Nurarihyon in DxD - Chapter 185

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Chapter 185

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As soon as I arrived at the colosseum, I went to the room designated for the peace conference. There, I was greeted by Michael, who had already been waiting

“It’s good to see you again, Riku-kun.”

Dulio stood behind Michael as his attendant as well as the representative of the Church. When he saw me, he waved his hand lightly.

I brought Hagoromo Gitsune with me in case something happened.

“Yeah,” I answered shortly as I crossed my arms beneath my Kimono.

The room was big, with a round table in the middle. There were seven chairs around the table for the representatives of each Faction.

As there was no one except for Michael and Dulio in this room, I sat on the chair further away from Michael. Hagoromo Gitsune stood behind me without saying anything else.

Because this was a peace conference, I guess it was okay for me to act like usual again. In the last few days, I had been too serious and didn’t act like I usually did.

I then turned to Michael as I closed my right eye and had my signature grin plastered on my face.

“Have I arrived too early?”

Michael smiled kindly.

“I think so. I have expected Azazel to come first, but it seems my guess is wrong.”

“Hahaha, well, I have nothing to do, so I came here. By the way, where is Vasco? Is he doing well?”

“He’s not coming because of his responsibility in the Church. He’s in charge of defense as we do that plan.” Answered Michael.

Ah, right.

It would be bad if the Church was attacked when the strong people were away. So it was natural if he put one of the strongest exorcists in that place.

I also put Masaomi at home with Kubinashi and Kejoro in case something happened. Magari was also there, so I had no problem.

I was confident that my mansion was safe from intruder if they were there. Well, it was not like the enemy could find my mansion in the first place.

Not only that, I heard some news from my old man. It seemed like he was running around with Sun Wukong to destroy the remnant of the Khaos Brigade too.

They were hunting Evil Dragons that were revived by the Khaos Brigade. I was surprised when I heard that they were hunting Evil Dragons, but when I heard that they were accompanied by Yu-Long, my worry was gone.

Crom Cruach was now in Kyoto with Tsuchigumo. It seemed like they became a friend after talking with their fists, and he planned to stay in Kyoto and would help in Kyoto's defense in case some enemy attacked the city.

The youkai that followed me earlier were in the colosseum to wait for the friendly competition. Some of them were walking around in Rome in their human form; I just hope they wouldn’t cause a big problem. Small problems were fine though.

“I see. He’s already old, so I guess that’s natural for him to be left behind.”

“Hahahaha, even so, he’s still one of the strongest exorcists in the Church.”

I chatted with Michael for a bit until I felt a lot of energy belonged to Fallen Angels appeared in the colosseum where our subordinates were waiting.

The energy that belongs to Azazel and his subordinate walked towards this room.

“Azazel is here.” I said to Michael.

“It seems so.”

The door was opened not long after we said that, and Azazel entered the room.

“Did you wait long?!”

Behind him was a man with white hair. If I remembered correctly, he was Shemhazai, Azazel’s trusted subordinate.

So he didn’t bring Vali this time? I couldn’t feel his energy anywhere too.

“Yeah, but you are not too late, considering only two of us are here right now.” I answered Azazel with a tone full of sarcasm.

He grinned at me before he sat beside me. “What can I do? I am busy.”

“Michael is busier than you, and yet he arrived first.” I glanced at Michael and saw him smile kindly as if nothing had happened.

As expected of an Angel. Their smile was like their basic expressions. Truly different from the sly smile of the Fallen Angel beside me.

“Peace conference is important. So it’s natural for me to spare my time to attend it. Also, as Rome is technically a part of the Church’s territory, I must arrive first to welcome the others.” Said Michael.

“You heard him. It’s your fault for arriving first even though you are just the supervisor, hahahaha.” Azazel laughed at me.

He irritated me, but I couldn’t deny it.

But, I had prepared a comeback. I grinned at Azazel and pointed outside with my thumb.

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“Well, I came here first to enjoy free food. I think my subordinates now are partying outside. I am a good leader, unlike someone who doesn’t reward his subordinates for coming along with him.”

“Pfft!” Azazel’s subordinate, Shemhazai, burst into laughter.

Even Micael chuckled a bit while Dulio tried his best to look away. That guy always brought food for kids in the orphanage, so it was natural for him to laugh when I mentioned some food.

Angels didn’t need to be rewarded as following orders from the higher Angel was natural for them. Fallen Angels, however, had a desire.

So I poked Azazel a little in the area that he forgot.

“Hah! I will reward them when they win the competition, which is a certain thing. So you don’t need to worry.”

As expected of a sly crow. He could make a comeback statement.

“I see. Well, if the Fallen Angels lose to youkai, I will at least let your subordinates join our party. Of course, you are not invited.”

“Hahahaha, funny!”


We laughed while ignoring Michael, who smiled wryly.

Hagoromo Gitsune sighed behind me and exchanged a look with Shemhazai, who also let out a tired sigh.

It must be hard for him to have Azazel as his superior. I understand that.

Our exchange didn’t last long. I felt the others had arrived with their subordinates and walked to this place.

Sirzechs was walking here with Diehauser.

Odin was walking here with a strange energy that I had never felt before; I guess it belonged to Rossweisse. I somehow knew that the other belonged to Odin because I had met gods before.

The energy that belonged to the Indian or Hindu god was strong. Maybe it belonged to Shiva. He was not accompanied by anyone else.

From Shinto, it was Susanoo and accompanied by a human. I didn’t recognize the energy, but I could guess that human belonged to the Five Principal Clans.

It could be from Himejima or Nakiri clan. My best bet was Suzaku Himejima, the inheritor of the Sacred Beast, Suzaku.

“They are here.” I said seriously. Even so, a grin appeared on my face.

This peace conference must succeed. That way, I would be free from the problems and leave the world in their care.

“Yes. Let’s start the peace conference.” Declared Michael.


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