Nine Star Burden - Chapter 899

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Chapter 899: 899

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“I can keep up, I can keep up. I have agility and perception, of course I can keep up … Waa!” Jiang Xiao’s figure shuttled back and forth on the street, passing through layers of rain, leaving behind a skeleton and a half.

Why ‘one and a half’?

This was because he had broken the neck of a Desperado, and there was another Desperado that was still stubbornly alive even though he had cut it in half at the waist.

Amidst the blast of the death life bead, Jiang Xiao’s sword was placed horizontally in front of him and his figure was blasted away.

Plop plop plop …

At the next moment, Jiang Xiao transformed into a Crow. The black crow flapped its wings and its black feathers were in a mess, falling into the rain.

The Black Crows that were flying around interfered with the desperadoes and made them unable to find Jiang Xiao’s body. There was also a small group of Black Crows that plunged into the desperadoes and exploded instantly!

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Whoosh!”

The Desperado’s killing power was too strong.

The pitch-black Crows that were flying around were all gone after the flashing of the blade lights.

“Ha … Ha …” Jiang Xiao landed heavily on the ancient stone Road with the flower blade in front of him. He retreated carefully while panting heavily.

He was almost out of star power.

Ever since he had star pets, Jiang Xiao no longer had to worry about the lack of star power. Speaking of which, even if he didn’t have a star pet, he would still have to rely on his star techniques, nostalgia, and counter-current light.

However, Jiang Xiao, who was the bait in the strange ball, was different. He was a pure melee fighter, and even his star map was a “fancy blade”. All of his star techniques were melee star techniques that did not have any endurance ability.

In front, the desperadoes had already passed the period of being intimidated by Jiang Xiao’s flower blades. With their good wisdom, they found the right way to attack.

The Desperados opened the way, and the Desperados stayed behind.

As for the group of Desperados, they gathered a large number of orbs of death in their bone claws and threw them to both sides of the street. Explosions rang out everywhere, as if they were going to raze the place to the ground.

Not only were they killing, but they were also exterminating the heart!

They approached Jiang Xiao step by step and razed the entire Pagoda city to the ground!

The menacing roars seemed to be mocking Jiang Xiao’s incompetence.

This was only a Street, but in the huge fanggu tower, shouts and explosions could be heard everywhere.

The sky was already gloomy enough, and the Army of Desperados in front of Jiang Xiao cast a shadow over his heart.

What to do?

Jiang Xiao discovered in despair that he couldn’t stop the other party at all. After the other party’s formation was formed, Jiang Xiao didn’t even have an angle to attack. His star power was almost exhausted, and he didn’t even dare to activate the blade of death again.

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Quickly retreat!” Jiang Xiao shouted loudly while the group of ghostly monks behind him frantically stacked their statuses on Jiang Xiao and retreated rapidly.

The only thing that made Jiang Xiao feel relieved was that a few ghostly monks had already carried Jin Yong to He Yun.


Earth, mu black market.

In Han Jiangxue’s room in the hotel where the national team was staying.

In the living room, Han Jiangxue was curled up on the sofa with her legs curled up. She was holding a cup of hot water in her hands and taking small sips while turning her head to look at Jiang Xiao from time to time.

Jiang Xiao was sitting by Han Jiangxue’s bed and deep in thought.

Ever since Han Jiangxue teleported back with the two of them, Jiang Xiao had been sitting in the same position and staring at the ground silently. He had not reacted for a long time, as if he had become a stone statue.

Xia Yan was lying on the sofa beside Han Jiangxue like a pool of mud. She rested her legs on the coffee table and looked at the silent TV screen in front of her. She seemed to be in a rather irritable mood and was pressing the remote control randomly with one hand, constantly switching the TV channels.

Han Jiangxue finally made a move. She poured another glass of hot water, got up, and walked towards Jiang Xiao.

“Here.” Han Jiangxue sat down beside Jiang Xiao and handed him the glass of water.

Jiang Xiao came back to his senses and said with a forced smile,””It’s time to eat?”

Han Jiangxue shook her head and looked at the forced smile on Jiang Xiao’s face with a complicated expression.

Even though she knew Jiang Xiao well enough, at this moment, she didn’t know what kind of “chaos” he was experiencing inside.

“Are you alright?” Han Jiangxue asked softly.

Jiang Xiao and the exploration skin in the strange ball had two cores. In fact, Jiang Xiao could not be disturbed at all at this time, but he had to be distracted during such a life-and-death battle.

Upon hearing Han Jiangxue’s concern, Jiang Xiao knocked his forehead in frustration and said,””I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“Bad news,” Han Jiangxue said softly.

Jiang Xiao grinned and turned to look at Han Jiangxue.””I might die.”

Han Jiangxue handed the glass of water to Jiang Xiao and said softly,””What’s the good news?”

“I have many lives,” Jiang Xiao said quietly.

Han Jiangxue pursed her lips and remained silent. She didn’t think it was funny because she had seen Jiang Xiao’s state after his death. There were always some things in this world that you could never get used to.

Han Jiangxue had never experienced death before and did not understand what it felt like. Jiang Xiao once told her that being beheaded instantly was already a relatively merciful way of death.

For example, second last had once smashed Jiang Xiao’s head with her forehead in Mount nocturnal disaster. The scene seemed cruel, but the instant death was already merciful enough for Jiang Xiao.

