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Chapter 1833: 1833

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1833 Uncontrollable Anger

That became the war journalist’s last words.

Today, a few years later, it had become the fuse that completely ignited the anger of the ordinary citizens.

Don’t forget, Dragon City was a civilization where every citizen was a soldier.

Even if ordinary citizens did not have extraordinary powers, they were definitely not weak.

Even the old, the weak, the women, and the children received military training all year round. They would go to the shooting range to practice shooting every three to five days. When they slept, they were used to stuffing a pistol and a few grenades under their pillows.

When tens of millions of such ordinary citizens were armed to the teeth with guns and ammunition that were originally used to fight monsters and they used their thunderous anger to spur each other to form an indestructible group…

The momentum they set off far surpassed the beast horde that covered the sky and the earth.

The first thing that the wave hit was Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters.

It was not because Yun Feidian, the leader of the Blood Alliance, had also been the helmsman of Thundercloud Technology.

It was because Thundercloud Technology was the number one high-tech company in Dragon City. Many of the cultivation cabins dedicated to the introduction of youth cultivation techniques were developed, manufactured, and labeled by Thundercloud Technology.

In this long and hidden industrial chain, Thundercloud Technology was the most conspicuous link.

Of course, the angry people did not forget the martial arts grandmaster who had killed the war journalist.

The highly-respected grandmaster of the Overkill Style lived in the villa area that was specially built for experts and scholars inside Dragon City University.

Dragon City University was the holy land of spirit martial arts. It was an advanced institution of higher learning that was small in size, but it had a transcendent and sacred position in the hearts of all the citizens.

However, today, there was no force that could stop the crowd that was more terrifying than the beast horde. They rushed into Dragon City University and the villa area to find a despicable, shameless, and evil murderer.

“The situation is getting out of control.”

The latest news kept coming in from Song Jinbo’s earpiece. “In addition to Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters and the villas at Dragon City University, the angry people have also surrounded many organizations related to the gymnastics industry and the residences of important people. Many of these organizations and residences are related to the nine mega corporations, and many children of the rich and powerful families live these places.

“The incident involving the Blood Alliance isn’t over yet. The children of the wealthy families are all frightened. There’s no telling how the authorities will deal with the nine mega corporations next.

“Those guys are so tense that they’re on the verge of a breakdown. If the furious crowd breaks through the defense line at this moment, they’ll likely do something… extreme.”

Song Jinbo’s words caused Meng Chao to frown.

In all fairness, the nine great families did have some cases of scumb*gs, robbers, corruption, and fraud…

However, the extremists who were willing to join the Blood Alliance, walk down the dark path, use the cruelest means to rule Dragon City, and completely disregard the interests and lives of the ordinary people were few in number.

Most of the children of the wealthy families did not have the will or courage to make an enemy of the civilians.

Therefore, after Yun Feidian and Lu Zhongqi’s plot was exposed, the nine great families cut ties with the Blood Alliance without any hesitation.

Many of the rich and powerful who were unable to prove their innocence were also suspended from their duties for investigation. Before the chaos ended, they had to stay at home.

However, that did not mean they could remain calm and wait for death when their lives and properties were under serious threat.

“How did things end up like this?”

Meng Chao could not help but say, “The ordinary citizens are being too impulsive. They should trust us and the authorities! Wait a minute, is there something behind this? Is there anyone behind this?”

Things had just calmed down, but now, there was such a huge commotion. Meng Chao could not help but think about it.

“There is, but it’s not what you’re thinking.”

Song Jinbo understood what Meng Chao meant, and he explained, “The murder of the war journalist was the trigger, but the ordinary citizens have been dissatisfied with superhumans for a long time. It has accumulated into a powder keg that can explode at any moment, and it will, eventually.”

“The ordinary citizens are dissatisfied?”

Meng Chao said, “Even if the superhumans are from the nine great cultivation families, most of them are heroes who’ve fought for Dragon City. Their casualty rate on the battlefield is not much lower than that of ordinary soldiers and superhumans from humble families. We can’t overturn a boat of people just because of the Blood Alliance.

“I believe that most of the citizens understand that, don’t they?”

“Most of the citizens are, of course, reasonable and able to differentiate between gratitude and grudges. However, there are too many ordinary people in Dragon City. Even if it only involves 10% of the population, if their vital interests are damaged or their talent needs are not satisfied, it’s enough to set off a storm.”

Song Jinbo continued to explain, “The simplest example is, ever since the superhumans appeared, they’ve become desired by women. Some would rather not get married but maintain an extramarital relationship with a superhuman and bear a superhuman child. To cope with the war, Dragon City has always encouraged childbirth. Children born in traditional homes and children born out of wedlock have the same rights.

“As a result, love has become more costly and difficult for ordinary young men of the right age who have not awakened extraordinary powers. Many of them have not even held a girl’s hand despite being in their thirties or forties.

“Since Dragon City has been in a state of war and resource shortage for a long time, there aren’t many middle-aged and elderly people. Out of the tens of millions of people, more than two-thirds are young adults. Among them, there are more than fifteen to twenty million young men of the right age who have extremely strong physical and psychological needs.

“Ninety percent of those twenty million young men are ordinary people.

“Out of that percentage, 90% of them have average family backgrounds, looks, education, income, and personalities. They lack the ability to attract women of their age.

“Even the most optimistic statistics show that three to five million young men in Dragon City today won’t be able to find a suitable partner in the next twenty to thirty years. They have no choice but to accept the fate of being alone until they die and their bloodline is severed.

“Do you think that these three to five million young men will have any good feelings for the superhumans, even if they’re superhumans who’ve saved Dragon City?

“Put yourself in my shoes. To put it crudely, all my women have been snatched away by superhumans. I’ve never even touched a woman’s hand in my entire life, and I’m about to die. Who the f*ck cares about Dragon City’s survival at this point? Even if Dragon City is destroyed one day, what does it have to do with me, an old bachelor who has failed to live life to its fullest?

“Alright, obviously, not everyone is going to think like that.

“But even if it’s just one tenth of the three to five million young men who are destined to die alone, it will still be three to five hundred thousand people. These are three to five hundred thousand young men who are full of energy and full of frustration due to their failures. They have nowhere to vent their desires and fury. On top of that, they have received military training and have easy access to firearms!

“Three to five hundred thousand young and middle-aged men are blaming their tragic fate of not being able to awaken extraordinary power on the problem of the entry-level cultivation method. Now, they’ve surrounded Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters and the villas of the experts at Dragon City University. Whether it’s for truth and justice, or to loot money, food, and women, isn’t it reasonable and justified?”

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