not only was the sword shattered, but half of the Desperado’s body was also cut into pieces by Jiang Xiao’s flower blade.

It was cut in half at the waist!

Jiang Xiao turned around to look at the Desperado that had been cut in two, only to have his pupils constrict.

You have your “cut off at the waist” and I have mine “don’t care “!

Although the Desperado only had its upper body left, it could still move freely.

Even without legs, it still had the STAR technique “blade of death.”

In the blink of an eye, the Desperado, which only had half of its body, condensed a Desperado sword in its white bone claws again. It let the Platinum sword take its body and travel the world while sprinting in the direction where Jiang Xiao was.

However, Jiang Xiao was not someone who would just sit back and wait for death.

When he turned around, he once again activated the “blade of death” and attacked the Desperado. This time, he cut at the neck, which looked more fragile!


Under the rain,

Half of the Desperado and Jiang Xiao’s figure approached each other rapidly and passed by each other!


Jiang Xiao squatted heavily on the ground, causing the water to splash and the flower blade in his hand to shatter.

On the other side, half of the Desperado’s neck was chopped into pieces, and a huge skeleton head fell to the ground. In its head, there was a star bead that was still clattering.

In the cave of the desperate on earth, Jiang Xiao and his teammates had studied the desperadoes before. They had skeleton heads, but there was a huge space in the place where the star beads were stored.

Every time the desperadoes took action, the star bead would roll back and forth in their heads, making a clattering sound.

The blood-red flower blade was extremely sharp and Jiang Xiao had completed his “first kill.” However, the city was filled with sounds of killing, most of which were the wails of the ghost-faced monks, and the sounds of explosions were endless.

“Boom …”

Jiang Xiao turned around and looked into the distance, only to see the flames of an explosion, dust, and houses collapsing.

A Desperado plunged into the group of ghost-faced monks. A burst of star power surged on its gloomy bone claws, and a series of beads of death scattered around its body, falling on the ground and among the ghost-faced monks.

It exploded instantly!

A thousand casualties for eight hundred losses?

The ghost-faced monks who had surrounded him were blown away. Their bodies were badly mutilated, and it was unknown whether they were alive or dead. However, the Desperado stood proudly in the smoke!

The star techniques of the Desperado came together!

[Bead of death: throw an explosive bead of death that has a stun effect.]

[Body of death: enhances self-defense, resistance to explosion-type star techniques, immunity to dizziness, and passive skills.]

“Go and ask for reinforcements!” Jiang Xiao’s expression was extremely ugly.”Yin Liao, quickly go and ask for help!”

Jiang Xiao yelled,”all my companions, put on the Starlight armor on your companions!” All the silver Partners! Give your companion a seal of holy power!”

As soon as Jiang Xiao finished speaking, the Desperado that was standing proudly on the street grabbed a bunch of beads of death and threw them at Jiang Xiao.

The flower blade rose again! He was on the run!

Before the beads of death fell, Jiang Xiao’s figure shuttled back and forth at high speed, drawing out a blood-red sword glow under the dim sky.


The flower blade, which was surrounded by blood mist, slashed the Desperado’s neck heavily. The Desperado was directly cut off and knocked into the broken walls. Its skeleton body crashed into the house and smashed into the stone wall before it stopped.

“What?” Jiang Xiao glanced at the broken house and stared at the Desperado who was sitting against the stone wall.

The skeleton of the Desperado did not shatter?

Unlike the Desperado, the Desperado had a diamond quality defensive STAR technique.

Jiang Xiao was secretly shocked and rather puzzled.

Jiang Xiao’s flower blade could break the diamond quality sword of death, but it couldn’t break the diamond quality body of death?

Is this the difference in the effects of star techniques?

The extremely sharp flower blade failed to cut off the other party’s neck. It only left a deep knife mark on the Desperado’s neck.

“Give me a seal of holy power!!!” Jiang Xiao hollered angrily and thought, damn you, aren’t I your companion?

I’m just a meter shorter than you guys and more handsome than you guys.

Hu …

The seal of holy power that came out of nowhere suddenly appeared on Jiang Xiao’s chest. The silver Seal was in a semi-illusory form and continuously spread outwards. It was extremely exquisite.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao seemed to feel an endless amount of power. He couldn’t help but exclaim,”Uh …”

Jiang Xiao’s figure shuttled back and forth again, and the flower blade in his hand was aimed at the head of the Desperado. However, the speed of the rapidly moving figure suddenly slowed down!

Jiang Xiao suddenly threw a flower blade forward and allowed it to spin and fly, stabbing at the skull.

Jiang Xiao’s body quickly transformed into a Crow, flapped his wings, and flew higher due to inertia.

The Desperado, who was sitting against the wall in the room, suddenly scattered a bunch of beads of death around him.

The sharp flower blade pierced the skull of the Desperado and, under the enhancement of the huge power of the seal of holy power, the flower blade that Jiang Xiao threw out pierced into the skull of the Desperado!

