Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

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"I'm going to take care of you from now on. '

"......, yes. I'm looking forward to working with you. ..... "

For some reason, Fara and I had to confess our feelings for each other in front of my father, Elias and others.

The atmosphere between the two of us is very embarrassing.

Fara's face is bright red as she turns her head and her ears go up and down.

Her appearance was very cute.

I thought to myself, as I blushed, "I guess that's what ear movement is all about.

Now I feel glad that Deanna stopped me when I was about to ask her why Fara's ears were moving.

Eltia, who was watching us in a sweet mood, gave a light cough and then let out a voice that sounded dignified.

'...... I am glad to hear that you both had a good relationship with each other, ....... I believe that this will make the relationship between our two nations even better if the marriage can be achieved. Master Rainer, Master Lid, I am very sorry for my impertinence. Please forgive me."

When Eltia finished, she was about to bow to us with a clean gesture, but Father stopped her and replied, t.

, "Your feelings alone are enough, Lady Eltia. Even if the marriage is intended to strengthen the bonds between our two nations, there is no better match for us if we both feel the same way about each other.

He looked at me and Fara in turn and said in a gentle voice to Eltia and Elias.

'Mm-hmm. This marriage between my daughter and the Bardia family will be a good match for both of us. ......Lord Rid, once again, take care of Farah."

"...... Yes, sir."

Elias said the last words as he looked at me with his sharp eyes as if he was going to fire a shot at me.

I noticed his gaze and returned the words with my chest outstretched and my eyes fixed on his.

Elias, who seemed satisfied with my words, grinned.

Eltia, who was watching the exchange between Elias and me, let out a small sigh and said in a slightly pained voice

'Phew......... I'm sorry, Your Majesty Elias, Master Rainer, I'm sorry. I am feeling a little sick and would like to leave."

Both Elias and Rainer nodded at her words and expressed their concern.

Eltia lightly thanked them for their words and was about to walk past Fara to leave the room.

"...... mother, I don't understand how you feel about me. Why did you say those things earlier that pushed me back?"

Fara spoke in a voice that only Eltia could hear.

Fara did not understand the intention of her words and actions.

Following her actions the other day, she also did not understand the intention of today's actions.

What is she thinking? Farah looked at her with a questioning expression.

Seeing Fara's expression, Eltia, as usual, coldly shushed her and said in a way that only Fara could hear.

'Princess Farah, I have cut all ties with you. You have no right to call me Mother. But ...... never be frustrated by the flow of ...... fate, and follow the path you wish to take. ......"


Ertia said that much and left .

As Fara watched Ertia's back as she left, she felt a different kind of "compassion" in her earlier words.

It seemed that Eltia was talking about Something when she was about to walk past Fara, but I could not hear the conversation from my position.

After their conversation, Fara turned her head down and seemed to be lost in thought.

At that moment, Elias looked at me and said.

"Mister Rid, you mentioned at one point that you would like the backing of the Christie Trading Company. Can you call a representative right away?"

"What? Yes, sir. I have contacted Chris before I came here, so I think she will come as soon as I call her."

I had sent a messenger to Chris before I came here.

Through the messenger, I told Chris, "His Majesty Elias may call on you. If it is all right with you, I would like you to stay at the guest house.;

I was also busy preparing from this morning, so I didn't tell the details.

But I think Chris is waiting for me.

"I'm glad to hear you're so quick to respond. I will send a messenger immediately.'

"May I go directly to her ? I have not yet told Chris, the representative, that His Majesty Elias is going to back it up. If I can talk to in conjunction with going to pick him up, it will save me the trouble of explaining it to her ".

In fact, I have not been able to talk to Chris about the backing yet.

I wish I could have done it yesterday, but I was so busy that I didn't have time to discuss it at leisure.

It would be better to have a little time to talk with Chris than to have to do it all on the spot. 

"Good. Then, I will ask . Rid to pick me her up."

"Yes, . Then, I will leave you for now."

I bowed to Elias and stood up.

At that moment, my eyes suddenly met Farah's.

With that, Fara's face turned red and her ears were moving up and down.

I think I was also blushing at the sight of her, smiling shyly.

I coughed and then smiled back at Fara and left the room.

Then I went to the guest house to pick up Chris.

When I left Palace, Deanna came with me as an escort.

The guest house was close by, but it would take me some time to get there and back.

On the way there, Deanna let out a sigh and muttered

'Hah...... even so, I envy the mood of the Rid and Princess Fara that you just described."

"  What are you suddenly talking about⁉ Deanna, you have Rubens, too, don't you?"

I didn't expect Deanna to say what she had just said, and I unintentionally mentioned Rubens' name.

Then, Deanna's face turned dark with a rare "thud".

I felt as if I had asked something I shouldn't have.

'Rubens is too ...... profound. He still gets all giggly just by holding hands, you know?"

'...... I think he's cute, don't you think, ......? Besides, I feel like we had a good feeling the other day,......."

By the other day, I mean that they had created a world of their own at the entrance and of the hot springs.

The moment I pointed this out, Deanna responded with a red face and a bit of anger.

'Yes, that's right, since that one incident, Rubens has become even more giggly towards me, because of the whole thing, because Rid-sama told me to put on my 'yukata' and meet Rubens."

"Ah ......, I think that was just Deanna being too attractive, you know? That figure could charm any man. ......"

Deanna's blood-colored skin after bath, her wet hair and her yukata were all mixed together and very fascinating.

Moreover, hot springs and baths are not common in this world.

I think Rubens saw Deanna in her yukata after her bath for the first time in her life, and the bewitching sight of her in her yukata blew his reason out of the water, so he did what he did.

I think that after that incident, "things started to get even more awkward," which means that every time Rubens sees Deanna, he is reminded of the sight of her in that yukata. 

With this thought in mind, I asked Deanna a question.

"Speaking of which, has Deanna talked to Rubens since she came to Renalute?

'Eh? I am Rid's escort, so I haven't talked to him much since I came here. Well, even if I did see him, Rubens would turn his face away from me, so I don't feel like talking to him. ......'

Deanna darkened a little as she finished.

I'm not sure if " awkwardness" also refers to turning away from the face? 

But still, "Feckless Rubens" is back?

I hope there's a better way.

While we were talking about such things, the guest house came into view.

Then, a person in front of the guest house noticed us and ran up to us, waving his hand, that' s Chris.

" I'm sorry I'm late. I got a call that His Majesty Elias might call me, so I came here as soon as I could, but did I make it in time?"

"I didn't give you the details. I'm going to introduce you to His Majesty Elias now, and I wonder if you could come with me to the palace."

"What ......?"

Chris had a dumbfounded look on her face because she didn't know what was going on.

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