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Chapter 405: 405

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Just in case, Meng Chao looked for another conference member and asked for another emblem.

Both emblems contained faint radioactive activity and both of them reacted to the bioreagent.

However, since Meng Chao had already mastered harvesting, he was able to tell that there were slight differences to the weight of the two emblems.

“When they created these two emblems, the ratio of the radioactive material and the biomaterial components was different.” He thought about it and said, “If that’s the case, the radioactive activity and pheromones they release will also be different in terms of strength and density.”

His mind raced, and he soon found the answer.

He got one of the emblems from a normal conference member, while the other was from a Project 101 transmigration expert.

With that, it was very easy to guess that the soul of the transmigration project had to have the most radioactive material and biomaterials added to his emblem. To the insects, Professor Lu Tianxing’s emblem would have given off the brightest light and released the densest pheromones.

This was the reason behind why the monsters were able to locate the project members and Professor Lu Tianxing!

“Who was in charge of making these emblems?” Meng Chao impatiently asked a few conference members.

The group looked at each other. Their faces were full of confusion and they did not know the answer.

“Big Sis Xiao!” Meng Chao was not discouraged. He immediately said, “She’s Zhao Feixuan’s wife, and Zhao Feixuan is one of the twelve committee members of Blue Home. She must know!”

Just as he expected, when they found Xiao Feixuan, who was about to fall asleep, she managed to give them the answer.

“They were provided by a friend of Old Zhao. His name is Zhou Tianshui,” Xiao Fanghua said. “Old Zhao was in charge of the conference affairs this time. He originally wanted to order a batch of name tags and give some USB drives away as a commemorative gift, but Zhou Tianshui said that he has a batch of pretty decent old metal with him—Oh, he has an old metal recycling business, by the way—and he can use it to create emblems in celebration of Project 101 gaining progressive results.

“Zhou Tianshui is a firm believer of the Home Party, and he is usually very passionate about the affairs of Blue Home, no matter how big or small they are. Old Zhou didn’t find anything strange about it, so he let him handle it.

“Three days ago, just as he promised, he brought a batch of very beautiful commemorative emblems. They’re even more beautiful than the Blue Home organization emblems. Old Zhao was very happy and even brought those commemorative emblems for me to see. That’s why I have a deep impression of them.”

“Zhou Tianshui?” Meng Chao shut his eyes and tried to recall him for three seconds. Then, an image of a fatty who always smiled and looked like Maitreya Buddha rose up in his mind.

He had met Zhou Tianshui a few times during Blue Home’s events.

The one that left behind the greatest impression was when Zhou Tianshui wore a long robe from Earth and got drunk. He recited a poem that had been passed down since ancient times, but due to carelessness, he tripped on the leg of a table and fell flat on his back, which tore open his long robe, which was a size too small for him already. Everyone snickered because of it.

As a person, Zhou Tianshui seemed harmless. He looked a little clumsy and silly.

He did not give off the radiance Lin Chuan, Gao Ye, and Zhao Feixuan had. Hence, when Meng Chao started investigating Blue Home, he had subconsciously overlooked Zhou Tianshui.

It was only at this moment that he realized that Zhou Tianshui was among the survivors who had been in the armory just now.

And the survivors in the armory were the group that had escorted Professor Lu Tianxing.

If the mole created the emblems and stuck to Professor Lu Tianxing like a shadow, then Lu Tianxing had to be that mole. There was no one else!

“We have to go back now! Zhou Tianxing should still be isolated in the medical camp!”

Meng Chao turned around and ran.

“That guy sure is audacious. He actually dared to lurk around among the survivors?”

Lu Siya clicked her tongue.

“His disguise is pretty perfect. If it weren’t for someone who has a really keen nose, great intelligence, and unfathomable wisdom, it would have been very hard for anyone to rat him out and catch his tail. So why shouldn’t he dare to stay?”

Meng Chao snorted coldly and said, “After all, if the abnormal beasts failed but he was still around, they might be able to launch a second attack.

“If Blue Home’s core was damaged, he would also have a chance to reach greater heights, such as replacing Zhao Feixuan as Blue Home’s committee member. He could then turn this lawful organization into a criminal one that will act in extreme ways and not shy away from violence. Like that, he would carry out the abnormal beasts’ goals to intensify the conflict in Dragon City!”

As they spoke, they rushed into the isolation area of the medical camp.

“Where is Zhou Tianshui?” Meng Chao looked around but did not see the man.

A survivor who was familiar with Meng Chao said, “Old Zhou’s screening results have come out. He’s not infected by the virus or the spores, so he’s boarding an ambulance with the other uninfected survivors and is going to be sent to the hospital in the downtown area.”

Meng Chao cussed and asked, “When did he leave?”

“Around two minutes ago? You came right after he left, so you just missed him,” the survivor said.

‘Then, we’ll still make it.’

Meng Chao asked Lu Siya to notify the hospital to immediately stop the ambulance Zhou Tianshui was on.

By then, this ambulance should have been at the borders of the battlefield.

To prevent stirring up Zhou Tianshui’s suspicions, he wanted her to say that they were going to add two other patients who had passed the examination.

In the meantime, he brought out a gel spray from his harvesting tool box and sprayed himself from head to toe, especially his hair, underarms, and other places where his body hair was thick.