A deafening explosion of the orbs of death could be heard.

The pitch-black Crow flapped its wings in the air, trying its best to control its body. With its lonely red eyes, it saw the chaotic Street.

In the fanggu tower, the flashing of the Platinum-colored blades, the screams of the ghost-faced monks, and the ghastly howls of the desperadoes were everywhere.

This was not a battle on the same level!

It was a massacre, and the number of casualties of the ghostly monks rose sharply. There were corpses and dark bloodstains everywhere in the city of nigguda.

The once ancient houses had now become broken walls and looked desolate.

Jiang Xiao finally knew why senior He Yun tried so hard to stop him from going to Yanzhao and why he regarded Yanzhao as a forbidden area for humans.

Wait a minute!

What was that?

“Jin Shang!” The pitch-black Crow transformed into a human and let out a cry of grief and indignation. The flower blades pieced together, and his figure flickered rapidly.

On the other Street, a ruffian had pierced through the chest of a Silver Partner, and the silver Partner had thrown out a seal of Saint power before he died.

On the side, Jin Shang, who had been blessed with the seal of holy power, had a thick star power flowing on his giant blade. He stabbed the chest of the fugitive!

The ghostly monks were different from Jiang Xiao. Jiang Xiao only needed to use the flower blade to tear apart the bodies of the desperadoes, and with the seal of holy power, he would be able to destroy them with a full-force blow.

However, the ghost-faced monks ‘normal attacks couldn’t hurt the desperadoes. They could only compete with them with the help of the seal of holy power.

From the looks of it, the ghost-faced monks were unable to pose a threat to the Desperados, whether or not they were blessed with the seal of holy power.

This was the terrifying aspect of the human Star warrior’s transformation from stars to martial arts!

However, from this, it seemed that the desperadoes and the dragon clan’s defensive power were not on the same level at all.

After all, Jiang Xiao had once attacked StarDragon with a flower blade, but it had little effect.


The Desperado’s speed was too fast, so fast that it made one’s hair stand on end.

In the previous scene, the Desperado was still piercing through his Silver partner’s chest. In the next scene, his bone claw had already stabbed into Jin Shang’s chest!

The ghost and skeleton moved in the same way. The ghost claws and bone claws grabbed each other’s shoulders, while the giant blade and the blade of death pierced through each other’s bodies.

Jiang Xiao rushed forward and completely shattered the Desperado in front of Jin Shang. At the same time, the Desperado in front of Jin Shang’s chest broke into pieces after losing the support of its owner’s star power.

Jin Shang’s huge body crashed down like a collapsing mountain.

Jiang Xiao hurriedly used his shoulder to support its huge body and said angrily,”Where’s your STAR technique, immovable?”

Jin Shang grabbed Jiang Xiao’s back with his huge and black ghostly claws and spat out black blood.””I am … Jin Yong. ”

Jiang Xiao’s heart ached terribly, but he suddenly whipped out his sword and slashed at a ruffian that was charging towards him.

He carried Jin Yong and turned around.

Under the hazy sky, in the fine curtain of rain …

On the streets, the skeletons threw away the corpses in their hands one after another. Their white bones were still stained with black blood and they roared at Jiang Xiao angrily.

However, they did not attack rashly. They … He seemed to be very afraid of the flower blade in Jiang Xiao’s hand, which was shrouded in blood mist.

“Pfft …” A mouthful of black blood came from above. Jin Yong’s injuries couldn’t be delayed, and behind Jiang Xiao were ghostly monks that had gathered together.

On both sides of the street, the desperadoes and the ghostly faces seemed to be using their wisdom to suppress their nature.

The Ghostface race was not afraid of death, but they had intelligence.

When the battle was on a completely different level, they all “calmed down”.

Jiang Xiao really wanted to take Jin Yong to recuperate and he had the ability to leave quickly. However, the ghostly monks behind him would probably be torn apart by the desperadoes in front of him, just like the cold corpses on both sides of the street.

Jiang Xiao threw Jin Yong’s huge body onto the ground and said,””Take it to He Yun and heal it. This is an order! Go to the other human Star Warriors and ask for help! Hurry!”

In the rain, Jiang Xiao didn’t even dare to wipe his wet eyes with his hands.

His body was slightly arched, and he held the blood-red flower blade in reverse, slowly holding it in front of his eyes.

On the street in front of him, there was a group of desperate people who were shouting angrily.

“Second master, actually …” Jiang Xiao bit his lip hard and blood flowed down. He muttered to himself,”a warrior can also die countless times in his life.”

Hu …

The flower blade was sharp, and the desperate man rose again!

The blood-red blade light outlined the trajectory of a human figure, breaking through the layers of rain.

The water splashed on both sides of the bloody figure’s path.

The small figure plunged into the huge group of Desperados …

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