Otome Game Mob Villain - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

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'...... sorry to bother you on such short notice."

"No, I wanted to talk to you too. ......"

There was an atmosphere of embarrassment between me and Fara because of how we confessed our feelings for each other at Front room .

The place where I am now is Fara's room.

I was in the same room as my father until a few minutes ago, but I wanted to talk to Fara about the future, so I contacted her.

I asked her if it would be all right if I visited her room. 

She answered yes, so I immediately moved to Fara's room.

Deanna was with me until we got to the room.

After arriving at her room, I ordered her to go to the castle town with Rubens.

Fara and Asuna, who were watching the exchange between me and her, looked at me strangely, not understanding my intentions.

Only Deanna blushed a little shyly and said, "I understand, ......," then she bowed to us and went to Rubens.

When we arrived at the room, I sat down on a chair as Fara suggested.

Fara and I were now talking face to face across the table from each other.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw Fara's ears move up and down slightly from time to time.

I felt that Fara's face was also turning a little red at the same time my face broke.

"..... Speaking of which, Deanna-san, aren't she escorting Master Rid? It seems that she was instructed to go to the castle town with the others,......."

"I see. Do you know that Deanna has a lover?"

"What? Deanna has a lover?'

"Ummm, yes. he's a knight named 'Rubens' who belongs to the same knighthood as hers and who teaches me swordsmanship."

Fara's eyes twinkled as she caught on to my story.

Asuna, who was standing beside her, also raised her eyebrows and raised her hand to me before speaking.

"I'm sorry, Master Rid, but may I ask you a question?"

" What's wrong?"

"I was wondering if he ia a great swordsman, being Rid-sama's instructor in swordsmanship and Diana-dono's lover?"

"What is it? I'm always challenging him with all my might, but I've never been able to beat him yet. ......" I'm always challenging him with all my might, but I've never been able to beat him yet. ......" I'm always challenging him with all my might, but I've never been able to beat him yet. ......

I said with a hint of regret about the "can't win" part.

He is strong.

Asuna was strong, but I think Rubens is even stronger than that.

If I had not trained with him on a regular basis, I would never have been able to put up such a good fight against Asuna.

Asuna's eyes lit up at my words.

Still, it seems that even though the world has changed, everyone still likes this kind of story.

In Asuna's case, though, I think the direction is a little different.

After Asuna and I finished talking, Fara asked me a question with a dubious look on her face.

"But why did you give the two of them an 'order' to go to the castle town at this time? Wouldn't a normal 'request' have been fine?"

"Ah ...... that's it."

I hesitated a little, but the two of them will come to Bardia territory, so they will know sooner or later.

The story of how they were childhood friends and had recently become lovers.

They had been officially approved by the knighthood, but their relationship had been slow to develop.

I told him everything, even the worries that Deanna had just expressed to me.

I may have told ...... too much.

At first, the two seemed to enjoy listening to him.

But when she learned that Rubens was still simpering after becoming her lover, Asuna seemed to be a little resentful.

'May I have a word, Master Rid?"

"Umm, yes, what is it ......?"

Asuna tapped the desk angrily and said in a strong tone to me,

I'm not talking about me. ......

"Bardia Knights" are a group of men who are not only a group of men, but also a group of women.?!?

...... "I don't know if there is a Knights of Bardia way of love, but maybe Rubens isn't the only one who is particularly bad at love affairs?"

What's the Knights of Bardia way of love? 

Pushed by Asuna's momentum, I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore.

As if to admonish the overheated Asuna, Fara said,

"Asuna, you are getting too passionate. Master Rid is also troubled, isn't he? And love is, well, to each his own, so I don't think there's much need for us to say about it. ......"

I thought Fara glanced at me in the middle while paying attention to her.

But the heated Asuna did not cool down at she continued talking.

'I understand what you are saying , but I still think we should tell each other how we feel about each other. Isn't that especially true of the two of them at the front courtyard? I think the reason why Lady Diana revealed her worries to Master Rid was because she was impressed by the way the two of you were acting."


At her comment, Fara and I both "bonked" and looked at each other, our faces turning bright red!

When my eyes meet hers, the exchange at the palace replayed in my mind, and I felt like I was about to explode with embarrassment.

Fara seemed to be remembering as well as I was, and after our eyes met, she covered her face with her hands and moved her ears up and down violently.

"I think that the two of you should be able to express your feelings to each other in a way that is clear and audible."

......⁉ Asuna, for goodness sake,......

Asuna's overzealous comments made Farrah angry and she was about to warn her.

"I love Deanna more than anyone else in the ministry and I want her."

A voice that could be clearly heard from outside to inside the main roared out in what could be called an angry roar.

The three of us were all scared and braced ourselves for what was about to happen.

I realized that the voice sounded very familiar.

"Don't tell me it's Rubens ......?

'What? Was that the amazing voice you just heard, Master Rid ?"

Fara responded to my words with a stunned look on her face.

'Perhaps there is no doubt about it,...... but what are those two doing,......?"

'...... I am relieved to hear that Mister Rubens is a man who can do it. But to shout such words in front of the palace, the heart of this country,...... I guess you could call him a "knight shouting his love in the heart of another country."

At that time, another voice, which could be described as an angry shout, roared from outside.

"What are you idiots doing here in broad daylight?"

The sudden voice made us all tense up again and we braced ourselves to see what was going on, but this time it was Father's voice that we all recognized.

When I couldn't hear him anymore, I put my hand on my forehead and turned my head and muttered to myself, ".

"Ugh,...... what are they doing with me and my father too,......⁉"

The two of them were laughing at each other as they looked at each other.

Fara smiled and teased me with what had just happened.

"If Mr. Rubens is a "knight who cries out for love in the heart of another country," then Master Rid's father is a "preacher of love" who organizes those knights. His son, Master Lydd, is ...... the "poster child of love," isn't he?"

"The princess is very good at saying that, isn't she? I will teach the ladies-in-waiting in the mansion how to call you that."

They laughed mischievously.

I was a little pleased to see a new side of Fara in this situation.

But it was not good for her to make fun of my father.

I cleared my throat and said to her gently,

...... you shouldn't make too much fun of my father, no matter how much you like it. He's going to be your in law in the near future, right?"

"yes, that's right. I beg your pardon. ......"

As soon as she heard my words, Fara's face turned red and she turned her head and her ears went up and down.

. What kind of person is Fara's mother? I believe her name is Lady Eltia, right?"

'...... Yes, my mother is Eltia Riverton."

"What is wrong?"

Asuna must have also noticed Farah's condition.

After clearing his throat, Asuna said softly to Farrah, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

'...... princess, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but you should talk to Master Rid. Either way, you will find out sooner or later. I think you should tell him directly about the matter with Miss Eltia."

"...... I see. I understand. Thank you, Asuna."

'I would like you to hear about me and my mother' ....."

"I understand. Fara's mother would be my mother-in-law."

In response to her serious expression, I looked into her vermillion red eyes.

Fara took a deep breath and slowly and gradually told me about her mother, Eltia Riverton.
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