Very soon, the hospital sent a reply and said that the ambulance was waiting for them two streets away.

Lu Siya also notified the Vulcan Commandos—the corporate armored squad from Sky Pillar Corporation—and the elite investigators from the abnormal beast research department.

Meng Chao was afraid of the problem going out of control the longer they waited, so he immediately rushed to the ambulance waiting for them.

The ambulance stood alone in the darkness.

Meng Chao sucked in a deep breath and rubbed his face. He adjusted his microexpressions and went up with a smile.

The ambulance opened from the back.

There were six people who were only injured lightly inside. They were accompanied by a doctor and a nurse.

Since the people inside who had escaped the disaster were not injured badly and were tested negative for viruses and spores, everyone had relaxed expressions.

When they saw Meng Chao, all of them stood up with their backs bent in the ambulance, because he was a powerful fighter who had turned the tides around and saved their lives. They thanked him profusely and pulled him into the ambulance in a friendly manner.

Meng Chao saw Zhou Tianshui curled up at the back of the passenger seat. Upon seeing him, a cunning light quickly shone in Zhou Tianshui’s eyes.

Immediately after, his fat face morphed into a beaming smile, and he said, “Club Leader Meng, I have to thank you for today. If it weren’t for you showing your might, we might have ended up dead. You’re just a university student, but you managed to become the club leader of the Broken Star Club. I knew it, you’re really not an ordinary person!”

“Big Brother Zhou, you’re being too polite.” Meng Chao partially shut his eyes and watched the situation behind him through the rearview mirror of the ambulance.

Lu Siya had brought the Vulcan Commandos and split them into two groups at the end of the street to flank them.

Meng Chao bent his back and went forward with a smile. “Big Brother Zhou, let’s squeeze in together. Honestly, when I heard you recite poems during the Earth poetry appreciation event, I felt as if I saw an old friend. Since we have the chance to talk now, we should.”

“Of course!” Zhou Tianshui slapped his thigh as if he was not suspecting anything. He moved his butt and opened up some space.

Meng Chao went forward. Just as he was about to sit down, their gazes met, and they saw the sparks that flew from each other’s eyes.

Meng Chao felt his skin crawl. The feeling that danger was impending struck his skull like an ice hammer. Before his conscious mind could even react, he instinctively shouted, “Run!”

But it was too late!


A piercing ball of light exploded in the small ambulance. The impact was like a tsunami that pushed everyone to the window and car door. The windows were all shattered, and the car was torn open from within.

In an instant, Meng Chao’s vision became stark white. His ears became wet, because the explosion was so strong that blood flowed out of his ears.

It was a stun grenade, a non-lethal weapon made specifically to capture monsters live.

But against their expectations, when it was developed, they found that it was just too strong. Even if the powerful light and shockwave would not take the monster’s life, it would usually cause such a major blast that the monster would suffer a bad concussion and could no longer be tamed or researched.

However, Zhou Tianshui had managed to see through their plot and knew that Meng Chao had come to capture him. Without hesitation, he triggered the stun grenade hidden in the dark.

The medical staff and the patients with light injuries all coughed up blood and flew out of the ambulance like kites without strings.

Meng Chao felt like his brain was a supermarket, which had organized a 50% discount sale for all items for New Year’s celebration, and everyone was going wild buying things inside.

After a long time, he was finally able to send spirit energy into his brain. It cleared his blood vessels and nerves, and he slowly regained his vision.

He looked up and found that Zhou Tianshui had jumped out of the ambulance through the shattered windshield. He was currently running madly through the dark street.

He might have been plump, but he moved like he was flying. In the blink of an eye, he was already dozens of meters away.

Meng Chao gritted his teeth. He could not even be bothered with how dizzy he felt. He had to give chase.

He brought out the full strength of the explosive power of a superhuman at the peak of Earth Realm. It was as if there were rocket propellers installed under his feet. With just a few steps, he reduced the distance between them until it was less than ten meters.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The chain sabers left his hands. Even though the blades had already been chipped, the chains still managed to wrap themselves around Zhou Tianshui’s legs.

But against his expectations, Zhou Tianshui managed to easily slip out of the bindings as if he had grease covering his body. He was only slowed by half a beat by the chains.

Meng Chao continued to chase after him and threw a punch. With a roar, Demon Subduing Pole charged forward at full strength.

Zhou Tianshui let out a piercing screech and spun like a spinning top. Then, with the power from the spin, he threw a punch at Meng Chao’s arm.


The two of them clashed.

Zhou Tianshui was the boss of a metal recycling company on the surface. Even though he was also a superhuman, his skills were geared toward the refinement and creation of metals, not fighting.

In his investigations in the past, Meng Chao had not noticed that he had any astonishing fighting strength, either.

But in their fight, Meng Chao did not manage to take Zhou Tianshui down with just one blow. His fleshy arms were like two boneless pythons, which made Meng Chao’s Demon Subduing Pole feel as if it was a stone that sank into the ocean. The feeling was plain horrible.

Zhou Tianshui used the force from Meng Chao’s fists to fly more than ten meters away. His movements were as light as those of a balloon.

He sucked in a deep breath in the air.

His already swollen body swelled up even more, and from a normal balloon, he turned into a hot air balloon.


When Meng Chao caught up to him again, Zhou Tianshui widened his eyes, and a thick faint green gas shot out of his body!
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