If one’s chest was pierced and one died slowly …

“The energy in your body will gradually leave you, your eyes will slowly lose their luster, your vision will gradually become blurry, and you will no longer be able to see the world clearly. Your life will slowly, bit by bit, dissipate …

Pain, for this group of Star Warriors, might be bearable.

However, the helpless struggle in the near-death situation, the taste of extreme despair, and the experience of slowly dying …

In Jiang Xiao’s words, it was a unique feeling.

“How can I help you?” Han Jiangxue asked.

“What are we having for lunch today?” Jiang Xiao asked.

I can’t even help myself, so I should be the one to blame myself.

A new experience?

Red braised pork for lunch? Let’s see if the delicious food of the world can suppress the taste of death?

This lunch shall be named ‘red braised meat of death’!

Tsk tsk … Good idea …

“What do you want to eat? I’ll negotiate with the coaching staff,” Han Jiangxue said.

Xia Yan’s voice could be heard from the living room.””There’s no need to negotiate. Just let him know. Every individual on our national team is willing to give him special treatment.”

Jiang Xiao immediately said,’red braised pork, big ones! Go with the potatoes!”

His tone was light, but it did not make Han Jiangxue feel at ease.

At the same time, in the strange ball.

“Ha … Ha …” Jiang Xiao panted heavily and retreated step by step while holding the giant sword in his hand. He dodged the beads of death that were thrown at him, avoided the collapsed houses, and was also on guard against the sneak attacks of the desperadoes.

Finally, a Desperado who couldn’t hold back activated the blade of death and charged towards Jiang Xiao from the collapsed houses!

However, they saw Jiang Xiao standing firmly in a horse stance and holding the giant sword in his hand while holding the thick back of the flower sword tightly with one hand and placing his elbow on the back of the sword with the other hand.

Hualalalala …

The Desperado shuttled back and forth at high speed. When the Platinum-colored sword passed through Jiang Xiao’s body, all that was left were broken bones.

If it weren’t for the threat of the flower blade, Jiang Xiao probably wouldn’t have been able to survive for even a second on the battlefield.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao no longer dared to use any star techniques. His star power was almost exhausted, and even the flower blade in his hand was about to disappear.


A clear and melodious Bell rang. The sound was so familiar that it was like the sound of nature.

Jiang Xiao’s original body was a medical Star Warrior and he also had the STAR technique, Bell.

However, Jiang Xiao had never realized that the sound of the bell was actually so pleasant to the ear.

When he was on the battlefield of conkkin, did the Chinese army feel the same way when they heard the bell that Jiang Xiao made?

He was touched! Surprise! It was exciting!

“You still know to come!?” Jiang Xiao yelled in anger.

In his perception, at the end of the long Street behind him, he could hear the sound of dense footsteps approaching.

The rain made Jiang Xiao’s eyes a little blurry, and he didn’t even dare to wipe his eyes, let alone turn around to look at the scene behind him.

“The desperadoes have their own tactics. In this fanggu tower, five tunnels opened at the same time. They invaded at the same time!” An old voice sounded, and it was extremely serious.

It seemed that the other people in the city had also been delayed.

With He Yun’s arrival, Jiang Xiao also stepped on nostalgia.

A few bright stars fell from the sky and landed on the stone ancient road. Rich star power spread out and surrounded Jiang Xiao.

A strong stream of star power gushed into Jiang Xiao’s body, giving him a pleasant surprise.

What was a surprise?

What! F * ck! A surprise?

“Master!” A hoarse roar was heard, after which Jiang Xiao sensed a huge ghostly shadow rushing towards him, but it brushed past him and rushed forward.

Jiang Xiao looked at the silver couple with the seal of holy power in shock and thought, this is …

“Yin CE! Don’t be rash! Come back! You better F * cking come back here!” Jiang Xiao hollered angrily.

In front of him, the silver couple, who was holding a huge heaven scorcher halberd, suddenly froze and stopped in their tracks.

In Jiang Xiao’s eyes, the scene was simply too poignant.

Under the fine drizzle, the silver couple wearing a bamboo hat and a straw rain cape stood alone in the middle of the ancient stone Road.

In front of it was a dense crowd of Desperados.

Could it be that, in the eyes of others, he was also like this?

Under the threat of Jiang Xiao’s flower blade, the formation of the desperadoes remained intact. They seemed to have no interest in the Silver strategy at all and only had Jiang Xiao as their target.

Jiang Xiao hollered angrily,”Yin CE! Get back here!”

The silver Partner in front retreated step by step and finally stood behind Jiang Xiao. He said in a sullen voice,””I’m yinchao. ”

Jiang Xiao retorted.”I don’t care if you’re Yin Chao, Yin CE, or Yin CI. Listen to my orders!”

While speaking, Jiang Xiao’s eyes suddenly widened as he saw an incredible scene.

On the street in the distance, in the streets and alleys that the desperate Army had once stepped on, black ink flowers bloomed on the hearts of the corpses of the Ghostface clan that had been abandoned on both sides of the street.

Following that, huge ghostly figures stood up shakily …

At the end of the opposite Street, on the roof of the ancient house that had not been destroyed, a woman in a white robe with white cloth covering her eyes quietly appeared.

She stepped on the bricks and tiles, standing silently in the rain.

Jiang Xiao almost burst into tears.

Sister three-tails!

You’ve finally come …

If you hadn’t come, I would have complained to sister second last …

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